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TS Govt Orders Issue Register, TS State GOIR Web Portal, Telangana State Government Order Issue Register,TS State GOIR, Download TS GO’s From goir.telangana.gov.in, How to Download TS GO’s, Government Of Telangana GO’s, e GO’s TG State Govt. Orders, Govt. Order Issue Register Website, How t download TS GO’s, TS GO’s Website: goir.telangana.gov.in. In the context of Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act 2014, Government Order Issue Register site now consists of two separate for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. India’s 29th sate Telangana state has been formed from 2nd June. Hyderabad city is the capital of Telangana. After Andhra Pradesh State bifurcation, new Tealngana state Government issue Register website has been created.  Telangana GO’s of MS and RT type now available on this website. In past days both areas of Telangana and Seemandhra has only one domain name which is one URL http://goir.ap.gov.in/ for Government Order Issue Registerofficial website but after AP State bifurcation they have developed http://goir.ap.gov.in/ for AP and http://goir.telangana.gov.in/ for Telangana State.

TS PRC 2015 GOs: Download Telangana PRC Govt Orders of TS RPS 2015

TS PRC 2015 GOs or Telangana PRC Govt Orders of TS RPS 2015 download from here. Telangana PRC 2015, Recently we have celebrated 43% fitment in this 10th PRC. As two weeks are passing no G.O’s released. Employees are worried because there is a dilemma from when this fitment is applicable? Either July-2013 or  June-2014, all are waiting with lots of enthusiarm either govt takes G.O’s back or gives notional from July-13 After discussing with higher officials of financial department, Telangana  government announced that ,it will be implemented from July 2013.  Higher officials explained honourable C.M  Mr.KCR the importance of implementing of notional’s from July-2013. Telangana PRC 2015, Notional will be from July-2013 and from June-2, 2014 Telangana formation day onwards the amount will add to our GPF accounts and CPS accounts. Mr.KCR ordered higher officials to release the G.O’s these may release on Monday. Recently our govt have given

AP GOs: AP Govt Orders 2022

AP Govt Orders, Andhra Pradesh Govt. issued Various GOs in the Month of May, April, June 2013 Andhra Pradesh Govt. issued Various (Government Orders) GOs in the Month of  May. Various Government Orders were issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in the Month of May, 2013. Those Govt. Orders are provided here. AP Govt Orders May 2013 GO NO Date Subject Download View 126 29.05.2013 Group Insurance Scheme Accumulated Saving Fund table for 2013-2014 Click here View 38 28.05.2013 Govt. extended the benefit of Rs.10000 Funeral charges to Teaching and Non teaching staff in Aided schools Click here View 124 24.05.2013 Not to insist the proposal form for additional policies Click here View 119 17.05.2013 Govt. Imposed Ban on General Transfers Click here View 485 14.05.2013 New DEOs for Warangal, Prakasham & Kurnool Click here View 112 10.05.2013 AP employees Basic pay reduced from Rs.27,700 to 18,000 for motor

AP GOs: AP Govt Orders issued Various in the Month of AUGUST, 2022

Government Orders (GOs)-AUGUST, 2013 >> Go.No.739, Dated:24.08.2013 – Budget Release for Rs.67,30,77,000/- to the SPD, RVM(SSA), Hyd under Matching State Share @35% – Administration Sanction. Click here >> Go.No.572, Dated:23.08.2013 – Tribal Welfare Department – Budget Release of Rs.23,27,00,000/- towards Construction of (42) Ashram Schools. Click here >> Go.No.730, Dated:21.08.2013 – Constitute a State Level Committee for State Awards to select the best Teachers for the year 2013  Click here >> Go.No.238, Dated:17.08.2013-Strikes by services declared as Essential Prohibited for 6 Months-Click here >> Go.No.233, dated: 13.08.2013 – Sanction of 2825 Teacher Posts for Ashram Schools in Scheduled Areas run by Tribal Welfare Department for the Year 2013-2014 Click here >> Go.No.3549, date:08.08.2013-Group of Ministers to interact with Joint Action Committee of Employees, Workers and Teachers, Andhra Pradesh to examine the issues and find suitable solutions on grievances and demands – Reconstituted  Click here >> GO.No.3461, dt:03.08.2013 – SHhab-e-Qadar Optional Holiday is on 06th of August, 2013 – Click here Government Orders (GOs) in

