Telangana Private Schools should follow Fee Collection Instructions as Per GO.1 Rules 1993

TS/Telangana Private Schools should follow Fee Collection Instructions as Per GO.1 Rules 1993/ Instructions regarding collection of fees in Private un recognised schools in the Telangana State:

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#Proceedings of The Director of School Education, Telangana State: Hyderabad
Proceedings Rc.No.Spl/ADC/ELE.EDN/PS/2015; Dated: 12-06-2015
Subject: School Education – instructions regarding collection of fees in Private un-recognised schools in the State – issued – regarding.

All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education / District Educational Officers in the State are informed that Government in GO. Ms. No.1 Edn dt.01-01-1994 has framed the rules -1993 regarding establishment / recognition and upgradation, administration and disciplinary control of the schools under the Private managements including Minority educational institutions.

#Fee Structure Fixation:
In this regard under Rule 15 of G.O. Ms. No. 1 Edn dt. 01-01-1994 the Every school, whether aided or unaided shall constitute a Governing Body to discharge the functions laid down in rule 16 (c) to fix the fee structure, i.e. the fee to be collected from the students for various claims keeping in view various expenses involved in the maintenance of the institution.

#Norms for Fee Collecting from Students:
Further as per Rules 18 of G.O. Ms. No. 1 Edn dt. 01-01-1994 the fees collected from the students shall be allocated as to meet the following requirements:
1) 5% of the fees collected shall be earmarked as personal income to the management

2) 15% of the fees collected shall be utilized for the maintenance of the institutions towards expenditure involving the building rent, electricity and water charges, stationery etc., required for the Office Payments to be made to menials and auditors, purchase of library books, chemicals, specimens and other material required for the laboratory and expenditure involving the upkeep of the institutions etc.,

3) 15% of the fees collected shall be earmarked for the developmental activates of the institution i.e. expenditure involving opening of additional courses, classes, sections and up-gradations of the institutions, construction of additional accommodations, acquiring costly equipment and furniture, purchase of land for the use of the institutions and the like;
4) 50% of the fees collected shall be earmarked towards payment of salaries to the staff.
5) 15% of the fees collected shall be earmarked as management’s contribution towards staff benefits like gratuity, teachers provident fund, Group Insurance scheme etc.,

The Educational agency shall maintain separate accounts in one or more banks for the amounts allocated for various purposes mentioned above

The amounts are subject to inspection and auditing by the Auditors appointed for the purpose by the Governing body.

#Annual Administration Report should be submitted by Sept. 30:
As per Rule 20 of G.O. Ms. No. 01 Edn dt. 01-01-1994 the Educational agency shall submit the annual administration report in the prescribed proforma to the competent authority for very financial year by the 30th September at the latest. Such report shall be supported by the audited statement of accounts of the school duly audited by Chartered Accountant. Separate accounts shall be maintained for each school.

Similarly the educational agency, which is running more than one school shall also submit such returns within the stipulated time to the competent authority.

All the District Educational Officers are requested ensure that all the private school managements are following the instructions issued in G.O.Ms. No. 01 Edn dt. 01-01-1994 with regard to collection of fees.

#Action to be taken
If any managements do not follow the above rules the competent authority shall take action by withdrawing the Permission and/or Recognition, granted under these rules is liable for withdrawal by the competent authority for violation of these rules. Provided that the educational agency shall be given and opportunity of making representation on the proposed action by competent authority.

GO.1-Recognition Rules 1993-Private Schools Fee Collection Instructions

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