AP School Readiness Programme 2023 under 3Rs School & Class Readiness Program

AP School Readiness Programme Guidelines & Action Plan: The State Project Director, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has issued certain guidelines for Launch of a 45-day program of School Readiness for class I and II and Class Readiness for classes II to X across the State in Telugu and Urdu medium schools from 15th June to 13th August .  

In this connection, SPD has informed that on the lines of the recommendations of the PAB, the focus is given to the acquisition of Language skills (LSRW) and Mathematical Skills( 4 Fundamental Processes) by children of classes 2nd to 10th of Telugu and Urdu medium schools. In respect of school readiness, the teachers will take up relevant Playful Activities in order to make the child ready Psychologically, Physically and sociologically and also to receive the instruction more in an informal way.

The Andhra Pradesh School Education and District Educational Officers will see School Readiness Programmes. School Heads and Teachers should implement the school readiness programme without any deviation. All supervisory officers should extensively tour during this one week to conduct inspections and visit maximum number of schools in their jurisdiction.

School Readiness Programme for Class 1 and 2
School Readiness Programme for Class 1 and 2

Readiness programme in all schools

Re-open the Schools from 05.07.2022 during the academic year 2022-23.School Readiness programme will organise in all schools in the State during the period from 28-06-2022 to 5-07- 2022. The Day wise activities from 28.06.2022 to 05.07.2022 are mentioned in Annexure-I.

A. School building and School campus:

  • The school premises shall be cleaned viz., remove all the litter, dust, dry leaves, weeds etc. and keep the school premises clean and tidy.
  • Clean dust and dry leaves on the top of the building to avoid rain water stagnation, otherwise building may be damaged during rainy season.
  • In schools where Nadu Nedu works are going on, special care to be taken to keep all the building material secured in one corner/ specifed areas so that children’s safety is not compromised.

B. Class rooms:

  • All classrooms shall be washed and cleaned i.e., students benches, chairs, almaras etc.,
  • Do not dump broken and unused material in class rooms as well as in school premises. Dispose them by getting proper resolutions from the School Development Committee.
  • Old posters and calendars hanging on the walls shall be removed and new posters calendars will be displayed on the walls.
  • Class rooms or corridors should not be used for storing old and unused material of any type.

C. Labs, Library and Sports

  • The shelves, almaras, books, tables, chairs and other materials in the school library shall be cleaned and arranged in a systemic manner.
  • Plan to subscribe newspapers and magazines.
  • Verify the available Lab material and prepare a plan for purchases and maintenance.
  • Instruct concerned subject teachers to use the lab material at an optimum level.
  • Verify whether the sports equipment is functional.
  • Ensure that Play courts are repaired and made available for use.

D. Book Bank:

  • Collect old books from students and maintain book bank in the school library.
  • JVK will be distributed on the re-opening day itself. If any shortage is noticed, distribute those books from the book bank for immediate purpose.

E. JVK and text books.

  • JVK will be launched on the first day of reopening of school ( 5th July).
  • All material received shall be sorted out and made into kits for distribution to children.
  • Ensure that all components in the the JVK kits are received at school point.
  • The new text books received shall also be segregated class-wise and kept ready for distribution to children.

F. Drinking water and Toilets:

  • All washrooms, toilets, drinking water tanks etc to be properly cleaned duly following the SOPs already issued under Nadu-Nedu and TMF.
  • Check the running water facility to toilets, Loose connections, Water leakage in pipes and taps and other minor repair shall be repaired.
  • RO plants shall be checked and serviced through he agencies as per the SOP.

G. Mid day Meals: Check whether the gas stoves used for mid day meal preparation are working properly and the utensils are cleaned properly.

