ICICI Bank iFinance Service, How to use this facility?

ICICI Bank iFinance is a financial service offered by one of India’s leading banks, ICICI Bank. It is a specialized financial solution designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses.

ICICI Bank has launched a service called ‘iFinance,’ which offers crores of retail customers and sole proprietors a consolidated view of their savings and current accounts in a single location.

As per the bank’s claims, even customers of other banks can benefit from this innovative feature.

What is ICICI iFinance?

ICICI Bank has brought ‘iFinance‘ to its digital platforms, like the iMobile Pay app, Retail Internet Banking (RIB), Corporate Internet Banking (CIB), and InstaBIZ – the bank’s mobile app for businesses, using the Account Aggregator system.

‘iFinance’ offers a single place where you can easily see how much money you have in your account, understand how you spend it, and get statements.

This handy dashboard makes it simple for you to manage your money and keep an eye on your finances.

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ICICI Bank iFinance

What are the benefits of ICICI iFinance?

ICICI Bank iFinance is a personal finance management (PFM) app that allows users to get a consolidated view of their savings and current accounts across banks, including non-ICICI banks. It also provides insights on spending patterns and allows users to download statements.

See All Your Accounts in One Place: You can securely connect your savings and checking accounts from different banks and see how much money you have all in one spot.

Know Your Money In and Out: This tool helps you understand how much money you make and how much you spend, so you can keep a close eye on your finances.

Track What You Spend: You can watch your spending and get info on where your money goes, making it easier to manage your expenses and your overall financial well-being.

Have Control Over Your Accounts: You can easily link or unlink your accounts whenever you want, giving you more flexibility and convenience.

Get Detailed Account Statements: You can also download clear and organized statements for all your linked bank accounts.

How to Use ‘ICICI iFinance’ Facility?

a) For ICICI Bank Customers:

  1. Log in to ICICI Bank’s digital platforms like iMobile Pay, Retail Internet Banking, Corporate Internet Banking, or InstaBIZ.
  2. Find and click on the ‘iFinance’ option, then verify your details.
  3. Once verified, all your ICICI Bank and other bank accounts will be shown.
  4. You can choose the banks you want to link and give permission to connect your accounts.
  5. The connected accounts will be visible to you.

b) For Customers of Other Banks:

  1. Download the ICICI Bank app.
  2. Register with your mobile number.
  3. Click on ‘iFinance’ and follow the same steps as mentioned above to enjoy the benefits of this feature.

ICICI Bank iFinance FAQs

How to use ICICI Bank iFinance?

To use iFinance, users need to create an account and link their bank accounts to it. Once the accounts are linked, users can view their balances, transactions, and spending insights. Users can also download statements for all of their accounts in one place.

Who can use ICICI Bank iFinance?

iFinance is available to all users, including ICICI customers and non-ICICI customers. Non-ICICI customers can also avail the facility by leveraging the Account Aggregator ecosystem.


ICICI Bank iFinance is a comprehensive PFM app that offers a variety of benefits to users. It is a convenient and secure way to track finances and manage spending.

iFinance also provides insights on spending patterns, which can help users to make better financial decisions.

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