TS Schools Badi Bata programme Schedule-Day wise Activities 2022

A Special Enrollment Drive Badi Bata Programme starts from April 3rd to 13, 2017 in all TS Schools. TSSA has announced the Badi Bata Programme as one of its Special Enrollment Drive/Campaign Programme to complete the Admissions of 2017 academic year in all Govt/Zilla Parishad Schools from 3rd to 13th April 2017 in connection with a special drive for Community mobilization for enrollment of all school-age children. The Schedule of Badi Bata has been prepared and released by TSSA on 016/03/2017.

#BadiBata Programmes Day wise Activities:
TSSA announced the Badi Bata Schedule for TS Schools and this 2nd spell Badi Bata program Day wise activities start from June l 3rd to 17, 2017. The State Project Director, Telangana Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Hyderabad has issued the Circular and guidelines to conduct of “Badibata (Special Enrollment Drive) Programme 2017”. The District Collectors had issued Directions for conduction of the Badibata program 2016-17 in their Districts from April 3rd to 13, 2017 at the District level. Therefore, the MEOs are informed to instruct all the Headmasters of your Mandal to conduct Badibata (Special Enrollment Drive) program as mentioned in the day-wise schedule already sent to the MRCs.

2nd spell Badi Bata:
TS Schools 2nd spell Badi Bata Programme/ Special Enrollment Drive Should be started from 13-06-2017 to 17-06-2017

Hence, all the Mandal Educational Officers are instructed
➛To prepare the action plan your Mandal, habitation wise and
➛Monitor the Badibata (Special Enrollment Drive) and
➛Submit the day wise report, daily monitoring report,
➛Transition of lower class to higher class report and photos per day at DPO, SSA between 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM without fail.

The Commissioner & Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad has informed that it is decided to conduct Badi bata programme from 13th to 17th June 2017 for the year 2017-18 and requested to prepare the following
1. Preparation of day wise schedule
2. Headmaster/SMC of the school have prepared school profile highlights of the school performances and plans to improve with a request to parents to join their children in government schools
3. Health wise activities
4. Preparation of awareness programmes
5. Whether Village Education Register updated as per action plan
6. White washed schools
7. Preparation of year wise plan 2017-188. To submit the status reports
9. Action taken to join Out of School Children in the KGBVs
10. Whether any aware Orientation programmes conducted to KGBVs/ CRPs/Sectoral Officers of KGBVs
11. Preparation of Action plan for house to house campaign by the Headmaster and teachers for the enrollment of children
12. Action plan of School Management Committees
13. Badibata Panduga preparedness programme on 12.06.2017
14. A Mandal Level Task Force Committee may be constituted with Tahsildar/ MPDO/Mandal Educational Officer/CRPs/NGOs/Women Child Department/ Asst.Labour Officer/Child Welfare Committees
15. To place the RTE/CRC cell toll free no. 18004253525 in the notice board of every school
16. Action plan for less enrollment schools
17. Distribution of free text books, school uniforms
18. Parents day celebrations in KGBVs on best practices
19. Responsible persons for implementation of Badibata programme are DEOs/ MEOs/Sectoral Officers. As such all the Mandal Educational Officers and Special Officers of KGBVs are requested adhere the instructions and prepare the action plan on implementation of Badibata programme from 13th to 17th June, 2017.

