Guidelines & Instructions Brief Notes on Conduct of TS SSC Exams March 2022

Guidelines & Instructions Brief Notes on Conduct of TS SSC Exams: DGE Telangana has given Brief Notes on Conduct of SSC Examinations, March 2020 in the Video Conference. The Telangana SSC Public Examinations will be conducted from as per schedule from 9:30 AM to 12:15 Noon throughout the State. This year Regular candidates and Once failed candidates with New Syllabus are registered for SSC Public Examinations. The duration of Examination Timings for 2nd language Subject i.e., 09 H and 09 T is 03:15 hrs i.e., 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM. 

Examination Centers: For the conduct of SSC examinations 2528 centers are constituted throughout the State and the details are shown below. No. of Regular Centers : 2415, No. of Private Centers: 113 Total No. of Centers: 2528.  

The SSC Examination Centres are classified into three types. Guidelines & Instructions Brief Notes on Conduct of TS SSC Exams

They are
1) ‘A’ Category: Where Police Station and Treasury Office exists within 8 KMs of Exam Centre.
2) ‘B’ Category: Where only Police Station exists within 8 Kms of Exam Centre.
3) ‘C’ Category : Where neither Police Station nor Treasury exists. In this case storage point for preserving question papers will be the nearest Police Station available.

5) There are 18 New C Category Centers constituted for SSC Public Examinations, throughout the State.
6) In order to mitigate the problems of rural students, a total no. of 395 “C” category centers have been constituted in the entire State.

7) Flying Squads:
Sufficient Flying Squads will be constituted all over the State in order to curb malpractices and outside interference at the centres during the examinations.
8) Printed Nominal Rolls, Hall Tickets will be dispatch in the First week of March 2016 to all the schools that have presented the candidates for the Examinations.

9) Dispatch of Blank Stationery i.e Main, Additional Answer Sheets and Graph Sheets to all SSC Examinations Centers of March 2020 has been started.
10) Approved Constitution of SSC Examination Centers of Regular and Private Once failed candidates will be sent to all the District Educational Officers in the First week of February 2016.
11) Instructions with regard to installation of CC Cameras and other amenities are already issued to all the District Educational Officers in the State.

12) Formative Assessment marks will be received after completion of FOUR internal assessment exams. The Formative Assessment Marks will be received from headmaster in the 2nd or 3rd week of February.
13) Updated data of the Regular candidates were uploaded for verification and corrections if any may be submitted to this office through DEO concerned. After final correction of the final online data center wise Hall tickets generated in the month of February 2nd week.
14) Schedule of events / time frame will be dispatch in the 2nd week of February 2016 to all District Educational Officer in the State. This will help all DEOs in the State., they can arrange the pre-examination schedule plan.

15) Schedule program of Dispatch of confidential material to all District Headquarters in the State will be communicated shortly and the Schedule program of dispatch of Question Paper to all the District Educational Officers in the State will be start from 04-03-2016.
16) Instructions with regard to the appointment of Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, and Invigilators are also prepared and they will be communicated to all the DEOs shortly in the first week of February 2016.
17) All the District Educational Officers are requested to make necessary arrangements to issue Identity Cards to all the Staff members who involve in the conduct of SSC Public Exams.

18) Officials at all levels both at State and District levels have to develop a strategic plan and cooperate with the Education Department to ensure smooth and fair conduct of exams.
19) Set-I Q.P. only to be used for the conduct of Exam and set-II Q.P. to be kept in reserve.

20) All the Invigilators and Departmental Officers are instructed to deposit their cell phones with the Chief Superintendent during the Examination timings as there is a possibility of leakage of Question Papers before distributing them to the Candidates.
21) The Statement showing District wise, Gender wise Number of Regular & Once failed (New Syllabus) candidates registered for SSC Public Examinations, March 2020.