AP GOs: AP Govt Orders in the Month of JULY, 2022

AP Govt Orders , Andhra Pradesh Govt. issued Various GOs in the Month of  July, 2013  Andhra Pradesh Government issued Various Government Orders (GOs) in the Month of June 2013, Various Government Orders are issued by the Andhra Pradesh State Government in the month June, 2013. Those Government Orders are provided here. For more details are available at https://goir.ap.gov.in. GO NO Date SUBJECT Download/View 199 30.07.2013 APGLI Deductions from the first month of salary for New Employees  Click here 601   29.07.2013 Festival Advance in connection with RAMZAN festival falling on 09.08.2013  Click here Lr.1504 28.07.2013 Cases againstEvaders of Grama Panchyat Election duties Click here 1197  20.07.2013 Enhanced remuneration rates for the 4th Gram panchyat elections Click here 1077  01.07.2013 Enhanced remuneration rates for the 4th Gram panchyat elections Click here 189 10.07.2013 Modification of common proposal form in lieu of fresh and enhancement           proposal forms-APGLI NEW APPLICATION

Minimum Service for Promotions is Reduced to 2 Years-TS Govt Orders

Minimum Service for Promotions Reduced for 3 Years to 2 Years-TS Govt Orders/ 2 years minimum service for promotions: GO.MS.No.4,Dated:05-01-2016 – Govt. Of Telangana, Public Services, State and Subordinate Services, Stipulation of minimum service for promotion or appointment by transfer to next higher category, Adhoc Rule. Reference: 1.G.O.Ms.No.627, GA (Ser.A) Department, Dated:21.12.1983.; 2.G.O.Ms.No.230, GA (Ser.A) Department, Dated:31.05.2014 Minimum required service for Promotion is reduced to 2years up to 31-8-2016 TS Govt Order: According to the policy enunciated in the G.O.1st read above, in certain special / Adhoc rules relating to various State and Subordinate Services, a provision was made to the effect that the minimum period of service was reduced from 5 years to 3 years, but in no case shall it be less than 2 years in the category, class or grade from which promotion or appointment by transfer is proposed to the next higher category, class or grade.

TS PRC GOs 2022: Download Telangana PRC Govt Orders of TS RPS 2022

TS PRC GOs 2022 download from https://treasury.telangana.gov.in. The State government on June 11th, 2022 formally issued Telangana PRC Govt Orders fixing the fitment benefits for government employees and pensioners along with contract and outsourcing staff at 30 per cent as per the approving the recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission (PRC). The revised pay scales of 2022 shall be deemed to have come into force on and from July 1, 2018. Accordingly, the minimum basic pay has been enhanced from Rs.13,000 to Rs.19,000, while the minimum pension has been enhanced from Rs.6,500 to Rs.9,500 per month. The monetary benefit will be allowed from April 1, 2020, with the arrears for the period April 1 to March 31 to be paid at the time of superannuation of the government employee or to the legal heirs in case of demise of the employee. The PRC arrears for the period April 1 to

Reinstatement of Suspended Govt Servants into Service After Reviewing Suspension Orders

GO.2285 Reinstatement of Suspended Govt Servants into service after reviewing #suspension orders, Government Of Andhra Pradesh,  G.O.Rt.No.2285, General Administration (Services-C) Department, Dated:18-5-2012. Subject: Public Services-Disciplinary cases-Reinstatement of suspended Government servants into service after reviewing suspension orders-Consultation with Andhra Pradesh Vigilance Commission-Instructions-Issued. Reference: 1.G.O.Ms.No.86, GA (Ser.C) Department, Dt. 8-3-1994. 2.G.O.Ms.No.526,GA (Ser.C) Department, Dt.19-8-2008. Name of the details Govt Employees Title Reinstatement of Suspended Govt Servants Subject Reinstatement of Suspended Govt Servants into Service After Reviewing Suspension Orders Category Govt Order G.O Ms No G.O.Rt.No.2285 Order: In the G.Os., read above, it was directed that the employees, who are under suspension for a period exceeding 2 years shall be reinstated, pending finalization of the disciplinary / criminal cases against them. However, in exceptional cases, where the charged officers are not cooperating in completion of investigation/inquiry, a Committee headed by the Secretary of the Administrative Department, Head of the Department concerned and an Official from

