Instructions to Invigilators for TS Model Schools Entrance Test 2023 (6th to 10th Classes)

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Instructions to Invigilators:

1. Invigilators should obtain Identity Card from the Chief Superintendent and should wear it during the exam duty on 26-02-2017(FN & AN).
2. Invigilators have to report to the Chief Superintendent one hour before the commencement of the test, i.e, by 9-00 AM on 26-02-2017 for FN session and at 01.00 pm for AN session. They should demonstrate the candidates the method of answering the question paper using OMR Sheets half an hour before the commencement of the Test in the respective exam hall. All the candidates should have proper understanding of the procedure in answering Questions using O.M.R Sheets before appearing the test.
3. They have to attend a meeting convened by the Chief Superintendent and obtain his/her instructions about the procedure on conduct of the test.
4. They should be present at the time of opening of sealed packets of question papers by the Chief Superintendent 30 minutes before the commencement of the test and should sign on the Labels of packets before opening at the space provided.

OMR Answer Sheets:

5. They should take delivery of the OMR sheets allotted to the room from the Chief Superintendent 30 minutes before commencement of the test and should distribute them to the candidates attending the test. Since variable data such as Name, Roll No. and photo are printed on the supplied OMR Sheet the Invigilators should see that correct OMR Sheet is delivered to all candidates attended duly verifying the Name, Hall Ticket No. and Photo printed on OMR Sheet and Hall Ticket etc. This duty should be performed with utmost care since any lapse in this regard will hamper the entire process in valuation of OMR Sheets through Computer and the candidate will be put to irreparable loss.
Question Papers

6. They should take delivery of the question papers 10 minutes before the commencement of the test from Chief Superintendent and should proceed to the room allotted to him/her by satisfying adequacy of question papers allotted for the room. They should distribute the question papers to the candidates 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
7. They should verify the Hall Ticket of the candidate issued by the TSMS Society and check cases of impersonation, if any, based on the Pass Port size Photos appeared on the Hall-Ticket, Nominal Roll- cum-verification sheet and OMR Sheets supplied with variable data and the feature of the candidate attending the test. He/she should immediately report to the Chief Superintendent the cases of impersonation, if any, noticed for verification and further action.

8. They should get the signature of each candidate present on the Nominal Roll-cum-verification sheet accepting that the information about Name, Parent’s name, address and Reservation category printed is correct. In case, any discrepancy is reported by the candidate, the same is to be recorded in the space provided and signature is to be obtained from the candidate.
9. They should prepare a statement of absentees in the room allotted to him/her in the proforma prescribed and to furnish it to the Chief Superintendent within 15 minutes from the commencement of the test. No candidate who comes late by more than 30 minutes should not be allowed to take the test. They should return the balance OMR Sheets having variable data pertaining to all the absentees to the Chief Superintendents 30 minutes after commencement of the test.
10. They should not leave the exam room without substitute being arranged by Chief Superintendent.
11. They should see that all forbidden material to the test is left out of the room by the candidates before entering into the room to take the test. They should not allow copying or group discussion in the room and should not allow any malpractices in the examination hall. All cases of malpractices should be brought to the notice of the Chief Superintendent immediately with necessary evidence.
12. They should remind the candidates about the closure of time 5 minutes before the schedule and should collect the answer scripts at the scheduled time.

13. They should inform the Chief Superintendent well in advance in detail, in case any of his/her relative is appearing the test at that center. They should maintain utmost secrecy in the conduct of the test.
14. They should verify the filled in OMR answer sheets at the time of taking delivery and should satisfy that the candidate has filled up correctly and followed the instructions issued in filling the OMR Sheet.
15. They should not leave the Center, unless, all the material is handed over to the Chief Superintendent and obtains his/her permission.
16. They should assist the District Educational Officer and any official visiting the center for verification.

17. Signature of the candidate should be obtained on the OMR sheets and invigilator has to put his /her signature in column provided.
18. Candidates may be allowed to take back the Question paper booklet after admission test. Only OMR sheet has to be collected from candidates and handed over to Chief Superintendent.

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