Telangana State Aarogya Laxmi Programe for ICDS Beneficiaries

Telangana State Aarogya Laxmi Programe for ICDS Beneficiaries, “HEALTH IS WEALTH” This saying says us at what extent health is important. A rich person with out health cant lead a happy life where as a healthy person can lead happy life with out money. The impact of health of a person will be from his//her birth on wards.

So, the born baby should be healthy for that the mother should take nutritious food since she is pregnant women are taking nutritious food but still many of them are unable to take nutritious food due to their economical status and illiteracy. So, the born child (Infant) and mother are facing sever consequences after delivery. So, we should be aware of this.

Our Telangana Government inaugurated new health programme “AAROGYA LAKSHMI” as new year gift. This scheme is going to implement from January 1st in 31897 Anganwadi centres, 4076 Mini Anganwadi centres. According to this scheme or program, pregnant women, Lactating women, children below 3 years are beneficiaries and can have one nutritious meal per day.

Highlights of this scheme/program:
Anganwadi’s will issue 16 eggs per month for the children aged 7 months to 3 years instead  8 eggs per month. Along this they issue a bag weighing 2.5Kgs consists of  wheat, milk powder, dal, sugar, oil etc on 1st of every month.

They issue everyday an egg for the children who are 3 years -6 years. And also a healthy breakfast is given. Telangana State Aarogya Laxmi Programe

Now 149 ICDS projects are going to give everyday an egg, nutritious meal for 25 days in a month and 200ml of milk everyday for pregnant women and  Under this scheme 5,90,414 members pregnant women, lactating women, 18,20,901 children are having their nutritious meal.

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