II. DISTRICT COLLECTORS – AREAS OF INTERVENTION: Guidelines & Instructions Brief Notes on Conduct of TS SSC Exams

  • To review the arrangements made by the District Educational Officer for the conduct of Examinations and issue suitable instructions.
  • To hold coordination meetings with Superintendents of Police, T.S.R.T.C., Telangana Transco, Treasuries, Postal, Health Departments and to issue suitable instructions.
  • To instruct RTC authorities to provide more number of buses to the examination centers from the villages where the schools are located during examination timings.
  • To instruct Police authority to provide escort for transporting the question papers from district Headquarters to the storage points and from storage points to the examination centers on the days of examination.
  • To instruct Police authority to provide Police Bandobust at the Examination centers.
  • To constitute Mobile police squads to visit all important vulnerable centers and to check rumors of spreading leakage or guess question papers etc.,
  • To instruct mobile police squads to check the Xerox shops in the Vicinity of centers at the time of examinations.
  • To instruct Revenue authorities and Police Authorities to promulgate 144 Section, at SSC Examination Centers.

III. SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE, TELANGANA, HYDERABAD – ACTION POINTS: Guidelines & Instructions Brief Notes on Conduct of TS SSC Exams

1) Security of confidential material at all Distribution and storage points.
2) Escorts to the vehicles carrying confidential material for their movement from District Headquarters to the storage points.
3) Maintenance of Law and order in and around the center.
4) Allotment of armed guards to the vehicles of flying squads to visit centers during examination days.

5) Personal supervision by all the SHOs while depositing and withdrawal of question paper of the day’s examination as per the time table. To see that only the identified custodians with photo identity cards issued by the DEO alone handle the sealed trunk boxes daily on the days of examination.
(a) Set-I only to be used for all Examinations.
(b) To instruct SHOs personally to see that the day’s Question Paper as per the time table only is withdrawn by the custodians at the storage points.
(c) To see that the boxes are properly sealed and kept by the custodians at the storage points after the withdrawal of the Question Paper of that day.

6) To instruct all the SHOs of the storage points to be present by 7:30 AM on all the days of examination.
7) Preventing spreading of rumors of leakage of question papers and sale of guess papers at all important places in the towns by miscreants and book the culprits.
8) Ordering for the closure of Xerox copy centers near the examination centers during examination timings.

IV. ELECTRICITY AUTHORITIES, TELANGANA TRANSCO -ACTION POINTS: Guidelines & Instructions Brief Notes on Conduct of TS SSC Exams

i. Providing proper amenities for the students to prepare well for the SSC Examinations is essential. Providing of continuous power supply in the nights during the period of exams would go a long way and support the students in preparing for the exams.
ii. Ensuring proper lighting at all examination centers during the period of examination is also very important. There were few complaints and criticism in the past that the examinees had to face hardship at the centers due to power cut during exam timings. To overcome the above problems proper and continuous power supply shall be ensured. Suitable instructions to all field officers of the Transco at the District level need to be given.

V. ACTION POINTS TSRTC: Guidelines & Instructions Brief Notes on Conduct of TS SSC Exams

1) The timings of the Examinations are from 9:30 am to 12:15 Noon daily.
2) The duration of Examination Timings for 2nd Language Subject i.e 09H and 09T is 03:15 hrs i.e 09:30 AM to 12:45 PM.
3) Transportation facility plays a vital role to facilitate the nearly 5,65,000 examinees to reach their respective Examination Centers on time otherwise they will be experience tension which will have an impact on their performance. The DEOs will furnish the list of centers in their districts to the concerned Regional Managers of TSRTC for plying more number of buses in those routes.

4) Transportation facility needs to be provided both ways (i.e.)., while going to the centers and also returning home from the examinations on all the routes.
5) Proper transportation would certainly help the examinees to be tension free which ultimately ensures them to perform well in the examinations.
6) Candidates who have route Bus Passes from their residence to school will have to be allowed to travel in RTC Buses from Residence to SSC Examination Centre on the production of Hall Ticket and Bus Pass even on General Holidays, if necessary.

7) To instruct the Regional Managers of TSRTC, to plan the special schedule of buses from……………….. so that the buses reach the examination centers before 08:30 am as the coding system is implemented for all the subjects.Hence there is every need to issue suitable instructions to all Regional Managers in the state to take action accordingly and to provide proper transportation for the benefit of students.


1) SSC Public Examinations will be held from ……………… and the timings are 09:30 AM to 12:15 Noon.
2) The duration of Examination Timings for 2nd Language Subject i.e 09H and 09T is 03:15 hrs i.e 09:30 AM to 12:45 PM.
3) The period being hot summer there is every possibility of sunstroke, diarrhea, Fever, sudden illness, etc., to the students.
4) Deploying Mobile medical vans with medical kits /first aid equipments at all the strategic points of the examination centers to overcome any kind of eventuality. Deploying paramedical staff at all the Examination centres will help.

