How to Know Weightages and Entitlement Points for APSWREIS Transfers

How to Know Weightages and Entitlement Points for APSWREIS Staff Transfers 2015-16, APSWREIS Teaching Non-Teaching Staff Transfers Guidelines 2015-16 and Schedule/ Guidelines for Regulating the Transfer of Staff in the APSWREIS Society, Hyderabad for the Year 2020-21

Weightages and Entitlement of Points:
The points shall be awarded to the Principals / Teachers / Non-teaching staff who applied for transfers as follows:
(1) Weightage as per the location of the APSWR Institutions throughout the State, categorization of Institutions is made in the groups of Catgory-I, II, III and IV, as mentioned in the annexure, based on HRA eligible as per G.O Ms.No.59 Fin Dept dated 11-4-2011.

(a) Category-I: All habitations /Towns where 20% & 30 % HRA is admissible.
(b) Category-II:  All habitations /Towns where 14.5% HRA is admissible
(c) Category-III:  All habitations /Towns where 12% HRA is admissible
(d) Category-IV:  All habitations/towns where 12 % HRA is admissible and where the posting of staff is most needed [excluding the areas mentioned at Category-III]. How to Know Weightages and Entitlement Points

(2) Weightage for the category of schools:
(a) For service in category-IV areas: 10 points per every year of service completed.
(b) For service in category-III areas: 7 points per every year of service completed.
(c) For service in Category-II areas: 4 points per every year of service completed.
(d) For service in category-I areas [where 20% HRA]: 1 point per every year of service completed.
(e) For Service in Category – I area with 1. 30% HRA –      0 Points
The transfers shall be effected from Category I, II to III & IV. Staff working in Category III, IV can opt for any place.

Note:- For the Principals, teaching and non-teaching staff who took extension,  even after completion of 5 years, the entitlement points will be calculated for 5 years only.

(1) Cluster Institutions: The following groups of institutions are located either at the same station or in very close vicinity. Therefore, staff working in the following groups of stations shall not be entitled to opt for the remaining other schools in the same group.

  1. Duppalavalasa-Etcherla-Peddapadu – [Srikakulam]
  2. Meghadrigadda – Srikrishnapuram, [School of Excellence].
  3. P.Venkatapuram – S.M.Nagar – Chollangipeta [East Godavari]
  4. L.N.Puram – Kothur [JC] – [East Godavari]
  5. Retur at Bapatla – Bapatla, Kakumanu – [Guntur]
  6. Naidupet (S)  – Pudur at Naidupet – [Nellore]
  7. Kurugunta (S) – Kurugunta (JC) – [Anantapur]
  8. Pulivendula – [School of Excellence], Pulivendula School.
  9. Allagadda-Allagadda [RPRP] – [Kurnool]
    (4) Vacancies in school of Excellences and JL posts in Magnet Colleges will not be opened for counseling.
    (5) Weightage for service for a Principal / Teacher / Non-teaching staff: One point for (4) years of service in the present cadre as on 01.05.2015

Special Categories:
(a) [5] Entitlement points for Principals / Teachers / Non-teaching whose spouses are working in Government or Local Body or Aided Institutions in the same Zone / District and opted for a transfer nearer to their spouses only. [Only one of the spouses will be shifted following the prescribed procedure.]

Note:- A copy of the certificate  issued  by  the competent authority shall be enclosed to the checklist to consider their cases under special categories (a)

(b) Outstanding   Performance:   [Principals   & Teachers]
(a) The following entitlement points will be allowed for the outstanding performance in SSC   &   Intermediate   public examinations
(i) In SSC [ for Principals working in non upgraded schools and teachers in their respective subjects]
(ii) 90% and above pass in the consecutive 3 yrs -6 marks
(iii) 90% and above in the consecutive 2 yrs- 4 marks
(iv) 90%  and  above  in  the  last  year- 2 marks

(b) In Intermediate [ for Principals Grade-I working in upgraded schools/junior colleges and teachers / Lecturers in their respective subjects]
(i)  90% and above in the consecutive 3 yrs   – 6 marks
(ii) 90% and above in the consecutive 2 yrs   – 4 marks
(iii) 90% and above in the last year            – 2 marks
(c) Outstanding performance for PDs/ PETs
(i) for achieving merit in National level tournaments for last one year     – 6 marks
(ii) for participation in National level tournaments for last one year     – 3 marks
(iii) for achieving merit in State level tournaments for last one year     – 2 marks

Preferential Categories
(a) Employees with disabilities of 40 % or more as certified by a competent authority as per “Persons with  Disabilities  (P.W.D)  (Equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation) Act, 1995.
(b) Medical grounds for the diseases [either self or spouse or dependent children] of Cancer, Heart Operations, Neurosurgery, Bone TB, Kidney transplantation to places where such facilities are available.
(c) Employees having mentally retarded children.

Note:- A copy of the certificate issued by a competent authority should be enclosed to the application to consider their cases under the preferential category on medical grounds.

Posting of staff returning from leave
(a) The  Principals  /  Teachers  /  Non-teaching seeking for reposting on return from leave and who are not eligible for transfer as per these guidelines shall be posted in the same schools only from where they went on leave.
(b) For any reason, if the said post is not vacant, the proposal shall be furnished to the Secretary, APSWREI Society for the issue of posting on administrative grounds.
(c) Willfully going on leave to seek a change of place shall be strongly discouraged.

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