Rays of Hope from School Level – National Skills Qualification Frame Work

Rays of Hope From School Level-NSQF. 1:60, 1:200 (300/350), 1:600 etc.,  these are the ratios of applicants of any job notification released. Because the qualified candidates are more when compare to the jobs. Candidates those succeeds who are skillful.

If we observe our surroundings, neighbour many of the students are roaming with out any job/work. They are failure to attain a job in this competitive world due to lack of skills.They are unable to do any other work because they do not have any knowledge, skill, technique about any other field.

So, the youth was very depressed and remaining worse. Job itself should not be the aim of a student. He should be trained vocationally and according to their interest they could survive in their own field and face the real life situations after their studies.

After a wide and vast thinking of our Government at last they took a decision that after competition of studies obtaining their livelihood based on their interests.

To develop skill among students central Govt decided to introduce vocational courses from school level itself i.e., from ninth class. To introduce vocational courses central Govt framed “NSQF (National Skills Qualification Frame Work). In the part of this they are going to implement vocational courses in 9 levels from 9th class and continue for further levels in inter, Diploma, Degree, PG.

They have selected 879 courses in 32 different fields/areas. These courses will run simultaneously with regular studies and gives certificates of level 1, 2 etc Our state Govt decided to implement this programme in KG to PG schools. And also to modify the syllabus of engineering.

These vocational courses are not permitted for 1 or 2 years, continuing of these courses from 9th level, certificate will be issued. After completion of each course with their regular studies level 1-level 9 certificates will be issued.  Syllabus of level 1,2,3,4 courses will be related to state and CBSE and these vocational certificates will be issued by those institutions (School /College /Board /University). It may be in the Arts, science, commerce.

Syllabus of level 5, 6, 7 courses may differ according to the university where as syllabus of level 1-level 4 syllabus will be same.

For example: Course introduced in degree will be named as Bachelor of vocational and at diploma level it will be named as Diploma (vocational)

They are going to introduce community skill Diploma in different fields and it is named as community skill Diploma (vocational).  Government has identified 32 areas/fields where human resources are majorly used. They designed in that way that after pursuing any degree they can get job/ livelihood in that field in Courses in different fields.

No.of Courses in Different Area/Feild

S.NoArea/FieldNo. of CoursesS.No.Area/FieldNo.of Course
3Automative18914Life Sciences5
4Beauty Wellness315Media Entertainment48
6Capital Goals5617Plumbing26
9Gems, jewellery8720Security9
11IT – ITES7522Tourism Hospitality5
Rays of Hope from School Level

Different Level of Courses and Working Hours

S.NoClassLevel of CourseVocational Edn.
Working Hours
General Edn.
Working Hours
19th ClassLevel -1200800
210th ClassLevel – 2250750
311th ClassLevel -3 Diploma(Vocational, 11th class(Vocational)400600
412th ClassLevel -4 Diploma(Vocational), 12th class(Vocational)450550
5Degree First YearLevel -5 Diploma (Vocational), Degree (Vocational)550450
6Degree Second YearLevel -6 Advance Diploma (Vocational), Degree (Vocational)600400
7Degree Third yearLevel -7 Advanced Diploma (Vocational), Degree(Vocational)750250
8PG First YearLevel -8 PG (Vocational)1,600-1,80020-250
9PG Second YearLevel -9 PG (Vocatinal)1,600-1,800200-250
Rays of Hope from School Level

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