5) The procedure adopted in this direction over the last few years at all the Districts by the respective field officers yielded good results and got appreciation from the public too.
6) To make arrangements to supply O.R.S. packets and medical kit in all centers beforehand. Suitable instructions/guidelines need to be given to all District Health Officers to make all possible arrangements for the benefit of the students.

VII. District of Treasuries Officer – ACTION POINTS:
District of Treasuries and Accounts plays a crucial role in the conduct of SSC Examinations.
A) Preservation of confidential material.
B) Admission and passing of bills related to SSC Public Examinations.
a) Preservation of Confidential Material in the offices of DTOs and STOs
1) To preserve District Bulk of Question Papers of both sets I and II at the District Treasury Office properly and safely.
2) To instruct all the identified storage points to preserve the Question Paper of the centers properly.
3) See that the STOs are more vigilant and watchful at the time of depositing and withdrawal of Question Paper.

4) To permit only the identified custodians with photo identity cards issued by the DEOs to handle the sealed trunk boxes daily on the days of examinations.
5) The treasury officer of the storage points shall personally see whether the Question Paper of that day is being withdrawn under proper acknowledgment.
6) The officers in charge of the treasuries which are identified at the storage points shall be present by 07.30 AM on all the days of examination and make themselves available whenever their services are required by the DEOs.
7) To see that the boxes are properly locked under a double lock system and sealed and kept by the Custodians after the day’s withdrawal of question paper.

b) Honoring of bills for payment:
1) SSC Examinations are conducted in the last week of March and as such bulk of the expenditure will be incurred in March itself, unlike other departments. The bills for the budget allotted will be preferred by the DEOs on A.C. Bills in the treasuries concerned.
2) In the past even though DTA has issued authorization in certain Districts the bills were not admitted for want of ink signed copies which resulted in a lapse of funds. The government has allocated funds for the conduct of examination and any lapse of the same will lead to uproar and discontentment among the teachers for not making the payment on time.

VIII Superintendent of Post Offices – ACTION POINTS:

1. Chief Superintendents of SSC Examination Centres will dispatch all the Answer script parcels to Spot Valuation camps by Speed post on the same day during the examination period.
2. Instruct all the Postmasters in the District to accept sealed Answer Scripts bundles brought by the Chief Superintendent of exam centers up to 4:00 PM daily and dispatch them to the concerned camps on the same day without keeping with them.

3. To instruct the staff at post offices to issue correct acknowledgment receipts to the Chief Superintendent daily, on that day itself.
4. Instruct all the postmasters to accept the post-examination material parcels also, booked by Chief Superintendents to the address of Addl. Joint Secretary to D.G.E., Telangana., Hyderabad / Director of Govt. Examinations, Telangana., Hyderabad and dispatch them on the same day itself.

5. Proper care shall be taken by the postal authorities while transporting the sealed answer book bundles by Bus / Train to the transshipment point or to the camp destination point directly, without causing any damage to the bundles.

He is the In-charge for making all arrangements for the proper conduct of SSC Examinations right from the constitution of the SSC Exam centers, Appointment of Invigilators, Flying Squads, Sitting Squads, Distribution of Confidential Material, to make provision of adequate drinking water facilities at the centers, etc.

1) To inform the Chief Superintendents and Departmental Officers / Headmasters / respective managements to make the centers ready for the orderly conduct of examinations by ……. evening, regarding.
i) Sufficient accommodation
ii) Providing sufficient furniture
iii) Drinking water facilities
iv) Proper Lighting
v) Sanitary facilities

2) Procurement of closed container vehicles:-
a) For the transportation of confidential material from District Headquarters to storage points.
b) For delivery of Question Papers to “C” Category centres.
3) Supply of 2 sets of Question Papers:-
Two sets of question papers will be supplied in Two spells between the first week of March to 3rd Week of March
c) Set-I and Set-II will have to be supplied to the storage points in two spells separately to avoid mix up.

4) Police Bondobust and Promulgation of 144 Section:-
a) To contact the Superintendent of Police and arrange for the police Bandobust at centers.
b) To see that police escorts are provided for the distribution of Question Papers to storage points, ’C’ category centers and flying squads.
c) To see that 144 Cr.P.C is promulgated at all centers to avoid outside interference at centers.

