Security Tips for Using State Bank ATM Card (General Guidelines, Safety)

Security Tips for Using State Bank ATM Cards, SBI‟s aspiration to empower its customers through technology and awareness took a further leap with the bank deciding to enhance awareness of its tech channels amongst customers. 

385 TLCs across length & breadth of the country conducted interactive learning sessions & demos of the bank’s tech-channels for about 15000 customers.

Going forward, these workshops will be held on the third Friday of every month between 4 to 6 pm and will be in addition to the guidance on tech-services being provided to the customers through product-brochures, information on website & interaction with customer helpline or frontline staff at branches.

SBI has given general guidelines to ATM Card Holder for using SBI ATM cards with Safety manner. Here, we are provided these guidelines to ATM Card Users. Security Tips for Using State Bank ATM Cards

ATM Security Tips:

Get rid of dangers during ATM transactions. 12 Golden Rules to keep your ATM transactions safe and secure

  • Please sign on the reverse of the card immediately on receipt.
  • Change your ATM PIN regularly.
  • Never keep the PIN with the debit card or write on it. Always memorize it.
  • Do not provide the ATM card and PIN details to anyone, including Bank/IBA/RBI/Govt. agency/family/friends, etc. Bank or any other institution will never ask for this information.
  • Do not let strangers come in to the ATM room or take their help to complete the transactions.
  • Hide the keypad while keying in your PIN at ATM/POS terminals.
  • Do not throw your transaction slip in the ATM room as it contains your account information.
  • Always wait till the ATM returns to the idle mode and the green light is blinking.
  • Insist on swiping your card in your presence in hotels/shops/malls, etc.
  • Never swipe your card at POS machines kept at unknown temporary stalls.
  • Block and destroy your old card, when you get a new one. Register your mobile number at the Branch to get SMS alerts for all transactions
  • Hotlist your card immediately on losing it by calling 1800 425 3800 or 1800 11 22 11.

General Guidelines/ Safety tips:

  • Kindly read carefully the enclosed user’s manual and instructions on the PIN mailer
  • Sign the back of your Card as soon as you receive it
  • Use your new card on an ATM immediately to change the system generated PIN
  • Please change your PIN to a new four digit number of your choice, memorise it and destroy the PIN mailer. Preferably, change it every quarter
  • Never use a PIN that could be easily guessed, e.g. your birthday or telephone number
  • Please do not write your PIN on the card or anywhere else
  • Please keep the Personal Identification Number (PIN) secret and do not  disclose the PIN to anybody including a family member or your banker.
  • In case the PIN is divulged, please change your 8. PIN immediately at any State Bank Group ATM.
  • Giving your card and disclosing PIN to someone is like giving a blank signed cheque
  • Please refrain from taking help from any strangers in the ATM room
  • Beware of “Shoulder surfing”, i.e., shield your PIN from onlookers by using  your body. Once you complete your transaction, check to be sure that you have your Card and your receipt, and then leave immediately.
  • Never let anyone see you enter your PIN.
  • Please do not allow any other person to enter the ATM room when you are transacting on the ATM and similarly please wait outside the ATM room if anybody is already inside.
  • Please keep a separate note of your card number and associated account number. These particulars will be necessary for blocking the card in case of loss of the card.
  • Be alert. If you find signs of any external fittings or loose wiring, report to the bank/ contact 16. centre and use another ATM
  • 24 x 7 State Bank Contact Centre number is toll free 1800112211  (from BSNL and MTNL Land lines) or 080- 25608470 from other lines

Taking care of your card: 

  1. Your card is very important and must be kept safely
  2. The card must not be kept near a TV
  3. Store your Card in a secure place where you will immediately know if it is missing
  4. Store the ATM-cum-Debit Card carefully so that the magnetic stripe does not get damaged
  5. Never leave your Card unattended, e.g., in your car, in a hotel room or at work.

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