AP Govt. issued Orders for Reimbursement of Tuition Fee for Eligible Students

Govt Clears Fee Reimbursement: The state government on Tuesday issued orders for reimbursement of tuition fee for the eligible engineering, MBA, MCA, D Pharm students belonging to underprivileged sections. A maximum reimbursement of 35,000 has been fixed with respect to engineering courses in government as well as private un-aided colleges. While SC and ST students are eligible for full reimbursement, others will get only Rs.35,000 irrespective of quantum of fee in their college. With a view to encourage poor and meritorious students, Government has decided to permit payment of full tuition fee to students other than SC & ST and who have obtained an EAMCET rank up to 10,000. Eligible students of 195 engineering colleges would get the reimbursement of fee up to Rs.30,000. This is an adhoc payment, subject to final declaration by the Committee. It can be paid up to Rs.35,000. In the case of eligible students in 434

Telangana Govt Jobs 2023, Zonal, District level Vacant Posts (Teacher, Police & Other Jobs)

Telangana Govt Jobs or TS Government Jobs 2023. “UDHYOGAM PURUSHA LAKSHANAM”. This is a very well-known saying that says that how our society feels about men. If we see our culture we can understand that in the olden days the husband should earn and wife should maintain a house with his earnings. Without a job or proper earning source, there is no proper place for men in society. TS Govt JOBs 2023: So, every person tries to get job and then plans to marry. But now situation has completely changed, men and women are working and there is security of jobs. So, unemployment problem is raising. Un employees have a hope that after state’s separation they will have a lot of opportunities  but now the situation is completely different. Hopes were high among the candidates. With the official news on the recruitment of various posts in the Telangana, there seems

TS Govt Jobs 2023 of Zonal & District Level Posts (DSC, DSB, TSPSC)

TS Government Jobs 2023 or TS Govt Jobs 2023 of Zonal & District Level Posts: District Level Recruitments will be issued soon by the District Selection Committee, District Selection Board and TSPSC: We can expect a good performance of a department when there is proper/correct no of staff with proper skills. Without that, we cannot achieve the result. The Telangana Finance department issued orders for recruitment to 10,105 vacant posts in different departments in the State government. This is in addition to the orders issued on March 22, April 13 and June 6 of this year to fill 35,220 jobs, taking total recruitments to 45,325. Due to many circumstances that held recently in Telangana state i.e., separation of states, employees etc there is a delay on recruitment of all posts. So, major posts are vacant and now it’s the time to recruit them according to priority. As CM recently announced

TS Degree Lecturer Posts 2023 in Govt Degree Colleges

The Telangana Government issued orders for recruiting 2,440 vacancies in the Education and State Archives departments. Of the total, 1,523 vacancies are in the Commissionerate of Intermediate, 544 in Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, 359 in Commissionerate of Technical Education, eight in Directorate of State Archives and Research Institute and 6 in Directorate of State Archives and District Gazetteers. In a tweet, State Finance minister T Harish Rao said that “It’s raining jobs in Telangana for government job aspirants as notification for another 2,440 vacancies in Education & Archives departments was issued on Friday. So far, the Finance department has given orders for 49,428 jobs through direct recruitment. The Telangana Government Junior College Lecturers Association on Friday welcomed the State government’s decision to fill 1,523 vacant posts of lecturers, and librarians under intermediate education. The State government on Friday decided to fill the 1523 vacant posts in various categories under the

Scholarships for Girl Child 2023, List of Govt Scholarships and more details

Scholarships for Girl Child 2023, List of Govt Scholarships and more details are provided here for information purpose. Scholarships play an important role in providing opportunities to students. With the help of scholarships, students are provided resources and a platform that helps them in their growth. Indian government provides various scholarships to students in order to bridge the economic gap and provide equitable access to resources. Students should keep a check on the official website of the National Scholarship portal-scholarships.gov.in. The portal acts as a uniform platform for providing scholarships to students. Scholarship for girl child by both central government and state government helps to provide better opportunities for women and empowerment on women in the country. With several women still deprived of access to high education, scholarships provide a greater chance for women to get involved in public life and help in the upliftment of their status in society.

