Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023 download at iHRMS PNB Salary Slip Website

Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023 or Punjab Employee Salary Slip 2023 download facility is available on its official website of integrated Human Resource Management (https://hrms.punjab.gov.in/).

The Punjab state government has introduced iHRMS Punjab website for employees and can check their annual salary statements and payslip online without visiting the DDO office.

The state which is the heart of Sikh community in India is ‘Punjab‘. The famous pilgrimage site is Golden Temple surrounded by the pool of Nectar.

Punjab related arts and crafts are Known world wide for their quality and beauty. The main occupation of Punjab is agriculture and transportation. Major industries are food processing, tractors and auto component, agro-based parts, metal and alloys, chemical products and textiles.

Not only above mentioned occupations but also many employees are working in different departments of state government. The head of the departments and government take care of their employees, The internet services details are playing important role in making services better and easier which makes an employee stress free.

As we head into 2023, many employees in the state of Punjab are wondering how they can access their pay slips for the year. A pay slip is a crucial document that shows an employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, and net pay for a particular month.

It is essential for employees to keep track of their pay slips to ensure that they are being paid correctly and to use it for financial planning.

Punjab Employee Pay Slip

A Punjab Employee Pay Slip, also known as a salary slip or paysheet, is a document that is issued by an employer to an employee every month. It contains detailed information about an employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, and net pay for a particular month.

Download Salary Slip Punjab Govt Employees

As a government employee in the state of Punjab, India, it’s important to stay on top of your salary information. One of the easiest ways to do this is by regularly downloading your salary slip.

The process of downloading your salary slip through the Punjab HRMS 2.0 portal is quite simple. First, you’ll need to log into the portal using your employee ID and password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to access your salary slip under the “Salary” tab.

Before downloading your salary slip, make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. This will ensure that you can properly view and print your salary slip once it’s downloaded.

Once you’ve located your salary slip, simply click on the “Download” button to save the slip to your computer. You can then view or print the slip as needed.

It’s important to note that you can only download your salary slip for the current month and the previous month. If you need to access a salary slip from an earlier month, you’ll need to contact your HR department for assistance.

Overall, downloading your salary slip through the Punjab HRMS 2.0 portal is a quick and easy way to stay on top of your salary information. By regularly downloading and reviewing your salary slip, you can ensure that you’re being paid correctly and that there are no discrepancies on your pay stub.

It’s also recommended to keep track of your salary slip for the record keeping purpose and to have a proof of your salary for future reference. In case of any issues or queries related to downloading salary slip, employees can contact their respective department or HR department for assistance.

Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023
Pay Slip NamePunjab Employee Salary Slip 2023
TitleDownload Salary slip Punjab Govt employees
SubjectiHRMS released HRMS Pay slip Punjab
CategoryPayslip /Salary Slip
StatePunjab State
ProviderHRMS Punjab
DepartmentFinance Department of Punjab
IHRMS Punjab Salary Sliphttps://hrms.punjab.gov.in/
Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023


Punjab HRMS 2.0 or PNB HRMS 2.0 is likely to be a human resources management system used by the Government of Punjab, India. It is likely that Punjab HRMS 2.0 is an updated version of the government’s previous HR management system.

It is used to manage and organize employee information, payroll, leaves, attendance, and other HR-related tasks. It will also provide the facility of online submission of leave application, online tracking of leave application, online salary slip, online tracking of attendance and online tracking of service book.

The Punjab eHRMS services as employee payslip, leave management and more can be accessed from iHRMS login, this usage makes the Punjab government to disburse of payslips is all automated.

We can login and verify our personal details, download monthly bills, yearly bills with few moves of fingers. Payslip is an important document to get different types of loans, We can avail and use according to our wish.

The IHRMS (Integrated human resources management system) is the new online software for Punjab employees. On this web portal, they can raise their complaints, check salary slips, GPF slips, tax deductions, insurances etc. 

To access the website, employee have to log in with his /here password and username. Here we are provided information, service about IHRMS portal to the employees.

What Information is Included in Punjab Employee Salary Slip?

Your Punjab employee salary slip contains the following information:

  • Basic pay: This is your monthly salary before any deductions or allowances.
  • Allowances: This includes any additional payments you receive, such as a house rent allowance or a travel allowance.
  • Deductions: This includes any amounts that are deducted from your salary, such as taxes, insurance, or pension contributions.
  • Net pay: This is your final salary amount after all deductions and allowances.

How to Download Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023?

Punjab State Government, Finance Department, Department of Treasuries and Accounts has launched the the e Pay roll System official website for providing the pay slips for their employees. So, employees who are working in various Department in Punjab sate government can check details download your month wise salary slips from your login web page at the e pay roll system web portal.

  1. Visit the https://hrms.punjab.gov.in Website

    Employees need to visit the iHRMS Punjab website: https://hrms.punjab.gov.in/ in your device browser.