5) Rumors of Leakage:
To request the superintendent of Police for arranging mobile police patrolling to visit all important places in the towns to check rumors of spreading leakages and supplying guess papers and to book the culprits responsible.
6) Control rooms:-
DEO to set up the round the clock control room in his office from …………. to receive and send urgent messages.

7) Preparation of communication plan
As prepared last year all the DEOs shall prepare communication plans and send four copies to the DGE. The communication plan will enable the state-level officials to contact the officials engaged in the conduct of examination right from district officials, route officers, Flying squad officers, Custodians, Sitting squads, Chief Superintendents and Departmental Officers, Important Police officials, and Revenue officials, etc.,

It should be a comprehensive one. Please see that latest contact numbers are provided. This list shall reach Director of Government Examinations, TS, Hyderabad by last week of February

8) Extension of Barcoding system to all the subjects:
The government has decided to extend the Barcoding system for all the subjects including OSSC and Vocational Public Examinations from the ensuing SSC Public Examinations. Because of coding, the examiner who values the answer scripts will not know the identity of the Students.

In this regard, the DEOs were instructed to conduct the orientation/training programme for all the Chief Superintendents / Departmental Officers / Bar-code Supervisors and the Invigilators on the coding system so that they will not commit any mistakes during examinations. The Regional Joint Directors of School Education are requested to monitor timely & effective completion of training.

X. Arrangements by Director of Government Examinations:

1. School N.Rs and Hall tickets will be printed and dispatched to respective schools by 1st week of March.
2. The center nominal rolls, attendance sheets, OMR sheets, D-Forms will be handed over to the DEOs concerned along with the confidential material.
3 Dispatch of Answer Sheets to all districts through Navata Road Transport services to the concerned Examination centers are in progress. It will be completed by the 3rd week of February.

4. The dispatch of 1st spell of confidential material (Set-I and Set-II question papers) of first 6 days examination to all the DEOs started from …………
5. The dispatch of 2nd spell of confidential material (Set-I and Set-II question papers) of day 7 to 14 will commence from …………

6. Control Room: A control room will function round the clock at O/o D.G.E., T.S., Hyderabad from …………….
Contact Nos. 040-23230942
Fax No.: 040-23230941
7 Instruct the Chief Superintendents that the Answer Scripts booked under Malpractice should be dispatched to the name address of the Director of Government Examinations, Telangana State, Hyderabad only.

Important points to be followed during examinations:

  1. Instruct all the candidates to come to the centers by 8.45 am sharp…
  2. All Invigilators to report to the Chief Superintendent of the center by 8.30 am sharp…
  3. On days of Examination, all candidates will be supplied with specially designed answer sheets and OMR sheets. Before the commencement of examination itself, the particulars printed on part-I of OMRs have to be carefully verified with Hall tickets. Invigilators have to carefully follow all the instructions received from the Chief Superintendent of the center and also the printed ones on OMRs.
  4. The roll number shall not be written on Main Answer Book, Additional Answer Book, Graph sheet or Map point sheet and Part (B) objective paper. 
  5. The candidates may be instructed to put a serial number of Main answer book on the Graph sheet / Map point sheet and Part-B (i.e., bit paper) in order to avoid future complications.
  6. The answer sheets consisting of roll numbers will not be valued at all. Hence Invigilators are to be more vigilant and act carefully.
  7. Similarly, no candidate shall write his / her name or school name or put his / her signature on any part of the answer sheet (MAB, AAB, Graph or Map and Part-B). The candidate will be considered to have been involved in Malpractice if he/she violates the above aspects.
  8. The Chief Superintendents / Departmental Officers shall not affix either center stamp or his / her facsimile signature on any part of the answer sheets (MAB, AAB, Graph sheet or Map point sheet or Part-B (for Private Once failed)). However, the Invigilator shall write “the end” and put his/her initial on the Last Page of the Answer script.
  9. The Chief Superintendent / Departmental Officers of the centers shall convene a meeting on itself with all invigilators and issue all instructions with regard to the procedure to be followed in the context of the coding system is being continued for this year also.
  10. No Bar-Code Supervisor will be appointed as all the Invigilators are well versed with the work of Bar-coding.
  11. Any person deviating the procedure and instructions given for the proper conduct of examinations will be awarded punishment as per Act 25 / 1997.

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