SBI SGSP 2023: State Government Salary Package for Govt Employees & Application Form

SBI SGSP 2023, SBI State Government Salary Package (SGSP) for Govt Employees & Application Form. SBI offers its customers a variety of banking and financial services. Like the bank itself, the services offered have grown and the scope of these facilities has diversified to better serve the customer. The salary account is one of the many services that the bank offers its customers. SBI has a variety of salary accounts, each developed to benefit a specific group of working professionals. One of these salary accounts is the State Government Salary Package (SGSP). The SGSP is a salary package that was developed keeping in mind the requirements of those employed by State Governments as well as the governmental organisations that employ them. The SGSP package will be applicable only to the permanent employees of all State Governments and Union Territories who maintain their Salary accounts with SBI. The Concession on Home

AP GO.No.284 Renewal of Contract Faculty Working in Govt Junior Colleges 2023

Renewal of Contract Faculty Working in Govt Junior Colleges, Government of AP, Hyderabad have accorded permission to the Commissioner of Intermediate Education, AP, Hyderabad for renewal of contract faculty working in Government Junior Colleges in Andhra Pradesh State from 4-6-2014 for the academic year 2014-15 to 31-12-2014. GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH Intermediate Education – Government Junior Colleges – Renewal of Contract Faculty for the Academic year 2014-15 – Permission – Accorded – Orders – Issued. HIGHER EDUCATION (IE) DEPARTMENTG.O.Rt.No. 284 Dated:03-07-2014 Read the following:-1.G.O.Rt.No.143 Higher Education (IE.2) Department, dated;09-10-2000.2.From the Commissioner of Intermediate Education, AP, Hyderabad Lr No.Ser-II.B-1/22324/2013, dt.10-6-2014.3. G.O.Ms.No.146 Finance (HR.I) Department, dated 27-6-2014. ORDER:The Commissioner of Intermediate Education, AP, Hyderabad in his letter 2nd read above has stated that at present 3950 contract faculty are working in Government Junior Colleges, AP State. The Government Junior Colleges have reopened on 4-6-2014 for the academic year 2014-15. Hence there is

NRA CET 2023: National Recruitment Agency to conduct Common Eligibility Test for recruitment to central govt jobs

NRA CET: National Recruitment Agency to conduct Common Eligibility Test for recruitment to central govt jobs. National Recruitment Agency. The Union Cabinet has decided to set up a National Recruitment Agency (NRA), a multi-agency body, for conducting a Common Eligibility Test (CET) to screen or shortlist candidates for the Group B and C (non-technical) posts. The General Common Eligibility Test (CET) for the recruitment of Central Government Jobs may be in September month this year. The National Recruitment Agency (NRA) will be set up with the approval of the Union Cabinet to conduct these examinations. Candidates for Group ‘B’ as well as ‘C’ (Non-Technical) posts will be selected. The ‘cet’ to be organized across the country from this year for the filling up of central government jobs is like a boon to the youth. Most importantly a good opportunity for those who are waiting for government Jobs. Every district in

