0-5 Years Children Aadhaar Enrolment Guidelines to WDCW

Children Aadhaar Enrolment Guidelines to WDCW: 0-5 years  Children  Aadhaar Enrolment Guidelines to Department of Women Development & Child Welfare Dept., Telangana, Role of WDCW Department, Regional Office, District Level Officers, CDPO, Anganwadi, Supervisor and Enrolment Agency

Definition of Aadhaar Enrolment Work:
Scope of Aadhaar enrolment work in the present context is to enroll children for Aadhaar in the age group of 0-5 years.

Scope of Aadhaar Enrolment Work:
a) Coverage of All Anganwadi Centers: To cover all the children in this age group it is important to cover all Anganwadi centers run by the department.
b) Coverage of Children in Sishu Vihars/ Adoption Homes/ Orphanages run by the department directly or indirectly (viz. run by NGOs/ private agencies)
c) Coverage of Children outside Anganwadi: It is also known that many children do not attend Anganwadi center. It is suggested that these children may be allowed to get enrolled in Anganwadi centers.
Effective control and monitoring is important for saturation of enrolment. It is suggested that departmental administrative machinery be effectively used for time-bound coverage of children.

Time Lines: Enrolment is targeted to be completed by 15th December 2015.
Role of Directorate of Women Development & Child Welfare Dept. Telangana:

  1. Issues comprehensive instructions to all the officials to complete enrolment of children residing inside Anganwadi centers, Homes under control of department and the children residing in the village (outside Anganwadi centres).
  2. Provides contact details of enrolment agencies to all the officials concerned
  3. Sets up a Cell to closely monitor and support field level enrolment activity.
  4. Reviews the MIS from field officers and issues instructions from time to time for speedy coverage.

Role of UIDAI, Regional Office:

  1. Engages enrolment agencies for the purpose and supplies the list of agencies to department.
  2. Supports enrolment agencies in Operator/ Supervisor On-boarding, data upload and other tech issues
  3. Supports field level officers and Head Masters in clarifying the process/ guidelines etc
  4. Receives MIS from field and monitors the progress along with WDCW department.

Role of District Level Officer (PD or any other Officer as decided by the Dept):

  1. Implements all the instructions/ guidelines issued by the Directorate reg. Children enrolment for Aadhaar.
  2. Reviews weekly progress of enrolment through CDPOs and ensures 100% coverage of children in the district
  3. Ensures periodic reporting of district progress to Directorate.

Role of CDPO (or any other Officer as decided by the Dept):

  1. Single point of contact for Enrolment Agency/ Operators assigned to the Project.
  2. Guides enrolment agency for effective and timely coverage of Project.
  3. Permits moving out of enrolment kits/ agency out of Project area after ensuring 100% coverage of children.
  4. Issues Enrolment Completion Certificate to an enrolment agency after ensuring a completion certificates issued by Incharges of various Anganwadi Centres/ Children Homes/ Orphanages etc of the Mandal
  5. Extends desired support to Supervisors/Anganwadi teachers
  6. Reports weekly progress to PD.

Role of Supervisor/ Anganwadi or Home Incharge:

  1. The supervisor of each sector would be in-charge person for enrolment and complete coverage at sector level.
  2. Prepares list of Children to be enrolled and makes available to EA in advance.
  3. Ensures availability of enrolment Application forms in sufficient number, free of cost to children
  4. Ensures atleast one Parent of the child is ready with their Aadhaar letter(s) and Proof of Identity (POI)/Proof of Address (POA)/ Date of Birth (DOB)/ Proof of Relationship (POR) documents.
  5. Would support parents in filling-up of Aadhaar enrolment application form.
  6. Acts as a ‘verifier’: Verifies details of filled-in enrolment forms supported by Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, Date of Birth, POR documents, checks the signature of parent on enrolment application form and signs on enrolment forms. Verified application forms are provided to enrolment operator for start of enrolment.
  7. Ensures power supply, a Table and Two chairs for conducting enrolment.
  8. Ensures that EA issues enrolment ‘Acknowledgement slip’ for each and every enrolment done by him/her. This is very important.
  9. Prepares status of enrolment done and reports to PD on progress of enrolment.
  10. PD (as decided by dept) would be the contact person for Supervisor for any enrolment related issues.

Role of Enrolment Agency:

  1. Reports to CDPO as soon as he reaches the Mandal with letter issued by UIDAI, Regional Office, Hyderabad.
  2. Prepares a route plan and takes guidance of CDPO for early coverage of Project.
  3. Will enroll children Who have not enrolled for Aadhaar yet or whose enrolment was rejected earlier.
  4. Provides sufficient no. of enrolment forms, free of cost to supervisor for filling-up by parent.
  5. Ensures completeness of documentation by checking Verifier signature on enrolment form before start of enrolment.
  6. Charges: Enrolment agencies are strictly prohibited to collect any charges for Aadhaar enrolment (it is Free of Cost of service during this drive and otherwise also).
  7. Strictly complies with all the requirements of Aadhaar enrolment such as white screen for taking good quality photographs, back-up of enrolment data, timely syncing, uploading of packets, DMS of documents collected etc.
  8. Will remove the kit from the Mandal after obtaining consent from CDPO (or any other officer designated by the department) by way of e-mail or letter.
  9. Reports to UIDAI on progress of enrolments, on weekly basis and ensures completion of enrolment by 15th December, 2015

Download Aadhaar Enrollment Guidelines from here

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