Cumulative Records School Books to Govt. School Students

Cumulative Records School Books, Telangana State Government, Education Department officials introduced Cumulative Records to State Govt. School Students for this school academic year.

In this record, Student’s all development details i.e curricular, co-curricular details will be enrolled and School, Student’s Bio data, Attendance, Academic, Health, Summative and Formative Assessment and Grades information are gathered by the class teacher.

Do you know that every person will have some talent some are multi talented and some are talented even in a single thing. Either literate or illiterate will have some skills by birth. They may be drawing, painting, playing games, talking / speech ability., essay writing, singing, Dancing, Reading, Designing etc., But some times these will not come out due to lack of encouragement and identification.

Only education itself will not help you to lead your life happily, some other skill will help you to relax your life from your busy and stress schedule. Sometimes these skills only gives your livelihood.

So, such identifying should begin from school days only.

According to SCERT director T. Chiranjeevulu Cumulative Record are going to be maintained for each student and enroll each and every aspect of that particular students. It is quite impossible to maintain and enroll 30 lakhs pupil previous details. So,these are going to be implement from this year annual exams. The records responsible is of class teachers under  school Head Master’s supervision. Cumulative Records School Books

These records help a teacher to identify a students performance. In which subject or co-curricular activity the student is poor will be easily identified by concerned teacher and to take remedial actions to improve them in that aspect. As transfers is a part of job, when new teacher comes  they can easily come to a conclusion by these records and made them easy to take action for improving them and encouraging the positive aspect.

In this record a student complete details from I-X classes will be noted and if the student joins in another school, with T.C their record will be also given. Which helps that school teachers to move forward.

By these records students performance will be analysed  completely and enter once for three months. This will help to observe keenly every student.

If the students are poor in different subjects, CRP’s will help classes from May 1st to May 31st  with different teaching programmes. Let us hope that this system May give positive results.

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