Guntur District Govt Hospitals Various Posts Recruitment 2023

District Govt Hospitals Various Posts Recruitment: DCHS, Guntur – Orthopaedic Surgeon, Medical Officer, Staff Nurse, Paediatrician, DEO, Supporting Staff Posts 2023 recruitment: Applications are invited for appointment on a contract basis to fill up the following posts in Special Newborn Care Units (SNCUs), Nutritional Rehabilitation Centers (NRCs) and New Born Stabilization Units (NBSUs) in Govt. General Hospital Guntur, District Hospital Tenali, CHCs Repalle, and Vinukonda Guntur District and Applications are invited for appointment on a contract basis to fill up the following posts of the Trauma Care Centre(TCC) in Govt. General Hospital Guntur, Guntur District. District Govt Hospitals Various Posts Recruitment Name of the Post:1. SNCU Paediatrician: 02 Posts2. SNCU Staff Nurse: 03 Posts3. SNCU Data Entry Operator: 01 Post4. SNCU Supporting Staff: 01 Post5. NRC Nutrition counselor: 01 Post6. NBSU Staff Nurse: 04 Posts Trauma Care Centre in GGH Guntur Name of the post:1. Orthopaedic Surgeon: 01 Post2. Anaesthetist:

Free Intermediate Education to TS Students in Govt Junior Colleges in Telangana 2023

Free Inter Admissions in TS Govt Junior Colleges 2023. Free Education to TS Students at +2 stage in Govt Junior Colleges/Free Intermediate Education to TS Students in Govt Junior Colleges/Totally Free Education in all TS Govt Jr. Colleges. No admission fee-No registration fee and No application fee. Free Intermediate education-Free inter textbooks. The 2-year intermediate course is totally free by  BIE Telangana(TSBIE). The government is providing education and text books free of cost to Intermediate students in Telangana, which is not the case in any other State. Due to this, every year, 1,80,750 students studying in 404 Government Junior Colleges are reaping the benefits. The total number of students pursuing education in all categories of Residential Schools during the academic year 2022-23 was 4,29,686. Govt of Telangana, Intermediate Education, Providing of Free Education at +2 Stage in Government Junior Colleges in the State from the Academic Year 2015-16 onwards-Permission-Accorded-Orders-Issued. #GO.MS.No.2, Dated:

AP Govt Jobs 2023 Recruitment by Relevant Recruiting Agencies

AP Government Jobs 2023 Recruitment: The much-awaited notification to fill over 20,000 direct recruitment posts will be issued once Chief Minister gives his clearance. The decision to fill 20,250 posts in various departments was approved by the State Cabinet and a major chunk 9,000 will be in the Home Department, sources said. The recruitment will be done by the AP Public Service Commission and the Police Recruitment Board will fill posts of constables, sub-inspectors, Armed Reserve constables, etc. AP Govt Jobs Recruitment: AP Govt will fill up the APPSC Group 1, 2, 3 Posts, SI, Police Constable Posts(Home), Engineers (pertaining to Irrigation, R&B, Panchayat Raj etc.), Medical and Health(doctors, nurses), Forest Department posts, Lecturers, hostel wardens, Animal Husbandry (Veterinary assistant surgeons), Agriculture officers, Agriculture Extension Officers, Assistant Statistical Officers, tribal welfare teachers and lecturers, Fisheries Assistant Director posts. AP Government JOBs 2023: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister released the recruitment calendar

TSGLI Web Portal tsgli.telangana.gov.in for TS Govt Employees

TSGLI Web Portal is http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in, Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department Web portal started by Government of Telangana State for TS Govt Employees for accessing their Policy Bond/Policy Details, Policy No, Annual Account Slip and TSGLI Policy Status by using TSGL Menu. This portal proving the features for users by following menu options i.e, Downloads, Policy Bond, Policy Details, Policy No. Search, Annual Account Slip, Annual Account Slip, TSGLI Policy Status. The TSGLI Department formerly none as APGLI is one of the oldest departments in the State. The Scheme was originally started in 1907 by the Nizam of erstwhile State of Hyderabad for the welfare of his employees. A Management Committee used to run the scheme initially in the name of Family Pension Fund. Later the scheme was renamed as Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund in the year 1913. TSGLI Scheme is a Social Security Measure for the welfare of

