SHAALA SIDDHI School Self-evaluation Activities under NUPEA Guidance 2023

SHAALA SIDDHI School Self-evaluation Activities under NUPEA guidance, One day State Level Orientation Programme on “SHAALA SIDDHI”, Mandal level orientation programme, SHAALA SIDDHI” Programme in AP Schools, AP SSA SHAALA SIDDHI” is a School Self-evaluation.

C and DSE Telangana, Rc.No.823, Dated:04.10.2017:: Sub: TSSA – Shaalasiddhi – Conduct of Preparatory Workshop and State Level Workshop – Deputation of personnel for Workshops – Orders – Issued.

All the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio Project Officers of SSA in. the State are informed that Shaala Siddhi Programme has to be implemented in all High Schools and Upper Primary Schools during 2017-18.

In this context, the State Level Orientation on Shaala Siddhi, Twinning of Schools & Quality Monitoring Tools (QMT) to the District Level Resource Persons @ 3 per District is arranged on 10 .10. 201 7 in the Godavari Conference Hall, SIEMAT building, SCERT Campus, Hyderabad.

Therefore they are requested to depute 3 persons from each district for this workshop with the following departmental persons:
i) Sectoral Officer – II from the DPO. SSA concerned.
ii) One Gazetted Head Master Gr-II who have knowledge of Shaala Siddhi
iii) Data entry operator O/o the DPO, SSA concerned.

Further, the preparatory workshop is arranged on 09.10.2017 to chalk out planning and implementation with the following State Resource Groups.

a) Dr H. Shirisha, GHM, ZPHS, Pochampalli, Nalgonda District.
b) Sri Ramana Reddy, GHM, ZPHS Ambaripet, Kamareddy Distrcit.
c) Dr P. Ashok, GHM, ZPSS, Chandi -T, Adilabad
d] Sri A. Prabhakar, GHM, ZPHS, Odyaram, Gangadhara (M), Karimnagar District.
e) Sri Swaraj, GHM, Hyderabad District.
f) Sri B. Gangaiah, Sectoral Officer, DPO, SSA, Nirmal District.
g) Sri Srinath, AMO, RMSA, TS, Hyderabad.
h) Sri. Brahmachary, IT-KGBV, TSSSA, Hyderabad.

The concerned DEOs & EO: POs of SSA in the State are requested to depute the above SRGs to attend on 09.10.2017 and 10.10.2017 for Preparatory Workshop & State Level Orientation respectively.

Rc.No.89/A1/AMO/SSA/2016 Dated. 25-02-2017.

Sub: Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Guntur  – “SHAALA SIDDHI” – School Self-evaluation – Activities under the guidance of NUPEA, New Delhi – conduct of orientation programme by Mandal Level – Orders issued.

1. The 238th meeting minutes of the Project Approval Board of SSA dated: 22.4.2016 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (SE&L), MHRD, New Delhi on Annual Work Plan & Budget(AWP&B) 2016-17of Andhra Pradesh.
2. Procgs.Rc.No.36/A3/SSA/SEIMAT/2016, Dt. 15.11.2016 of State Project Director, APSSA, Vijayawada.
3. Procgs.Rc.No.36/A3/SSA/SEIMAT/2016, Dt. 17.02.2017 of State Project Director, APSSA, Vijayawada.

As per the reference 3 rd cited, above One day State Level Orientation Programme on “SHAALA SIDDHI” has been conducted in which DEO, PO, AMO, MEOs & HMs attend the meeting.

All the above Officers have prepared Plan of Action for the timings at District & Mandal Level for HMs of the Primary Schools, UP Schools & S.O.s of KGBV as mentioned hereunder. In this connection Orientation Training Programme on “SHAALA SIDDHI” will be held on 27.2.2017 9.30 AM at Andhra Lutheran College of Education, Lodge centre, Guntur.

Therefore all MEOs & 2 RPs from each Mandal must attend the above meeting without fail. While attending the meetings on 27.02.2017 at District Level all MEOs & 2 RPs should get their bank account numbers, IFSC code & bank name without fail.

In turn the MEOs are requested to organize the orientation programme at the Mandal level orientation programme duly taking the services of RPs trained at District Level training programme according to tentative timeline shown in this proceedings for the HMs working in Primary Schools, UP Schools and SOs of KGBVs –CRPs, MIS,SC, HM, DLMTs as mentioned hereunder and also the MEOs in the Mandal are requested to relieve the HMs as stated above and RPs for the above said programme.

The MEOs are send information to all the above persons for the said programme.

The Mandal level orientation programme has to be conducted by the MEO with Two RPs who are trained at the District Level training programme. The feedback in the shape of a detailed report should be furnished to the Nodal Officer, i.e., Dr Md. Sadulla Khan, AMO, APSSA, Guntur of this office, soon after the completion of the orientation programme.

The unit cost and guidelines for the conduct of orientation programme at the Mandal level are enclosed along with participants to these proceedings.

Statement showing the unit cost for conducting of “SHAALA SIDDHI” one-day orientation programme at Mandal Level.

1. Conveyance: Rs.30/- ( If applicable/As per norms)
2. Working lunch: Rs.60/- – per head
3. Tea and Snacks -: Rs.20/- per head
4. Honorarium to Course Director: Rs.250/-
5. Honorarium to Resource Persons: Rs.200/- per head
6. Stationery: Rs. 30/- per head
7. Drinking-Water: Rs.3/- per head
8. Electricity & other charges: Rs.50/-
9. Clerical Assistant: Rs. 100/-
10. Documentation: Rs.200/-
11. Contingencies: Rs.200/-

Mandal Level Training – Guidelines:
In the Mandal Level team (MEO & 2 RPs) will conduct Mandal Level training to all the HMs from PS & UPS, SCHMs, KGBVs SOs, CRPs, MIS Coordinators and DMLTs as per the schedule and guide the HMs on the topic. All the Govt. Management PS & UPS Schools and KGBVs cover under the programme.

Role of the MEO:
• The Mandal Educational Officers have to conduct the HMs orientation programme at Mandal level as per the schedule and Schedule copy to be given to all HMs concerned.
• MEOs have to take care regarding the schedule and the entire programme to be completed by 31-3-2017
• MEOs have to take care regarding the transparency of the evaluation.
• MEO and 2 RPs have to monitor the progoramme and create awareness regarding the programme.

Role of the HM:
• HM is responsible for the entire programme at school point.
• The evaluation must be transparent and it is to be completed within the prescribed time schedule.
• After uploading, the Dashboard sheet should be in kept in your School safely and will show
whenever monitoring officers asked.

Role of the Data Entry Operator / MIS Co-ordinator:
• MIS & Data Entry Operator of the MRC have to upload the data in the prescribed time with the help of the CRPs to the dashboard.

Role of the CRPs:
• CRPs are responsible for the collection of the hard copies regarding the Shaala Siddhi abstract and help the Data Entry Operator / MIS co-ordinator in uploading the data in the website.

The Budget shall be met from the allocated budget in the 238 PAB for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Andhra Pradesh under subhead of “SHAALA SIDDHI”, REMS at State Project Officer level for the year 2016-17 vide reference 1 st cited, the Mandal Educational Officers start the Programme immediately with available funds with stipulated timeline.

After submission of the bills for the entire programme, District Project Officer will release the budget to the concerned MRCs. SHAALA SIDDHI School Self-evaluation Activities

SHAALA SIDDHI School Self evaluation Activities under NUPEA

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