H. Minor repairs: Minor repair shall be done particularly furniture, power supply,computer, Printer, public address systems, Digital infrastructure and keep them ready to use.

i. Admissions:

  • Prepare list of school age population in the catchment area of the school, covering all villages and Hamlets and inform their parents to join them in the school as per the schedule. Care should be taken on dropouts and never enrolled. Take necessary action to get 100% enrollment and retention.
  • Use the services of the Education Assistant in the Grama/ Ward Sachivalayam for effective outreach to the community.
  • Ensure full and active participation of the parent committees.
  • Conduct rally and house to house visit in the hamlet and the catchment area for getting new admissions.
  • Create awareness to parents on Government Schemes related to school education.
  • Communicate school re-opening date to all parents and make a plan to conduct Parents meeting in the beginning of the academic year.
  • Prepare admissions and withdrawal registers for students.
  • Collect plants from the nearby nursery for Planting by the students and give adoption to the students.
  • In the case of High schools where mapping of class 3 and above from nearby PS/ UPS are done, special arrangements have to be made to invite the new children in a benefitting manner.
  • Conduct School re-opening as a festival by inviting all parents.

J. Academics:

  • Prepare Institution Plan in detail in coordination with parents and teachers.
  • Instruct all teachers to submit their annual plan for the academic year 2022-23.
  • Instruct all teachers to prepare Lesson Plans, Teaching Learning Material (TLM) and Teacher Dairy as per the syllabus mentioned in the Academic calendar. (Plans templates are mentioned in annexure-2)
  • Make use of available Digital Infrastructure.
  • Prepare Class wise time tables duly maintaining subject weightages.


  • Teacher has to conduct small test to understand the learning levels of the children.
  • Divide the children in four levels (level 1 – Letters, Level 2 – Words, Level 3 – Simple Sentences, Level 4 – Paragraphs).
  • Based on the learning levels of the children teachers has to conduct School Readiness programme has per the scheduled given above.
  • Teachers has to plan activities based on the syllabus given.
  • Week schedule is given for six days. Day wise schedule can be rotated for the remaining weeks. Teacher has to plan and execute accordingly.

AP School Readiness Programme

Lesson Plans Preparation GuidelinesPreparation of Lesson Plans
School Readiness ProgrammeSchool Readiness Programme with Day wise Activities 28/6/2022 to 5/7/2022
Class Readiness ProgrammeClass Readiness Programme for Class 1st to 9th4 weeks
Academic Calendar Implementation details
  • Headmasters and teachers shall be available in schools even after school timings for taking admissions or to issue transfer certificates as per the convenience of parents.
  • The suggested activities shall be performed in convergence with parents, teachers and the community duly ensuring the teamwork.
  • To aware the community of the facilities that are provided by the government to students.
  • All teaching and non-teaching staff shall attend schools these days.
  • District Educational Officers, Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers to focus on the activities done by the Headmasters and teachers and provide the necessary support to them.
  • All schools shall be reopened grandly and public representatives shall be invited to the distribution of JVK kits.

SCHOOL READINESS PROGRAMME: School Readiness Programme: to ensure that every child seeking admission into class I &II is Psychologically, Physically and sociologically ready to receive instruction in a child-friendly environment.


  • To make the children acquainted to school environment, thereby ensuring a smooth induction into the schooling system.
  • To create a child friendly environment in the school for class I students.
  • To make young children feel, comfortable and happy to attend the school regularly without any fear.
  • To develop pre learning skills.
  • To expose the children to Early Reading early writing and early maths programme.

Plan of Action

  • The content of the program is based on play, songs, rhymes, activities on Sensory-motor skills, scribbling, storytelling, picture reading, counting, arranging the objects in descending order and ascending order according to the size, etc.
  • It is to inform all teachers that a day-wise schedule and activities indicated in the module given to the school during the last academic year shall be followed.
  • The five-word formulae of Aata, Paata, Maata, Story, and Creativity will be the process of achieving the objectives.
  • The teacher will collect additional information and stories on the topics given in School Readiness and have to be kept ready for the program.
  • The program should be in a novel way and the teacher should be a facilitator to drive the information from the students.
  • The program is designed for children those who are lagging behind the basic skills among the children.
  • To implement the syllabus to normal students as it is.

Time Table:

  • Morning and afternoon Session for first class: (Pre-lunch) includes Action Rhyme, conversations (Muchchatlu) stories, Creativity, Rhymes, Additional activities, and game.
  • Resource Support: Teacher will deal with the session directly using the relevant resource material

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