E-Payment of Salaries to Govt Employees -User Guide for DDO’s

E-Payment of Salaries to Govt Employees, Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts office has issued certain instructions in the memo No. N1 /10389 /2012 cited on implementation of electronic payments on pilot basis in respect of bills pertaining to Treasury establishment and hostels of welfare departments in District Treasuries and 9 Sub Treasuries. A screen for capturing the bank account details of all beneficiaries i.e., DDOs, employees and third parties is made available in HRMS. The documentation with pictures provided here for ready reference. The Deputy Directors of all District Treasuries are requested to complete the data entry in respect of all beneficiaries pertaining to Treasuries and Accounts Department immediately. Memo No. 138/36/TFR/2014 Finance Dept Dt. 19/02/2014.As per Memo No. 138/36/TFR/2014 Finance Dept Dt. 19/02/2014. Govt. has decided to implement electronic payments to credit the amounts directly to the beneficiaries bank accounts in respect of all bills processed through treasuries. All

EHS Norms for Billing and Utilizations of Funds by Govt Hospitals- GO.No.112

EHS Norms for Billing and Utilizations of Funds by Govt Hospitals, GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH, Health Medical & Family Welfare Department – Employees Health Scheme – Norms for billing and guidelines for utilizations of amounts received by the Government Hospitals under Employees Health Scheme-Orders-Issued. HEALTH MEDICAL & FAMILY WELFARE (M2) DEPARTMENTG.O.Rt.No. 112 Dated:01.02.2014 Read the following:- 1.G.O.Ms.No.134, HM & FW (K2) Dept., dated.01.02.2010. 2.G.O.Ms.No.174, HM & FW (M2) Dept., dt.01.11.2013. 3.From the C.E.O, AHCT, Letter No.193/F.31/EHS/P&C/2013, dated.09.01.2014. ORDER: As per the policy of the Government 20% of the package amount paid to the Government Hospitals under Rajiv Aarogyasri Scheme is deducted at source by the Aarogyasri Healthcare Trust for common revolving fund. Out of the balance ( ie., 80%), 45% is earmarked for expenditure related to patient care and rest of 35% shall be utilized for payment of incentives to the staff responsible to provide service to the beneficiaries under

Teachers deputation, FACs as DyEOs canceled in TS Govt. DIETs/ CTEs/lASE

SCERT, Telangana, Rc.No.54, dated:07-10-2016, Deputation of Teachers in Govt. DIETs/CTEs/lASE & FAC (In-charge) to Faculty Members of Govt. DIETs/CTE/IASE as Dy.E.Os and other positions – Cancellation of Deputations & In charges – Reg. Ref: Proc. Re. No. 54/Nl-3/SCERT/15 of the Director, SCERT, TS, Hyderabad dated:26/08/2016. All the District Educations Officers in the State are instructed to cancel the deputation orders of teachers working in Govt. DIETs/ CTEs/lASE and also to cancel the FAC (In-charge) of the faculty members of DIETs/ CTEs/lASE as Dy.E.Os and other positions with information to the Principals of the Govt. DIETs/ CTEs/lASE. The Principals of Govt. DIETs/CTEs/lASE are requested to relieve the teachers with instruction to report to the respective Schools immediately. The D.E.Os are further informed to relieve the faculty of Govt. DIETs/ CTEs/lASE with instruction to report to the respective DIETs/ CTEs/lASE immediately. The D.E.Os are further informed to submit the compliance report to

AP Govt/MP/ZP Schools Teachers Service Rules

GO.14,15 Amendments to AP Govt/MP/ZP Schools Teachers Service Rules, AP GO.MS:14,15, Dt:05-02-2017, Only Govt Schools’ Grade 2 pandits can get promotions for Grade 1 Pandit posts in AP Government Schools, Only ZP Schools’ Grade 2 Pandits can get promotions for Grade 1 Pandit posts in AP ZP Schools. Govt LPs Can get promotions in Govt Schools, ZP LPs can get promotions in ZP Schools. Adhoc service rules amendment GO’s i.e., GO.14(Govt Schools) and GO.15(ZP Schools). As per new GO’s, Only all Language Pandits(category 3 to 13 of class ii) are eligible for SA languages(cat 6 to 16 of class 1). SGTs, P.ETs, and other craft teachers are only eligible for all school assistant (non-lang subjects). SGTs are eligible for SA(PD).     GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH: The Andhra Pradesh School Educational Subordinate Service Rules for the posts of teachers in Government Schools in Andhra Pradesh – Amendments – Notification –