APGLI is an Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Department

APGLI – Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Department. The APGLI Department is one of the oldest departments in the Andhra Pradesh State.

The Scheme was originally started in 1907 by the Nizam of erstwhile State of Hyderabad for the welfare of his employees. A Management Committee used to run the scheme initially in the name of Family Fund.

Later the scheme was renamed as Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund in the Year 1913. After the formation of Andhra Pradesh State in 1956, the Scheme was changed as “Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund“.

The first Managing Committee meeting after the formation of Andhra Pradesh state consisting of 4 members, one Secretary and a President was held on 25-09-1957 and Sri B.Gopal Reddy, the Honorable Finance Minister was President of the Meeting.

Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Department:

APGLI Scheme is a Social Security Measure for the Welfare of the Government employees adn is mandatory for all Government employees and provincialized local Body employees.  APGLI Department is Under the Administrative Control of Finance Department.

APGLI is an Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Department

The Drawing and Disbursing Officers concerned are therefore requested to recover the compulsory premium of A.P.G.L.I. amount which was prescribed in the Government orders from time to time to deduct the compulsory premium from the date of payment of first salary soon after he/she joins the Government service without waiting for completion of one year service, who are in the insurable age of 21-53 years.

APGLI Scheme: APGLI Latest Information

All the Policy Holders are hereby requested to submit the following information while submitting applications for sanction of Loan/Settlement of Claim cases for making payment online and sending SMS:
a. Employee I.D Number.
b. Mobile Number.
c. Xerox copy of First page of Saving Bank Pass Book to be enclosed to the application duly containing the following.
d. Showing Bank Account number
e. Bank branch name
d. IFSC Code

Otherwise such applications will be objected without processing in future.
For issue of Policy: Mobile Number may please be mentioned in Proposal Form for sending SMS for fresh/enhanced policy number details

Functions of the APGLI Directorate:

  1. Supervision of District Insurance Offices.
  2. Consolidation and Submission of budget estimates and distribution of budget under management expenses, loans and claims.
  3. Review of progress made by District Insurance Offices.
  4. Printing and supply of departmental forms and stationery articles.
  5. Evolving procedures, modifications, deletions, etc…
  6. Issue of clarifications/guidelines to DIO’s.
  7. Implementation of Government orders issued from time to time.
  8. Preparation of Proforma Accounts and Movement Schedule work.
  9. Declaration of bonus.
  10. Administration of A.P. State Employees Group Insurance Scheme.
  11. Maintenance of Insurance building complex.

Functions of the District Insurance Office:

a. Issue of Policies:
b. Posting of Schedule Premiums.
c. Sanction of Loans.
d. Settlement of Claims.
e. Preparation of data for Proforma Accounts, Reserve Accounts, Movement Schedule work for declaration of bonus.

Salient Features of APGLI:

  1. The Government employees who are between 21 and 53 years of age are eligible for taking APGLI Policies.
  2. The APGLI Department issues only Endowment Policies which mature one day before attaining(58) years of age.
  3. APGLI policies do not lapse.
  4. The Premium rates are low.
  5. APGLI Premium is exempted from income tax under section 80C.
  6. Attractive Bonus rates.
  7. The present rate of Bonus is Rs 100/- for every Rs 1000/- Sum Assured per annum.
  8. The Loans are sanctioned up to 90% of Surrender Value.
  9. Only Simple Interest of 9% per annum is charged against loans sanctioned.
  10. In case of maturity of the policy, the total Sum Assured and Bonus till Date of Maturity are paid to the policy holder.
  11. If the Policy Holder ceases to be Government servant, and decides to surrender the policy by discontinuing the payment of Premium, the subscriber will be paid the Surrender Value and the eligible Bonus.
  12. In case of Death of policy holder before maturity of the policy, the full Sum Assured along with Bonus till date of death are paid to the legal heirs.

Issue of APGLI Policies:

  1. After deduction of first Premium, the employee has to fill up and submit a proposal form duly signed and attested by his/her DDO/Head of office for obtaining APGLI policy.
  2. In respect of second or subsequent policies also, the policy holder has to submit proposal forms and obtain subsequent policies.
  3. Only premium payment without submission of proposal form will not give any risk coverage or monetary benefit to the subscriber and such payments will be treated as unauthorized amounts which will be refunded on application with out any interest or bonus.
  4. Employees who have completed (53) years of age are not eligible to take APGLI policies(first or subsequent).
  5. Proposals submitted after(53) years of age will not be considered for issue of policies even if premiums are paid prior to 53 years of age.

Remittance of Premiums: 

  1. Head of the Account of APGLI Department: 8011-105-01.
    Major Head 8011 – Insurance and Pension Funds.
    MH 105 – State Government Insurance Fund.
    SH (01) – Andhra Pradesh State Government Life Insurance Fund.
  2. The premium is recovered at source in the salary bills of the employees and the details are sent through schedules.
  3. The employees whose salaries are not paid through Treasury/PAO and who have to pay the premium through Challan have to credit the premium to the above head of the account.
  4. Please quote the department service head and also DDO number in the Challan.

Duplicate of APGLI Policy Bond:

  1. The employee has to request his/her DDO to deduct One rupee extra in addition to regular premium in the salary schedules for one time only.
  2. After deduction, the employee has to submit a declaration form on a paper stating that he/she has lost the policy or the policy is destroyed and that he/she has not mortgaged the policy anywhere. This declaration has to be signed by him/her and attested by DDO / Head of the Office.
  3. The employee has to submit the above declaration form along with the copy of the monthly schedule to the respective District Insurance Office for obtaining the duplicate policy.


  1. Please quote correct policy numbers in the Schedule to avoid missing credits.
  2. Submit proposal forms whenever the APGLI premium is increased to obtain additional policies.
  3. Proposal form has to be submitted before (53) years of age
  4. APGLI premium is exempted from income tax under Section 80C.
  5. The State Govt. employee can contribute maximum premium upto 20% of the basic pay, irrespective of slab rates.

APGLI Details

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