Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2023 download at Paymanager Salary Slip website

Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2023 or Rajasthan Employee Salary slip 2023 will be released every month by the IFMS Finance Department on its official website, https://paymanagerddo.rajasthan.gov.in/.

Rajasthan Employee Salary slip 2023 is online generated PDF document containing a detailed list about the various components of employee salary along with specific details of employment.

Rajasthan Salary Slip is generated by Pay Manager Web Portal in the name of IFMS Finance Department Rajasthan website, https://paymanagerddo.rajasthan.gov.in/.

The largest state, in area of India is Rajasthan, It is famous for Jewelry industry and Gemstones. Rajasthan is famous for Mughal Painting carpets, Pottery, Puppets, fabric work etc., It is known for its historical hill forts and palaces.

Agriculture is the main occupation of Rajasthan. Apart from this the main industries are textile, rugs, woolen goods, vegetable oil and dyes.

Agriculture, Different industries along with different departments of Rajasthan take major part in development of Rajasthan State, The State government look after the employees working is different departments.

The pay and leaves of an employee is very important because the output of an employee depends on It. So the employee can work in stress free environment. To rectify earlier risk in taking a salary slip.

The govt of Rajasthan has taken an initiative by a portal i.e., IFMS pay manager portal to check monthly wise pay particulars. This portal does manage the pay, leave encashment bill and disburse of salaries to all employees with generation of payslip using pay manager portal. We can login by our unique user id and password which is accessible for 24×7.

As a government employee in Rajasthan, your salary slip is an important document that serves as a record of your earnings and deductions for a particular month. It contains information about your basic salary, allowances, deductions, and net salary.

What is Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2023

A Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2023, also known as a pay slip or salary slip, is a document that provides detailed information about an employee’s earnings and deductions for a particular month. It is issued by the employer and serves as a proof of income for the employee.

paymanagerddo.rajasthan.gov.in Employee Login

To log in to the PayManager DDO portal of the Rajasthan government, you can visit the official website at https://paymanagerddo.rajasthan.gov.in/ and click on the “Employee Login” button on the homepage.

This will take you to the login page, where you can enter your username and password to access your account. If you encounter any issues while logging in, you can contact the PayManager DDO helpdesk for assistance.

Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2023
Name of the detailsRajasthan Employee Salary Slip 2023
TitleRajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2023
SubjectPaymanager Rajasthan releases Online Employee Pay Slips
CategoryPayslip /Salary Slip
Pay Sliphttps://paymanagerddo.rajasthan.gov.in/
Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2023

Paymanager Employee Details is meant to show Pay related details of Employees of Government of Rajasthan. In this website Employee Login web application enables Govt Employee to login and check their Monthly Pay slip, Annual Salary Statements and Income-Tax statements. Some Other Facilities are also provided.

Paymanager [Pay Manager] Application, Rajasthan is a payment receipt preparation system developed by NIC and maintained By IFMS, Department Of Treasuries and Account Rajasthan and Finance Department introduced for all Raj government employees.

Designed to show all the details regarding the payment of employee working under the government. This platform allows a popular, non-discriminatory way to make transactions transparent.

The Pay Manager portal holds all employment details such as salary slip, Annual Salary Statements, leave, pension details, loans, etc. The IFMS portal is referred to as PayManager, where the government officially disburses employee salary and keeps employee’s data for easy reference. For employees to access this portal, they should have login details like username and password.

Rajasthan govt teacher salary slip: Raj teachers can also download their monthly and yearly salary slips from this pay slip web portal by login their credentials.

We are TeachersBADI.In team have provided here information about how to download Rajasthan Employee Salary slip from Raj Paymanager Pay slip web application platform and this is a suitable guide for you how to get the Payslips. We have also given the Raj Paymanager Portal official web link for direct accessing the pay slip statements.

Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip Generate Paymanager website

How to download Rajasthan Employee salary slip?

Rajasthan State Government, Finance Department, Department of Treasuries and Accounts has launched the the e Payroll System official website for providing the pay slips for their employees. So, employees who are working in various Department in Rajasthan sate government can check details download your month wise salary slips from your login web page at the e pay roll system web portal.

  1. Visit the http://paymanager.raj.nic.in Website

    First open the browser in your device and type the web address in the URL bar, http://paymanager.raj.nic.in and hit enter button. Then Paymanager Rajasthan official website will appear in your device.

  2. Click on the Login Link

    Now search for DDO/ Employee Login and click on it. DDO /Employee / Digital / Department/ Sub DDO /HOD /Sub HOD Paymanager Login web application will appear.

  3. Enter Login Details

    Enter your username, password , Captcha code and Select employee option and click on the login button at this login page, where you can view the salary bill process. Then Employee corner window will open.

  4. Click on Pay Slip link

    On the drop down menu, Personal Detail, Pay Slip, Pay Slip Month wise, Income Tax, GA 55 Employee Details, Bank Account Update, Personal Details Update will appear. Click on pay slip and Pay Slip generate web interface will appear.

  5. Download the Pay Slip

    Now select the month, year from down list and click on submit button. Employee pay slip will be download into you device. Open the Pay slip, check all details and take a print for further reference

Model Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip

Key Components of Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip 2023

The Rajasthan employee salary slip for the year 2023 will contain the following key components:

  • Employee Details: This section contains your personal information such as your name, employee code, department, and designation.
  • Earnings: This section lists all the components of your salary, including your basic pay, allowances, and any other benefits or incentives.
  • Deductions: This section lists all the deductions from your salary, including tax, provident fund contributions, and any other deductions as per your employment contract.
  • Net Salary: This section shows the total amount you will receive as your take-home salary after all the deductions have been made.

Web based Pay Manager Module: With an aim to eliminate the duplicity and repetitive nature of work and moving towards fast and error free preparation/ processing of salary, arrear, bonus, leave encashment and DA arrear bills, a centralized web based Pay Manager Module has been developed under Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS).

This Pay Manager Module is linked with Treasury Module under IFMS wherein every employee would have access to his/her personal information along with pay slip, GA-55-A, Form 16 etc.,

Paymanager Online Bill Preparation system, DDOs shall prepare salary bills of their employees on Pay Manager Portal http://paymanager.rai.nic.in and shall send these online to Treasury along with the system generated and duly signed Hard Copy of the Bill for passing.

Treasury Officer shall authorize the bills online and on Hard Copy, print the cheque or send digitally signed payment instructions to the Banks for crediting employees’ bank accounts as per the bills submitted by DDOs and authenticated by Treasury, and shall receive payment scrolls from Banks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Rajasthan employee salary slip?

    The Rajasthan employee salary slip is a document that provides detailed information about an employee's earnings and deductions for a particular month. It is issued by the employer and serves as a proof of income for the employee.

  2. What are the key components of the Rajasthan employee salary slip?

    The key components of the Rajasthan employee salary slip include employee details, earnings, deductions, and net salary.

  3. How can I access my Rajasthan employee salary slip for 2023?

    You can access your Rajasthan employee salary slip for 2023 through the official website of the Department of Finance, Government of Rajasthan.

  4. Can I download and print my Rajasthan employee salary slip for 2023?

    Yes, you can download and take a printout of your Rajasthan employee salary slip for 2023 for future reference.

  5. How often are Rajasthan employee salary slips issued?

    Rajasthan employee salary slips are issued on a monthly basis, usually at the end of the month.


In conclusion, the Rajasthan salary slip is an important document for government employees in Rajasthan as it serves as proof of income and helps them keep track of their earnings and deductions. If you have any further questions or concerns about the Rajasthan employee salary slip, please refer to the official website of the Department of Finance, Government of Rajasthan.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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