Baalala Sangalu: Child Cabinets(Student Committees) -Responsibilities Swachh Patashala Wash program

Child Cabinets(Student Committee) & Its Responsibilities Swachh Patashala Wash program, Swachh Telangana – Swachh Patashala Programme – WASH Programme in TS Schools: Child Cabinet: Every school must encourage constitution of a Child Cabinet (Student Committee) with the objective of creating a platform for students to discuss and address issues related to education, sanitation and other activities. Child cabinets will play a major role in involving the students in day to day school activities and create a sense of responsibility and leadership among them.

The cabinets proposed here are suggestive and the schools can form more cabinets based on the needs of the school. Further, the no. of members in sub-committees also shall depend on the no. of students in the school.

Composition of Child Cabinet
1. Prime Minister
2. Sports & Cultural Minister and a sub-committee
3. Health Minister and a sub-committee
4. Education And Environment Minister and a sub-committee
5. Food Minister and a sub-committee

Responsibilities of Child Cabinet
i) Prime Minister calls for meetings and monitors activities of all Ministers.
ii) Health Minister, with the help of his/her sub-committee:
a. Monitors personal hygiene of all students everyday
b. Monitors hand washing activity using soap at critical times for all the students
c. Should create awareness in the school and community on communicable diseases – mode of transmission, prevention and treatment.
d. Monitors proper storage and safe handling of water.
iii) Sports & Cultural Minister, with the help of his/her sub-committee:
a. Monitors sports and cultural activities of the school
b. Is responsible for preserving sports materials
c. Checks regularly, the height and weight of students
d. Coordinates for conduct of bala sabhas.
e. Motivates children in participation in co curricular activities and helps teachers in conduct of various activities.
iv) Education and Environment Minister with the help of his/her subcommittee:
a. Preserving the TLM, Library Books etc. and also monitor the uses of Library Books by the students.
b. Coordinates for conduct of subject clubs and subject wise activities.
c. Monitors gardening activities.
d. Proper disposal of waste- utilisation of dustbins in the classrooms, and maintaining clean school premises.
e. Arranges and implements a compost pit.
f. Advocates for conservation of energy- switching off lights and fans when not in use, turning off taps after usage, coordinate for repairs of leaking taps etc.
v) Food Minister and her/his sub-committee:
a. Monitors whether cooks and food handling staff wash hands with soap before handling food – cooking and serving
b. Monitors MDM and checks if cooked meals are covered properly
c. Monitors whether cooking and serving utensils used in Mid Day Meal arc washed properly
d. Monitors cleanliness of the kitchen shed and kitchen garden if available.

A suggestion box / post box should be provided in the school where students are allowed to drop their complaints, suggestions i.e. cleanliness of toilets, availability of soap, lack of learning material. The Child Cabinet, supported by a teacher, addresses the issues.

The students’ cabinets should be formed before 15th of August, 2015 and oath taking ceremony should be arranged on 15th August, 2015, after flag hoisting, in the presence of all parents and villagers.

Child Cabinets(Student Committee) & Its Responsibilities Swachh Patashala Wash program

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