Aadhar Seeding and Verification 2023, Aadhaar Update at Child info

Aadhar Seeding and Verification 2023 Guidelines, Instructions given by the Principle Secretary of School Education during the Review Meeting with POs and DEOs in this Month. In pursuance of the reference cited above the Principle Secretary of School Education during the Review Meeting with POs and DEOs conducted have expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that the Aadhar Seeding and Verification of the Aadhar Numbers of the enrolled Children in the Child_info website of the slate is very low and has been progressing very poorly.

The Andhra Pradesh State government is giving lop priority for the 100% completion of Aadhar Seeding and Verification of Aadhar Numbers of the enrolled Children in the Child Info website.

All the POs have informed that the Aadhar Seeding and Verification should be completed 100% by the end of this month and disciplinary action will be initiated against those who fail to reach the target within time.

In this regard of the Mandal Educational Officers in all the districts are Informed that they have to review the program of the Aadhar Seeding and Verification of the Aadhar Numbers of the enrolled children it the Child info website. They are also informed that as on today the Aadhar Seeding is about 95% but the Aadhar Seeding is only 63%.

Guidelines for Complete the Aadhar Seeding and Verification 
Hence they one instructed to follow the following guidelines and complete the Aadhar Seeding and Verification 100% by the end of this month.

  1. Collect the latest enrollment details of all the schools in the Mandal through the CRP’s concerned and compare  whether the same is enrolled in the Child info website.
  2. Collect the Aadhar Numbers of the children who are enrolled for the Aadhar but Aadhar Numbers not entered in the website.
  3. Collect the Aadhar Numbers of the newly enrolled children as per the latest enrollment and enter in the website.
  4. Complete 100% Verification of the entered Aadhar numbers in the website by collecting the Xerox copies of the Aadhar cards from the Schools concerned through CRPs.
  5. Keep special focus on the Private and Aided Schools as they are very poor both in Aadhar seeding and Verification in the district.

POs have informed to  all the Mandal Educational Officers in the district that they have to take necessary steps to complete the task within the stipulated time by utilizing the services of MS Coordinators. DEOs, CRPs, DLMIs, CRC HMs, MRGs, DRGs, SRGs and all other active staff working at Mandal level.

User guide for Aadhaar Update

  1. In the  “ Aadhar Update” option,  select the school and then select the class.  Then you can see the total Number of Students and the number of Verified Aadhaar Numbers (Counts) will be Displayed on Child Info Web Page.
  2. If the Entered Aadhaar Number is Verified, then the count of “Adhaar Verified”  will be increased. You can observe the Total Number of Children in the Class, Total No of Aadhaar Verified Children, Edit Options in that webpage.
    a) Initially in this screen the  “Availbility of Aadhaar”and “Aadhaar” columns are not enabled.
    b) Click on the “Edit”  option on the right side as Shown above.
    c) After  Selecting “Edit” , then “Availbility of Aadhaar”  will be enabled for selection of  Aadhaar type and entering the Aadhaar Number as shown below.
  3. After Click on “Edit” and then select the options from the list.
    a) If the Entered Child Having Aadhaar Number then Select  ‘Aadhaar Available’ option then  a Text box will be enabled/shown to enter the Aadhaar Number .Then enter the Aadhaar Number of the child.
    b) If the Entered Child Applied for Aadhaar Number but till now he has not received the Aadhaar Number then select  “Enrolled For Aadhaar but UID not Available”
    c) If the entered child has not applied for Aadhaar Numebr till now,then select “Not Enrolled for Aadhaar”
  4. Enter the Aadhaar Number and Press Enter  button, then Data(Name of Child in the Aadhar Card,care of Name in Aadhaar Card and image)  of the Entered Aadhaar Number will be shown and displayed.
  5. After this Proceed with the data entry by entering the other details like Sur Name, Name,Gender etc..  Please Once Check before Submitting the Data. If the Data is mismatched, then please cancel the operation and check the aadhaar Number.
  6. Update the Children with Verified Aadhaar Child Info and Verify Children Count before Update. After the Aadhaar Number is entered and verified, then  the Data captured from Aadhaar Centre will be Displayed and now check the data  and if Data was matched the click on Update . After updating the Verified Aadhaar Children Data will be Removed from the List and Count of Verified Aadhaar  Children Count will be Increased as shown in the below image.
  7. Compare the displayed information with Our Original data(Child info Data) . If Data is matched Update the Children Data and if in case data is mismatched please cancel the Operation.
  8.  If we Select “Enrolled For Aadhaar but UID Not Available”  and  “Not Enrolled For Aadhaar” then   Aadhaar  textbox will be replaced with 0 and will be disabled .
  9. Some of Aadhar Card Numbers Data is Not Avilable with the Aadhaar Center(SRDH) as they get new Data every Month First week.
  10. So, for some Aadhaar Card Numbers,  When Entered it shows alert as “Data Not Available at Aadhaar Centre(SRDH)”as the Number is not available in the Aadhaar Server.In such cases you can submit the Data with your Aadhaar Card Number only. If you Enter Wrong aadhaar Number then then it shows alert as “Invalid Aadhaar Number”

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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