Three day Training to all Primary Level Teachers -Rc.249 APRVM(SSA)

Three day Training to all Primary Level Teachers, The State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission has issued Proceedings Rc.No.249 on October 4th, 2013. This Proceedings for certain Instructions for A 3-day Training to all Primary Level Teachers.  Proceedings Rc.No.249 details are provided here.

Proc. Rc. No. 249/RVM(SSA)/C1/2013, Dated: 04.10.2013.

Subject : RVM (SSA), A. P., Hyderabad – Pedagogy Wing – 2013-14 – A 3-day Training to all Primary Level Teachers – Certain Instructions- Reg
Ref : Proc. Rc. No. 249/RVM(SSA)/C1/2013, dt: 23.08.2013 of SPD, RVM (SSA), A. P., Hyderabad on conducted TOT at Hyderabad and Nalgonda Districts.

All the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of RVM (SSA) and the Principals of DIETs in the State are informed that APRVM (SSA), Hyderabad and SCERT, Hyderabad together plan to organize a 3-day training to all Primary level teachers at mandal level from 21.10.2013 onwards.

In this connection the APRVM(SSA) is communicating the following instructions for smooth running of Trainings in the district.

As per the Proceedings Rc. No. 305/D1/C&T/SCERT/2013, dt: 01.07.2013 of C&DSE, A. P., Hyderabad, it is in force of subject-wise distribution of teachers at primary level. Accordingly this training programme is proposed to cover 50% of the teachers in I spell and balance 50% of the teachers in second spell. Each teacher has to be trained for one subject and CCE in 3-days i.e., on CCE & English / CCE & Mathematics is given below.

Note: The MEO of the mandal has to take necessary measures to cover allteachers in two spells. 50% of the teachers in Spell I and other 50% teachers in Spell (2) (Half the teachers in CCE & Language and half the teachers in CCE and Maths)The District Educational Officers are requested to issue necessary orders to the concerned officers to depute the teachers, DRGs, monitoring team members for conduct of 3-day teacher training programme.

The P.O., of RVM (SSA) has to depute CRPs in Single Teacher schools at the time of training period and also depute the concerned subject DLMTs / CRPs in the place of DRGs / SRGs.

The DPO has to make necessary arrangements to attend DEOs, P.Os of RVM (SSA), DIET staff, Monitoring Team Members, MEOs and other Sectoral Officers of RVM for Video Conference held from SPO on 19th October, 2013.

The Mandal Educational Officers will act as Course Directors for conduct of 3-day training at Mandal Level. They will be held responsible for smooth conduct of training without any deviations and ensure 100% attendance of teachers.

A One-day planning meeting is to be organized with MEOs on 19th October, 2013 from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs (after video conference) on preparation of venues, facilities regarding the training.

The Project Officer, RVM (SSA) has to ensure the 6 modules set (Telugu, English, Mathematics, EVS, CCE and RTE) for one school has to be reached by 17th October, 2013 to all schools and it will be reviewed on the status of distribution of modules in the Video Conference. Further it is to inform that to given instructions to the Head Masters of all schools to maintain Stock Entry Register, Issue register.

Distribution of modules to the schools – Six modules to Primary and Upper Primary School. 2 modules (CCE and RTE) to the High Schools.

The teacher should carry the module concerned subject training and kept back at school point after completion of training.

A One-day preparatory plan to be conducted on 19th October, 2013 with SRGs, DRGs, Monitoring team members alongwith Sectoral Officers for smooth conduct of training at mandal level.

The State Level Observers will be placed to observers from SCERT and SSA to each district. Utilize the trained monitoring members to observe the trainings held at mandal level.

Checklist and observation formats are prepared by SPO and providing to utilize properly.

Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A. P., Hyderabad
Instructions to DPOs (AMOs) – 2
Action Plan for training to Primary Level Teachers


  1. Every teacher has to undergo a 3-day training on CCE and one subject (English or Mathematics) under Phase – I.
  2. Every mandal has to complete the training in one week only from 21.10.2013 in 2 spells.
  3. Depute CRPs to the single teachers for 3-days at the time of attending to the training.
  4. The training will start in 12 mandals (6 mandals for language (English) and other 6 mandals for Non-Language ( Mathematics).
  5. Analyse the mandals basing on no. of teachers working presently.
    a. About hundred teachers
    b. No. of teachers between 120 – 180
    c. No. of Teachers about 180
  6. Make R.Ps in to the teams. Each team consists team 4 R.Ps (2 R.Ps of English and 2 R.Ps of Mathematics).
  7. State R.Ps of one subject should be the combination one A or B+ category and other one form ‘B’ or ‘C’ category (Made by SCERT).
  8. A Model Plan of Action for one district is given below

Name of the District: Nizamabad
Number of Mandal in the district: 36
Category of mandals : About 100 teachers : 24 (M1 – M24)
Teacher between 120 – 180 : 10 (M25 – M34)
About 180 teachers : 02 (M35 – M36)

Download the Proceedings Rc.No. 249 from here

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