TS GPF Details in New application form for final payment of GPF Balance

TS GPF Details in New application form: Revised TS GPF Application Form for Final payment of GPF Balance-GO.113. For GPF Subscribers (Accounts maintained by A.G. Office ): How to fill TS GPF Details in New application form for final payment of GPF Balance/How to fill GPF (final payment) details. GPF final withdrawal details can be filled only after furnishing particulars for a pension. (A.G. authorized or State Audit authorized ). Ensure that subscriber particulars (compulsory) are furnished against relevant fields viz: a) Employee I.D. assigned by Treasury.b) Name of the subscriber in full as per the service register.c) Father’s name or Husbands name in case of a female employee as per records.d) Religion of the employee as per records.e) Date of birth as recorded in service register.f) Designation & office where the subscriber worked/ working.g) Date of retirement (superannuation/voluntary retirement/compulsory retirement) or invalidation or resignation or removal/dismissal from service. h)

Revised TS GPF Application Form for Final payment of GPF Balance

Revised TS GPF Application Form: New TS GPF Application Form, GO.113 Revised TS GPF Application Form for Final payment of GPF, How to fill TS GPF Details for final payment of GPF Balance. G.O.MS.No. 113, Dated: 09-09-2016. Govt of Telangana,-GPF-Revision of application for the final payment of G.P.F. balance-Amendment-orders issued. Read the following:1) G.O.Ms.No.261 Finance & Planning (FW.Pen.II) Dept. dated. 28-8-1989.2) Letter No.T.S.H2/4860/2015 dated. 24-11-2015 received from the DTA Telangana Hyderabad.3) Letter No. FM/GL.II/9-3/2016-17/14 dated.28-07-2016 received from the AG (A&E) Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Hyd. In the G.O. 1st read above Government have issued orders for revision of Form of Application for Final Payment of General Provident Fund balances. In the reference 2nd read above, the DTA Telangana Hyderabad has requested to make mandatory the nominee’s name on final authorization of GPF to avoid inconvenience, hardship and ensure timely payment of final authorization of GPF amount to the families of

Payment of TS PRC 2015 Salary Arrears to Pensioners & Employees (GPF, CPS Holders)

TS PRC 2015 Salary Arrears to Pensioners & Employees, The TS government is seriously contemplating issuing bonds with a validity of 10 years due to financial constraints with a lock-in period of five years. After five years, employees can encash these bonds. But employees are raising several doubts over these 10-year bonds pointing out that what if government changes during the general elections in 2019 and 2024 and there is no guarantee that the subsequent government will honor these bonds.   Employees argue that they were originally eligible for revised pay scales from July 2013, but agreed from June 2014 with a view that TS was only formed in June 2014 and they did not want to burden the government by claiming arrears from the united AP state.   Employees are opposing the issuing of bonds and demanded that they are paid in cash or by way of the GPF account. CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao had promised

General Provident Fund New Rules for GPF withdrawal, the 15-day limit

General Provident Fund New Rules, The new norms will enable the employees to receive payments within 15 days. Employees will also be able to withdraw the fund for select purposes after completing 10 years of service. The new rules permit withdrawals from the fund by the subscriber for obligatory expenses viz. betrothal (engagement), marriage, funerals, etc. In good news for about 50 lakh central government employees, the norms for withdrawal of the General Provident Fund (GPF) have been relaxed, enabling the employees to receive payments within 15 days. Employees can also withdraw the fund for select purposes after completing 10 years of service, as against 15 years of service earlier. The GPF can be taken for education including primary, secondary and higher education, covering all streams and institutions. “Some amendments have been made (in rules) from time to time to address the concerns raised by the subscribers. However, the provisions,

New GPF Application Form for admission to the General Provident Fund – GO.No.56

New GPF Application Form, GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH, PROVIDENT FUND – Modification of the Form Appendix S, note 2 sub-rule(7) under Rule 7 of A.P. General Provident Fund (Andhra Pradesh) Rules, 1935 – Orders – Issued. FINANCE (PENSION-II) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No. 56 Dt: 28/02/2014 Read the following: 1) Lr.No.FM/Gl.II/9-3/2013-14/1707, dt:-15/01/2014 from Deputy Accountant General (Funds), O/o Principal Accountant General (A&E), A.P., Hyderabad. The Principal Accountant General (A&E), A.P., Hyderabad in the reference read above has proposed to modify the form of application for admission to GPF under Appendix S, note 2 sub-rule (7) under Rule 7 of APGPF Rules, 1935 so as to ensure that full details required for opening the GPF account of the employee are received in their office and also for smooth transfer of previous balance available in other PF accounts. The Government after careful examination have modified the existing form which is appended to this order. All

Revised Procedure to be Followed for Payment of GPF Authorizations

Revised Procedure to be Followed for Payment of GPF, Revised Procedure to be followed for payment of GPF Authorizations. Revised Procedure to be Adopted in Payment of GPF Authorizations. Procedure to be adopted in payment of GPF authorizations. Cir. Memo. No.03, Dated:04-07-2014 Details.  All the DDOs should follow the revised procedure of preparing two separate bills. Government of Andhra Pradesh, Finance Department, Cir. Memo No.03/HR.VII/2014, Dated. 04-07-2014-Subject: A.P. State Reorganisation Act,2014- Appointment of GPF Liabilities – Procedure to be adopted in payment of GPF authorizations –Revised orders – issued. Reference: 1.G.O.Ms.No.137, Finance (Pen.II)Dept, Dt:31.05.2014; 2. Lr.No.AG (A&E)FM/GL.II/2014-15/606, Dt: 17.06.2014 of DAG(Acs&VLC) O/o AG(A&E) A.P and Telangana; 3. Letter No. M3/(H1)/3806/2014, Dt.25-6-2014 of the DTA, AP,Hyderabad. The Principal Accountant General (PAG (A&E)) Andhra Pradesh and Telangana at Hyderabad has noticed certain deficiencies on in the Government Order(GO) first cited and suggested a revised procedure of two separate bills instead of a single bill while