Guidelines for Food Security Cards & Pensions Beneficiaries Verification

Guidelines for Food Security Cards & Pensions Beneficiaries Verification, Telangana State Government Guidelines For Telangana Food Security & Pensions Cards Beneficiaries. Last Date to Submit Application for Telangana Food Security Cards & Pensions is extended up to 20th October 2014.

Government of Telangana Rural Development Department issues orders for “1. Food Security Cards & Pensions. 2.  Identification of eligible household / Beneficiaries”

Guidelines for Verification of household eligible for Food Security Cards & Pensions: Government of Telangana intends to issue Food Security Cards to poor households and sanction pensions to old age, widows, disabled, toddy tappers and weavers from poorer households during November 2014.

These food security cards and pensions shall be sanctioned to eligible households and beneficiaries as identified in the ongoing verification process by Tahsildar and MPDO’s respectively.

Government of Telangana has issued memo for the identification of eligible households for food security cards and pensions.  It was also stated in the memo that National Informatics Center, Telangana will develop the pre-populated household verification format for the field verification by the designated verification officer.

The guidelines for filling up the household verification format by the verification officer are given below:

Household verification format: The pre-populated household verification format for each household will be made available in the Samagra Kutumba Survey Website on 14.10.2014. The Tahsildar can download the PDF formats, Gram Panchayat wise using his/her user ID and password already allocated.

Matching of application forms and household verification formats: The Samagra Kutumba Survey number has been provided at the top – right corner. The white paper application (for Food Security Cards & Pensions) details given by the household shall be matched with the pre-populated household verification format.

The white paper application (for Food Security Cards & Pensions) format can also be collected during the household verification time, if not applied previously. The SKS Survey number shall be written on the white paper application format and both shall be pinned/ stapled.

SKS – Survey Number: Location details: The District/Mandal name (Municipality Name in case of Urban Areas), Gram Panchayat (In case of Municipal Corporations & Municipalities – Zone name/Circle name), Habitation (In case of Municipal Corporations & Municipalities – ward name) are given in the verification format.

Family member details

Family member details: The verification officer shall ascertain the following while visiting the household:

Name and age of the family member: The name of the family member with the present age is provided in this column. If the member is disabled, the status “YIN” along with SADERAM id is also provided.

The verification officer shall ascertain the present age and disable status (if the member is disabled) of the members of household who are alive. If found incorrect, the concerned field shall be encircled and the corrected data shall be filled in. If the members qualify for the old age, widow and disability pension, it shall be recommended in the declaration.

Sex: The sex of the members of household shall be checked and updated (Male / Female / Transgender). In some villages, the number of females recorded in the Samagra Kutumba Survey – 2014 is unusually high.

Land possession as per 1-B Register: The land possession by each of the household members shall be updated with the help of revenue record 1-B register. The field verification of the possession of land based on the survey number may also be done to ascertain the actual possession.

Working Artisans Status: The presently working artisans’ status has to be checked and recorded in this column.

Status of Employment / Government Pensioner Details: The status of employment and Government pensioner details is provided in the format. The same shall be verified and updated in the column for each member of household. The places having “NIL” as the response has to be updated with the correct – current employment/ government pensioner status.

Aadhar Card Number: Updation of Aadhar card number is a must, even for the members having pre-populated Aadhar card number.

The given number should be checked for correctness and the number should be captured if it was not captured earlier in Samagra Kutumba Survey – 2014. Guidelines for Food Security Cards

Status of family members: Verify the status (presently residing / dead / living outside) of each member of the household. It is seen in the field that the late father of the family was written as head of family. The deceased person shall be identified and written in verification format as dead. In case of family members living outside the village, shall be updated as living outside. Verification Parameters of the Household

Verification Parameters of the Household: The parameters for household to be verified have been pre-populated as per the Samagra Kutumba Survey data. The same shall be verified at the filed level and has to be updated in the “As per field verification” column. The following criteria has to be verified:

Type of House: The type (Thatched / Plastic Roof / Tiled / RCC) of the house shall be updated. For GHMC areas and Nizamabad Urban the usage of house is also prepopulated (eg: Residential / Commercial etc). This also needs to be updated in the Field verification column

Total Land Holding: Total land holding (wet / irrigated dry land and dry land) has to be verified. The total land holding has to be updated.
Four wheeler owners: The households possessing four wheelers have to be updated.

IT Assessed: The household who have assessed its Income Tax for the year 2013-14 has to be verified and updated. Some enumerators have recorded`YES’ for IT Assessed in Samagra Kutumba Survey – 2014 for the households who have paid house tax to Gram Panchayat / Municipality by mistake. Freedom Fighter Pensioners: The freedom fighter pensioner has to be verified and updated in the format.

Nomadic Household: The nomadic households have to be verified and updated. The context in which they are living, the period on stay, profession engaged etc has to be checked to ensure the nomadic household.
Property Tax Assessed (Only for GHMC & Nizamabad (U) area): The household has to be verified for the payment of property tax.

Identification of Joint Families: The verification officer must specifically verify if the members in the family are living together and were deliberately split for the purpose of the survey. If so then note down the SKS survey numbers of those households which are deliberately split in the columns provided. The combined household should be considered for Food Security Cards and Pensions.

Verification Officer Remarks: The verification officer has been provided space to input his/her remarks about the household. Especially, the verification officer should compulsorily note his/her remarks when Antyodaya Food Security Card is recommended.

Declaration by Verification Officer: The verification officer has to certify that the information is true and shall also recommend to Tahsildar / MPDO (Municipal Commissioner – in case of urban areas) for the eligibility/ ineligibility of the household / beneficiaries for food security card / pensions respectively.

Declaration by Tahsildar: The Tahsildar has to scrutinize each of the application, household verification format, verification officer remarks & recommendation with the eligibility criteria given in the Government memo in the reference 1st cited for final decision of the household to be made eligible/ ineligible for Food Security Cards.

Eligibility for Pensions: The beneficiaries who have applied for pensions and also if their household come under the eligibility criteria, the photocopies of those applications (white paper applications for pensions) and copy of household verification format will be forwarded to the Mandal Parishad Development Officer (MPDO) by Tahsildar.

Verification for Pensions; The applications received by the MPDO shall be recorded in the Pension Application Register. The SKS Survey number, head of household name, recommended pensioner name shall be entered in the register.

The MPDO after receiving the applications for pensions shall verify those beneficiaries according to the guidelines (2nd cited) given for different types of pensions.

After verification, the MPDO shall give declaration of the same in the household verification format, specifying the name of the beneficiary and type of pensions. The same shall also be updated in the Pension Application register.

Training: Training shall be given to all the verification officers, Tahsildars and MPDOs on the verification process.

Monitoring: The District Collector will monitor the entire process of the verification of households for Food Security Card and Pensions. The District Collectors monitor the progress of number of applications received, number of households verified, number of beneficiaries verified for pensions, applied / reject/ eligible status etc.

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