Warangal District VVs Final Selection List 2020

Warangal District VVs Final Selection List: Engaging of Vidya volunteers  For the academic year 2015-16, Communication of Selection List of Vidya Volunteers of Plain and Agency area in Warangal Dist.

Rc.No. Spl./VVs/2015;Dt. 23.09.2015

Subject: School Educational- Engaging of Vidya volunteers  For the academic year 2015-16 -Communication of Selection List of Vidya Volunteers of Plain and Agency area in Warangal Dist- certain instructions issued- reg


  1. Proc.Rc. No. 330/PS-2/2015,Dt.03.09.2015 of the DSE,TS,Hyd duly communicating a copy of G.O.Rt.No.162, School Education(prog.I) Dept, Dt 03.09.2015
  2. DSE,TS, Hyd. Proc.Rc. No. 330/PS-2/2015,Dt.06.09.2015
  3. DSE,TS, Hyd. Proc.Rc. No. 330/PS-2/2015-2,Dt.14.09.2015
  4. DSE,TS, Hyd. Proc.Rc. No. 330/PS-2/2015,Dt.16.09.2015
  5. DSE,TS, Hyd. Proc.Rc. No. 330/PS-2/2015,Dt.18.09.2015
  6. Note approval of the Dist.Collector and Chairman the District Selection Committee, Warangal District.

All the Mandal Educational Officers concerned in this District are hereby informed that as per the instructions issued by the Director of School Education,TS, Hyd from time to time the provisional selection list of Vidya Volunteers of all categeory of posts in Plain and Agency areas are communicated herewith Instructions issued


  1. Display the provisional Selection List of Vidya Volunteers in Mandal Resouce Centers
  2. Inform to the Selected Candidates over telephone instructing them to attend to Mandal Resource centers with necessary Certificates filled in the application.
  3. For allotment of the Vidya Volunteers to Schools
    a) Native of the village shall be given first preference.
    b) Candidates from adjacent villages shall be given second preference.
    c) If the candidates are not available in that particular village/adjacent village, then the candidates from the General merit list shall be conceder basing on merit duly taking options from the candidates.
    d) In some cases for certain categories of posts, candidates may not be available in the same Mandal. Hence neighboring Mandals (means surrounding mandals) candidates may be taken while giving posting, the option may be taken from the candidates to allot Mandal/village as per his/her preferences.
    e) Communicate the list of selected candidates to the school management committees for engaging the vidya volunteers in schools. Any grievance on the orders lies in the appeal to the Director of School Education within a week from the date of publication of the list by the SMCs.
    f)The Cluster Headmasters concerned are responsible to coordinate with SMCs concerned in engaging vidya volunteers. SMCs will enter an agreement with the Vidya Volunteers in the prescribed formate.
  4. Submit the compliance report on joining of Vidya Volunteers in these schools in the following prescribed proforma to this office on 22.09.2015 through the mail without fail as the information has to be submitted to the Director of School Education, TS, Hyd. 22.09.2015.

Warangal District VVs Final Selection List:

1. School Assistant (Maths)1. School Assistant (Maths)
2.School Assistant(Bio.Science)2. School Assistant(Bio.Science)
3. School Assistant ( English)3. School Assistant ( English)
4. School Assistant ( Social)4. School Assistant ( Social)
5. Secondary Grade Teacher5. School Assistant (Phy.Science)
6. LP _SA Telugu6. Secondary Grade Teacher
7. LP _SA Hindi7.  LP _SA Telugu
 8. LP _SA Hindi


Sl. No.Name of the SchoolMandalU DISE codeAREACategeory of PostROSTER POINTName of the Candidate  joined AS VVFathers NameDate of JoiningRemarks

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