Badi Bata Programmes Day wise Activities for TS schools

Sl . No.DatesActivity
Meeting with HMs, Teachers, Parents and Gram Sarpanch, Ward Members, SMC Members discussion on improvement of enrollment in Government Schools. Discussion on the commitment on the parents and community on enrollment improvement in the schools and possible support from the community to improve the school infrastructure, facilities etc.,
Focused   discussion   especially   in  the   zero   enrollment   and enrollment with less than 30 children to improve the enrollment   and  taking  commitment  from  the  parents,  SMCs  and  Public Representatives.
Discussion on Gram Panchayat commitment in attending school cleaning,  sanitation, toilets,  drinking  water etc., and attending the works.
Discussion on relocation of small primary schools, merging of upper primary schools  nearby high schools, exclusive  English Medium  high  schools  by  way  of  merging  parallel  English Medium sections with less than 80 enrollment and possible decision and agreement. ·     Discussion on the demand for English Medium from the parents and community and their preparedness to support to the school with enrollment and facilities. Based on these teachers to take decision on their preparedness to teach EM classes – a shared decision on starting of English Medium starting with class I.
Meeting with SMC and discussion on OSC name wise based on Village  Education  Register  (VER),  plan for enrolment  drives, House to House Campaign, etc.
House to House Campaign and distribution of pamphlets
Meeting  with  parents  of  Dropout  children,  Never  enrolled children  as  per  the  list  and  enroll  them  in  schools,  Special Training Centers, BhavitaCenters, KGBVs.
Preparing the list of children to be enrolled in Special Training Centers,  BhavitaCenters,  KGBVs  and  forward  the  list  to  the MEO and a copy to the concerned.
3.05/04/2017Holi day
Conduct  Enrolment  Drive by the HM, SMC,  Teachers, Youth etc. from 08.00 AM to 10.00 AM.
Visiting AnganwadiCenters,  BhavithaCenters,  Special Training   Centers in the catchment area and ensure their enrolment into the schools.
Visiting   the   Brickline   areas,   construction   sites   and   other establishments in their catchment area, where migrated families are working – Plan for the education of their children and enroll them in the schools / STCs.
Conduct  Enrolment  Drive by the HM, SMC,  Teachers, Youth etc. from 08.00 AM to 10.00 AM.   ·    Meeting with parents and discuss on children performance  on 3R’s based on baseline test.
Discussion   on   the   percentage   of   attendance   of   children pertaining to the academic year 2016-17 and request for regular attendance.
Staff meeting – discussion on the implementation  of remedial teaching to achieve  the targets of 3R’s about 90% of children and setting targets with dates. Discussion with parents and SMC on  support   for  School   Infrastructure   and  for   meeting   the immediate  needs, i.e., Toilets, Drinking Water, Haritha Haram ,etc.
6.08/04/2017Holi day (Second Saturday)
7.09/04/2017Holi day (Sunday)
Conduct  Enrolment  Drive by the HM, SMC,  Teachers, Youth etc. from 08.00 AM to 10.00 AM.
Meeting with SMC on Discussion on School Development Plan for improving the results, on lesson plans, positioning of VVs, OSC still not enrolled, attendance of the children, etc.
Haritha   Haram   –  Planting   the  trees  and  campus   cleaning assigning the responsibility to the children for watering and protection of trees planted.
9.11/04/2017F.N.   ·    Preparing the list of child labour working with employers. ·     Preparation of School wise infrastructure gaps i.e., Classrooms, Toilets, Drinking water etc. A.N. ·     Meeting  the  employers  by  the  HM  and  SMC  to  relieve  the children from work and join them in school, Special Training Center, KGBVs.
10.12/04/2017F.N.& A.N.
Swachh Patashala  –  Attending  the  clean  and  green  work  of schools,  i.e.,  painting  black  board,  toilet  cleaning,  drinking   water, dusting the furniture, removing the waste, etc.
Every   classroom   must   be   clean   and   remove   unnecessary dumping material in the corners.
Conduct a meeting with SMC to take resolutions to remove the useless material lying years together in the school and
Preparing the final list of children not yet enrolled, item wise, i.e., Never Enrolled, Dropout, Who are eligible for KGBVs, Bhavita Centers, Special Training Centers, etc. pertaining to their catchment area and furnish the lists to the concerned MEO, Principal KGBV, Coordinators of Bhavitha Centers, STCs.
Meeting with SMC to discuss on the progress of Badi Bata and action  to  be  taken  to  enroll  all  the  remaining  children  into   schools, improving school facilities like toilets, drinking water, etc.
Take the opinions of the students on Mid-day meal and toilets, drinking water, etc. and develop a plan of ac tion to attend the children grievances and opinions. ·    Conduct of cultural prograrmme with children (BalaSabha).

Badibata Schedule for TS Schools

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