  2. Click on the Login button

    Once you reach the official website, click on the login button on the home page. A pop up window will appear for login.

  3. Enter Login details

    In this window, Enter your login details and click on the login button. Employee/ Payee/ Pension Self Service web Application will appear.

  4. Click on the My services link

    Now, you are an employee you can click on the my services. Then hover on the my profile services.

  5. Click on the Salary slip

    Now, click on the salary slip link then new window will appear. Now click on salary slip file under Salary Statements section. Your salary slip will be downloaded in your device.

  6. Download the salary slip

    In this web page you can get the last 3 months salary slips or Last 6 months salary slips or Particular Month Salary Slip.

Punjab Employee pay slip 2023

Punjab Employee pay slip 2023 or Punjab Employee Salary slip is an online generated PDF document containing of Employee Salary Details and employment details. It is generated by iHRMS Web Portal in the name of Integrated Human Resource Management System Punjab Punjab website.

PNB Employee payslip given to an employee at end of month, which state how much money he or she earned, how much money deducted towards savings and how much tax has been paid. PNB pay slip is issued by the iHRMS, Government of Sikkim.

Punjab govt teacher salary slip: PNB teachers can also download their monthly and yearly salary slips from this iHRMS PNB payslip web portal by login their credentials.

We are TeachersBADI.In team have provided here information about how to download Punjab Employee Salary slip from PNB iHRMS web application platform and this is a suitable guide for you how to get the Payslips. We have also given the iHRMS Punjab Login Portal official web link for direct accessing the pay slip statements.

iHRMS Punjab

iHRMS Punjab website is one stop web portal which can be used by government employees to view service book details including all service history since joining of service besides education, nomination details etc. Integrated Human Resource Management System (iHRMS) is application for employees which tracks employee whole service life from entry to exit from service.

Punjab Pay Slip is also available on its web portal for viewing of Pay Slip. Income Tax deductions(TDS), Annual Salary Statement (Current as well as projected), Submitting Requests online for Increasing/Decreasing Advance Income Tax Deductions will be available under Salary option.

Punjab GPF Slip details are available on this portal. GPF Ledger & Statement is also available under GPF option. Viewing of Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) Statement depicting saving and insurance funds contributions is available under GIS Tab.

Facility for applying Leave online & viewing status of applied Leave, viewing of Leave Ledger showing different types of leaves available to employee at any moment and Leave Reporting/Approving officer details are available under Leave option.

Loans and advances related details and recovery ensured so far is available under Loans & Advances option. iHRMS Punjab web application also facilitates the employee to enter request for updation of mobile number, email and address etc. which then goes to the concerned authority for change and may be updated by the concerned officer through web-application and would be visible to employee in web application.

Other general facilities available under iHRMS Punjab web portal are Phone & Email directory of different departments, employee/colleagues having birthdays on a particular day in the office, List Official Holidays (Restricted/Gazetted) besides viewing of government notifications of the department concerned to which employee belongs besides notifications uploaded by different departments.

To access the content of web portal, two level authentication (employee code and password and PIN) is enforced in accessing and viewing the details available through the mobile application.

How to Check Your Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023

Now that you know how to access and download your pay slip for the year 2023, let’s discuss how to check your pay slip to ensure that you are being paid correctly. Here are some tips on how to check your pay slip:

Check Your Basic Salary: Your basic salary is the fixed amount of money that you receive every month. Make sure that your basic salary is correct and matches your employment contract.

Verify Your Allowances: Verify that the allowances listed on your pay slip match what you are entitled to receive. Some common allowances include House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, and Transport Allowance.

Confirm Your Deductions: Check that your deductions are correct and match the deductions listed in your employment contract.

Confirm Your Deductions: Check that your deductions are correct and match the deductions listed in your employment contract. Common deductions include Provident Fund, Income Tax, and Professional Tax.

Calculate Your Net Pay: Verify that your net pay is accurate and matches the amount that you received in your bank account. Net pay is the amount of money that you receive after all deductions have been made.

Look for Discrepancies: If you notice any discrepancies or errors on your pay slip, you should report them to your employer immediately. It’s important to resolve any issues as soon as possible to avoid any future problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How often are pay slips issued in Punjab?

    Pay slips are typically issued every month.

  2. How do I reset my password for the Punjab Treasury Department website?

    You can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

  3. What should I do if I notice an error on my pay slip?

    You should report any errors or discrepancies to your employer immediately.

  4. Can I access my pay slip online?

    Yes, you can access and download your pay slip online through the Punjab Treasury Department website.

  5. Is it important to keep a copy of my pay slip?

    Yes, it's important to keep a copy of your pay slip for future reference and financial planning.


Accessing, downloading, and checking your pay slip is an essential task for all employees. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily access and download your pay slip for the year 2023 and verify that you are being paid correctly. It’s important to check your pay slip every month to ensure that there are no discrepancies or errors. If you have any questions or concerns about your pay slip, don’t hesitate to contact your employer.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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