Guidelines for Supply Super Fine Rice to Warangal Schools under MDM Scheme

Guidelines for Supply Super Fine Rice, School Education Department, Warangal District Educational Officer(DEO), Dr Y Chandra Mohan has issued Proceedings Rc.No.13500 to all the Deputy Educational Officers/ Mandal Educational officers in the District on January 6th, 2015.

In this regarding certain instructions and guidelines have been issued to the the above said officials on Supply Super Fine Rice to all Warangal Govt. Schools under MDM Scheme and Certain instructions for receiving of Super Fine Rice like BPT, Sona Masuri ‘’SANNA BIYYAM’’ etc. from MLS point and return of closing balances of previous Doddu Rice. This proceedings details provided here

Certain instructions for Sanna Biyyam Receiving and Return of Previous Doddu Rice

1.The Collector (CS)warangal.Rc.No.F4/1785/2014.Dt:04-12-2014.
2.Video Conference Dated.27-12-2014 of the Commissioner of Civil supplies , Telangana, Hyderabad.

  1. Instructions of the Joint Collector (CS), Warangal dated.27-12-2014.
  2. Video conference ,Dt:05-01-2015 of the Commissioner Civil Supplies , Telangana, Hyderabad addressed to the Collector & District Magistrate, Wgl and all the Departments connected with the MDM Scheme.

All the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal educational Officers in the District are hereby informed that they are aware of the instructions of the Government and the MDM Scheme is being implemented by providing “SANNA BIYYAM”  to all the schools in the District with effect from 02-01-2015.

In this connection, the Commissioner of Civil Supplies and Commissioner Director of School Education Telangana Hyderabad have conducted the Video Conference on the implementation of MDM Scheme “SANNA BIYYAM’ in the reference 4th cited.

Instructions for MDM Scheme implementation

Further, it is informed that all the deputy Educational Officers and the Mandal  Educational Officers in the District, most of them have attended the meeting and listen the instructions issued in the reference 4th cited. The instructions are once again retreated and the following instructions issued for the implementation of the MDM Scheme efficiently. Guidelines for Supply Super Fine Rice

  •  The Super Fine Rice ‘’SANNA BIYYAM’’ supplied to all the Mandal / Schools which are examined by the Assistant Manager , Technical and ensure that they are in good condition.
  • Sample  of Rice Supplied to the Mandal by the  Civil Supplies Department. if any Mandal Educational Officer have not supplied the sample rice, the same shall be obtain from the MLS point of the mandal or from the DM Civil supplies Warangal.
  • To submit any discrepancies are noticed while receiving of stock and delivery at school level and also at the MLS points, they  have to bring the issues to the notice of the District Educational officers and also the DM, Civil Supplies , Warangal.
  • To issue instructions to all the Heads of Secondary /Upper Primary/ Primary schools to ensure that the Super fine Rice i.e “SANNA BIYYAM” Cooking should  be in perfect manner and the intake capacity of water to be used as per the measurement and see that  the meal shall be served to the pupil in a perfect manner with relevant tasty.
  • Certain mandal Educational officers have requested to increase the quantum of rice for primary and upper primary level. It is requested to evaluate the selected pupil, intake capacity along with quantum of rice and submit the analysis report to the Deputy Educational Officers and District Educational Officer along with the justify for the raising of rice quantity and justified that the present quantum is sufficient or insufficient.
  • To identify the schools through a route map as they have been supplied the food grains to the school point from MLS point and submit the same to the DM civil supplies Warangal / Deputy Educational Officer / District Educational Officer Warangal so as to enable that the Rice shall be reached directly to the school point through a vehicle provided by the DM, Civil supplies, Warangal, in due course.
  • The Rice closing balance of PD rice at school level shall be handed over to the dealer concerned and obtain the acknowledgement in the stock register and the same has to be submitted to the MEO concerned , who inturn consolidate mandal data and obtain the counter signature of the Tahasidar concerned and submit the same to the Deputy Educational Officer / District Educational Officer / DM Civil supplies and District Supply officer Warangal. 
  • Store the Rice “ SANNA BIYYAM” in a perfect manner that they may not be damaged under any circumstances. Ultra Care is needed in this regard.
  • To utilize Rice first come, first serve basis.
  • To be ultra careful while supply of “SANNA BIYYAM”, if any deviations noticed in the supply of rice which is noticed by the District officials and inspecting officers while they are visit of the school, they will be held personally responsible.
  • To maintained separate stock and issue other registers from 01.01.2015  onwards with regard to implementation of MDM scheme and the stock and issued registers of PD rice shall be kept under the control of the Headmaster/ MEO concerned.
  • To submit Rice Closing balance every month  between 15th to 20th to the Deputy Educational officers concerned and the Deputy  Educational officers concerned to consolidate  Division wise and submit by 20th of every month to the District Educational Officer Warangal Without fail. 
  • For the supply of food grains for the month for February and March 2015 the procedure followed earlier for the January 2015 will holds good. They are requested to get ready with the route map along with quantity of rice required school wise by 25th of the month without fail. The rice to be supplied to the schools basing on the average meal taken at school level. If the average attendance increased the actual requirement of rice school wise in the prescribed proforma shall be submitted to the District Educational Officer by 10-01-2015 without fail.
  • The above instructions shall be followed in addition to be instructions earlier issued in the implementation of MDM scheme and ensure that the MDM scheme shall be implemented effectively. All MEOs are requested that, Please check your emails for this proceeding

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