AP DEECET Instructions on Computer Based Test to Invigilators 2022

AP DEECET Instructions on Computer Based Test, AP School Education Department is going to conduct the AP DEECET through Computer Based Test(CBT) and DSE AP has given instructions on Computer Based Test to deecet  Invigilators. So,  Invigilators should follow the instructions before, during and after online Deecet exam

Instructions for Invigilators

A. Gate Closure:

1. Reach the exam venue at 7 AM to review all the arrangements.
2. On the day of the exam, ensure that only one entrance of the Test Center is used for candidate entry. All other entrances of the Test Center should be closed (sealed).
3. All invigilators and volunteers should be clearly briefed about the Test Center gate closure time and clearly made to understand that no candidate is permitted to enter the Test Center after the gate closure time.
4. After all the candidates who have entered the Centre gate in time and have reached respective labs, doors of labs are to be latched/bolted from inside by invigilator.

5. This will ensure that no unauthorized/late candidate is able to sneak in without knowledge of the invigilator. Generally, the invigilators should be ready to bolt the doors 15 minutes before the commencement of the exam. Once the exam commences smoothly, after about 15 minutes of commencement, the doors are to be kept unlatched till completion of the exam.

This is being adapted to ensure that no one is able to gain access to the labs late and that there are no issues of late logins or taking exams without proper verification of the documents etc.

B. Exam Preparation:

Please go to the exam room allocated to you, and ensure the following:

1. You have a printout of the attendance sheet for the candidates mapped to your room.
2. Drive manager server should be used for unlocking candidates and logging incidents.
3. Ensure the AEC server URL for your room, is written legibly on the board in the exam room.

4. Each candidate machine has the login console opened.
5. Candidates have been instructed to reach the test center 60 minutes before exam start time.

6. Ensure that canopies (partitions) between computers are firmly stuck to the table so that they do not fall down or fly away with the breeze from the fans. Ensure canopies are placed on each System.
7. Help the Center Owner to ensure that the partitions between the client systems are placed properly.

C) Procedure for Candidates to Enter Examination Labs:

1. Candidate enters the Test Center well in time.
2. The candidate goes through the seating plan displayed at the entrance and identifies the specific Examination hall allocated to him/her.
3. After confirming the Examination hall, the candidate is directed to proceed to the Registration desk.
4. At the registration desk, the candidate shows his/her call letter and identity proof.

5. The volunteer at the registration desk will verify call letter and identity proof
along with its photocopy, and check the candidate’s name in the provided list.
6. The candidate proceeds to the examination hall.

7. The invigilator verifies candidates and relevant documents to obtain a signature and guide them to the allocated system.
8. The candidate sits at the computer allotted to him/her and waits for further instructions from the invigilator.

D. Candidate Verification and Handling:

1. Do NOT allow any late candidate(s) without consulting the Center Owner.
2. At the entrance of the exam room, verify that the candidate is mapped to your examination room.
3. The candidates should carry the following:
4. Do not collect Call Letter.

5. Tally the call letter details, candidate’s original and valid photo ID proof and the candidate in person.
6. The candidate should bring proof of identification.
7. Provide a blank sheet for rough work. Ensure candidate write their Name, Login ID and Password on it (at end of the exam, collect all rough sheets).

8. Thereafter, guide the candidate to the pre-assigned node. (Candidates are not permitted to bring any electronic devices inside the exam room).
9. Behind the attendance sheet, the invigilator should draw the lab layout mentioning the seat/node numbers as per the candidate mapping list. The invigilator should mention the Lab name, mention their own name and sign on it.
10. Ensure that the candidates do not meddle with the system until the announcement about the examination process is made.

11. Invigilator are to verify every candidate giving exam and ascertain that it is indeed the same candidate whose photograph is appearing on the monitor. In case of any suspicion, further investigation along with checks on the signature matches be carried out immediately. On conclusive evidence of an impersonation case, the candidate should either be removed or marked as an impersonating candidate and reported to Command Center. All such cases are reported while the invigilator is signing the Attendance Sheet to certify the conduct of the exam for the lab.

E) Managing Female Candidates:

1. Ideally, a single Female candidate should not be allowed in any lab during the exam.
2. Minimum 3-4 Female candidates to be accommodated in the lab during the exam, if possible.
3. Ensure to maintain a safe distance from the female candidates while interacting with them.
4. Ensure that no personal information/question is asked from/to the candidate.
5. Ensure that you don’t stand for too long near a female candidate, without
6. In case a female candidate’s face is covered by a veil/burqa, female volunteers/female security guards should ask the candidate to lift the veil and verify her face against the ID proof/call letter.
7. Female volunteers/invigilators should check any ladies’ handbags, thick bangles, key chains, etc. for hidden cameras.
8. Any female candidate moving inside the venue during the exam (washroom, baggage area, etc.), should be escorted by a female volunteer.

