TS Model School Staff Duties of Chowkidar, Watch Women, Caretaker, Kitchen Staff, Food Committee

TS Model School Chowkidar,Watch Women,Caretaker,Kitchen Staff, Food Committee Duties/JOB Chart, Telangana TSMS TS Model School Chowkidar,Watch Women,Caretaker,Kitchen Staff, Food Committee Duties/JOB Chart, RMSA Telangana has given instructions and guidelines for all the TS Model School Staff for Smooth functioning of Model School’s Girls Hostels.


1) He/she shall act as overall watch and ward of the hostel.
2) He/she shall take care of and protect the property of the hostel.
3) He/she shall see that no strangers enter in to the hostel.
4) He/she shall allow the mother of the student with the due permission of hostel warden in case of assistance/during visit.
5) Students after leaving to the school, shall be vigilant and see that no person enters in to the hostel without his/her notice.
6) He/she shall associate with the cooking staff during the cooking and at the time of serving the food.


1) She shall act as the overall caretaker of the students residing in the hostel.
2) She shall reside in the hostel along with the students.
3) She shall assist the Warden in implementing the menu prescribed and proper serving of food.
4) She shall assist the Warden of the hostel in maintaining the records and registers.
5) She shall issue and record the material to the cooking staff.
6) She shall be present at the time of serving food during breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner time and see that students shall not waste any food items.
7) She has to ensure that kitchen utensils are cleaned properly before and after cooking.
8) She shall supervised study hours as per the time table given along with ANM.
9) She shall ensure discipline and orderliness among the students.
10) She should see that the health and hygienic conditions in the kitchen, dining hall and toilets are maintained properly.
11) She shall act as liaison between cooking staff, warden and students.


1) The kitchen staff i.e. Cook and Assistant Cooks shall work as a team in discharging their duties.
2) Head Cook shall receive the daily required items from the Warden/Caretaker and Food Committee Members.
3) The kitchen staff shall wash the dishes cleanly before and after cooking.
4) The kitchen staff shall properly wash the food items before cooking.
5) The kitchen staff shall prepare and serve the food items according to the menu prescribed and shall scrupulously follow the timings.
6) The kitchen staff shall maintain utmost cleanliness in the kitchen.
7) The kitchen staff shall intimate to the Warden about the requirement of gas/firewood well in advance.
8) Spoiled/rotten items shall not be used in the cooking.
9) The kitchen staff shall be held responsible for any sort of deviations in the menu, quality & taste of the food items and for food contamination. If food contamination takes place kitchen staff are held solely responsible and liable for disciplinary action/criminal case.


1) Food Committee consists of four hostel boarders i.e. one from Intermediate II year, one from Intermediate I year, one from X class and one from IX class.
2) They shall record the daily issued provision/utilized.
3) They shall assist the hostel caretaker/warden in issuing required material to the kitchen staff.
4) They shall associate with the kitchen staff during the time of serving food items.
5) They shall act as leaders for their respective classes during the study hours.
6) They shall attend the weekly review meeting conducted by the Principal.


1) She shall follow the timings as prescribed by the authorities.
2) She shall maintain discipline at the time of taking food in the dining hall.
3) She shall maintain silence during the study hours conducted as per the timings prescribed.
4) She shall not get in to argument with fellow boarder/boarders for any reasons. In any case finds any difficulty with fellow boarder/boarders shall immediately bring in to the notice of the Warden/Caretaker.
5) She shall not waste any food items.
6) She shall maintain cleanliness and hygiene at the toilets, dining room and all hostel rooms.
7) In case of any health problem shall inform to the ANM and take necessary medication as prescribed.

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