TS Schools Summer Camp Programs Guidelines (Strategy, Schedule)

TS Schools Summer Camp Programs Guidelines, Telangana School Summer Camp Programs has been designed by TSSA Officials and this program for the low performing children at primary in TS Schools.

This is one of the quality initiatives of SSA and the program will be held from 27th April, 2015 to 31st May 2015. 30 days Summer Camp activities organized by the CRPs at School Complex Cluster Level.

TS Schools Summer Camp Programs Strategy

The Strategy of the programme is as follows:

  • Identification of low achievers i.e. children who are in C Grade of I to V classes based on Summative – III Results of April 2015
  • Identification of Schools having 30 to 50 children of C grade by CRPs in each School Complex.
  • Where the number of children are found to be more in ‘C’ grade, that particular school will be one of the center for the summer camp. The children of neighboring schools within the vicinity shall also be attached to this centre.

Allotment of CRPs:
If there are two CRPs working in one school complex, then these two CRPs shall be used for teaching and organizing the activities in summer camp. One CRP may handle the children who do not have basic skills of classes I and II and other CRP may handle the other classes III to V.

Summer Camp Schedule and Timings:
These classes will be conducted for 30-days as it may bring a consistent improvement among the children, and the classes will be conducted from 27-04-2015 to 30-05-2015 in all working days from 8.00 am to 11.00 am

Pre Test Will be Conducted:
Initially a pre test will be conducted by the CRPs on the first day of the summer camp, to ascertain the gaps and achievement levels among the children.

Rs.800/- shall be provided for expenditure:
The concerned School Complex Head Master shall provide Rs. 800/- from the complex grants to meet the expenditure to be incurred for procuring of stationery items like
White sheets,
Erasers ,
Colour papers and for Photostat copies for conduct of pre-test and post-test.

Parents shall be informed:
The parents shall be informed well in advance regarding the commencement of summer camp in the identified center for the identified needy children. The concerned MEO, school complex HM and CRP shall take necessary steps in this regard.

9. Post Test Will be Conducted:
After the summer camps, a post test will be conducted to know the improvement of the children and data will be recorded in the proforma given by the state office to know the improvement of the children.

Depending up the children ability ascertained by the pre-test, the workbooks will be given to the child either Class I & II workbook or Classes III, IV & V are both the workbooks as per their requirement.

The number of children to be covered in 1809 school complexes is 90,450 children @ max 50 children per center. It is proposed to provide workbooks to each centre is as follows
(a) Classes I & II – 25 books
(b) Classes III, IV & V – 35 books,
(c) Total 60 workbooks may be supplied for each center identified for summer camp.

CRPs shall collect workbook:
Children can use pencil and eraser for practicing the workbooks during summer camp. After completion of the summer camp, the CRPs shall collect workbooks from children and re-use these workbooks and unused workbooks to the children who lack basic skills during readiness prgoramme to be conducted in regular schools for practicing and also for regular practice during remedial teaching given by the teacher during regular school hours.

Used and Un Used Work books shall be handed over:
After completion of the summer camp, the used and unused workbooks shall be collected from the children and shall be handed over to concerned school complex HM for further use by the needy children.

Therefore, depending on the number of centres to be organized in the district, the number of workbooks shall be printed as said above. TS Schools Summer Camp Programs Guidelines

Download the Rc.90 Proceeding from here

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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