F) Candidate Instructions and Sign In:

1. From the ‘Candidate Instructions Sheet’, read out the instructions to all candidates 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam.
2. Ensure that all candidates begin reading instructions on the candidate console
10 minutes prior to the exam.
3. Announce to the candidates that to sign in for the exam, on the login screen the candidate would require to enter the Login ID and Password written from the call letter on the rough sheet.
4. Ensure that all candidates begin the exam at the stipulated time.

G. Exam Time Management:

1. The exam duration is 150 Minutes
2. SUBMIT button will be activated only after 150 Minutes. It will continue for an additional 30 Minutes for PWD candidates eligible for compensatory time. Hence, inform the candidate to keep checking the timer on their exam screen.

H. Unlocking candidates and Registering Incidents through Drive Manager Server:

1. To unlock a candidate through the drive manager server, log into http://ip address of mapped server/AEC. Login using drive manager credentials.
2. Go to the View Examinees tab, and select the Unlock checkbox against the candidate’s ID in this list. Then click the Unlock Candidates button. Click the OK button to confirm unlocking the candidate.
3. For registering an incident, go to the View Candidates tab and click on the Assessment ID and fill in the details of the incident form.

I. Other Instructions:

1. On exam day, monitors of nodes that are not in use (buffer nodes, nodes of absent candidates) should be switched off.
2. In case of automatic or manual log out from the exam console, all the attempted responses of the candidate will be saved. Also, the exam will start from the time where it had stopped.

3. In case the candidate’s CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screen is unclear or fuzzy, then
inform the IT Manager to degauss it.
4. Ensure that, the candidates do not carry any mobile phones, tablet / iPad or other items apart from pen/pencil inside the room.

5. Candidates should not indulge in any malpractice for e.g., copying or talking to each other.
6. Log an incident for any deviation observed. Also, inform to the Center Owner to mention in the exam report.

7. In case candidates ask queries on the marking system, or on the questions in the Question paper, please ask them to refer to the instruction page on the candidate console.

8. Candidates should not be allowed to visit the washroom. If there is an emergency, candidate has to keep their belongings (ID card, other document, etc) with the Invigilator. A volunteer has to escort the candidate to the washroom and back to the lab. The belongings should be returned only after the candidate returns back to the exam room. Invigilators to ensure that such occurrences are immediately communicated to the Center Owner.

8. If a candidate disappears during the exam, immediately inform the Center Owner.
9. Do not carry any reading or writing material, mobile phone or any other electronic gadgets into the examination hall.

10. Be present in the hall to do the invigilation until completion of the test and maintain a secure, professional, quiet, and controlled environment at all times.
11. Do not talk to other invigilators. Be extremely vigilant and keep a close watch on all candidates in your assigned lab.

12. Be watchful of any unfair practice in the exam hall. In case of cheating/impersonation/malpractice, immediately highlight to Center Owner.
13. In case of any issue with the candidates or any scuffle or riotous situation, please notify the Center Owner immediately.

14. Ensure that the candidates are not communicating in any way with each other during the examination period.

15. An invigilator is to verify every candidate giving exam and ascertain that it is indeed the same candidate whose photograph is appearing on the monitor. In case of any suspicion, further investigation along with checks on the signature matches be carried out immediately.

On conclusive evidence of an impersonation case, the candidate should either be removed or marked as an impersonating candidate and reported to Command Center. All such cases are reported while the invigilator is signing the Attendance Sheet to certify the conduct of the exam for the lab.

16. Do avoid moving candidates to another lab and try to accommodate candidates in the same lab on the buffer systems.

J. Post Examination:

1. At the end of the exam, announce to the candidate to tear ONLY the password written on the rough sheet. They should take the written password away with them. All the rough sheets should be returned back to the invigilator before the candidates leave the exam room.

2. Tally the number of collected rough sheets with the candidates present for the exam and arrange them in the login ID order sequence.

3. Go to each exam node and ensure that the closing exam screen is displayed on the monitor screen.

4. Thereafter, allow the candidates to leave the exam room.
5. At the back of the Attendance sheet, ensure to certify the following – “All present candidate documents & photograph verification has been carried out to the best of my ability and are found to be in order”.

6. Hand over the attendance sheets, rough sheets and candidate room mapping list to the Center

Instructions on Computer Based Test to Invigilators

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