12 Academic Aspects of AP Model Primary Schools

12 Academic Aspects of AP Model Primary Schools: Vision of the Model Schools in Andhra Pradesh: “Creating democratic and attractive classrooms ensuring freedom from fear, anxiety, and discrimination, with children’s total participation in interesting and thought-provoking learning activities; teachers playing the facilitator’s role, continuous assessment of children’s performance, dynamic community participation, effective and supportive monitoring system for all-round development of children”.

Road Map for the academic excellence of Model Primary Schools: Andhra Pradesh State Government has established Model Primary Schools (MPS) during the academic year 2015-16 with an aim to build them as centers of Academic excellence as a part of exercise to strengthen Public Education System.

Vision of MPS:
Commissioner office of School Education, in its vision document has thrown light on various subjects such as.
A. Quality Enhancement Programme covering 12 academic aspects
B. Infrastructure facilities to make them ‘Smart Schools’.
C. Online Monitoring
D. Guidelines to Head Masters and teachers to develop MPS
C. Guidelines to Monitoring Officers along with a checklist for observation

In view of the vision of MPS, State Council of Educational Research and Training of Andhra Pradesh has come forward with a Clear road map for the academic excellence of the Model Primary Schools which are expected to be the future hope of the elementary education in A.P and also as trend setting educational institutes in their vicinity.

Objectives of the Road Map:
12 Academic Aspects of AP Model Primary Schools

  1. To bring a highly performing elementary education system into practice through MPS
  2. To provide a vibrant academic excellence through a variety of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities interwoven in a coherent manner
  3. To support the Head Masters to lead their institutes with aspirations, courage and novelty
  4. To raise the professional levels of the teachers through a vibrant academic plan designed centrally at state and implemented uniformly in all Model Primary Schools.
  5. To create a congenial teaching learning atmosphere with ambience and feel – good thought.
  6. To bring a brand name to MPS
  7. To make the vision of the State Government a reality.

12 Academic Aspects of AP Model Primary Schools:
This is to submit that the following are the 12 academic aspects proposed in the vision document of Model PS by the Commissioner of School Education, Government of A.P.

  1. Achieve competencies: Ensuring children to achieve Class specific, Subject specific essential learning competencies, attainment of Expected outcomes (as per the Academic Standards prepared by SCERT)
  2. TLP: Improved Teaching Learning Processes through 100% utilization of learning time and engagement of children by Time-on-task.
  3. Assessment: Improved Assessment Procedures are based on specific Academic standards, by adopting different means such as Oral & written, performance, pupil products, child portfolios, projects, teachers’ observation in harmony with continuous comprehensive evaluation (Formative and Summative) procedures.
  4. Performance Indicators: Setting Performance Indicators for Institutions and Individuals, making Teacher and Head Master accountable with role clarity and increasing transparency in the system.
  5. SMC: Improved participation of parents by making SMCs functional and vibrant. The community participates in school matters such as demonstration of the performance of the children to SMC members, monitoring the attendance of pupil, utilization of grants, mid-day meals, preparation of School Development Plan.
  6. Academic activities: Implementation of academic activities such as Wall Magazine, School Postbox, Honesty Box, Children Clubs, Children Diary; etc., and innovative activities such as weather station, Compost Pit, Plastic-free zone, Talent Search Activities etc. in the schools for all round development of the child
  7. Events: Organization of National and International important events/days in the schools.
  8. READ programme: Implementation of READ programme (READ, ENJOY AND DEVELOP) to develop reading habits among the children by using the children’s literature available in the school. One period shall be provided in the school time-table for reading. Celebration of “PATANOTSAVAM” from 14th to 21st November during Library week.
  9. Inclusion in Education: Implementation of inclusive practices (Social inclusion, academic inclusion, gender inclusion, inclusion of CWSN) in schools and in classroom process to address the issues of equality is taken up. Three elementary model schools in each mandal across the state adopted and the philosophy of ‘Inclusion of Education’ is fully implemented.
  10. School Leadership: Development of School Leadership is the thrust area for transforming the schools as effective learning organization. Developing visionary leadership among school Heads and teachers as effective Instructional leaders shall be the prime concern.
  11. Monitoring: Strengthening of Monitoring – State Level, District Level and Mandal Level.
    a. Intensifying the regular monitoring of schools with a focus on academic improvement and well being of the child. The monitoring shall be redefined by adopting strategies such as Mentoring, Coaching, Building quality relationships, Trust, Leading the Change, Leading of academic innovations.
    b. Monitoring of schools by constituting special Teams at different levels to conduct academic audits for every quarter.
  12. Centers of Academic excellence(CAE): Development of Elementary Model Schools as centers of Academic excellence. Trend setters, center for Innovative school and academic practices. Increase of three model elementary schools to six model elementary schools in each mandal will be aimed at.

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