Guidelines for AP Schools & Staff Rationalization norms implementation 2023

Guidelines for AP Schools & Staff Rationalization norms implementation: Subject wise weightage for ap schools and No.of Periods per week for each of the classes. Vocational instructors, Specialist teachers, Additional Teachers to AP Schools and guidelines on Time Table, Teaching workload, Teacher workload in AP Schools.

The Committee also recommended the Guidelines for effective implementation of the scheme of Rationalization etc as PART -2.General Guidelines for implementation of the Recommendation on Rationalisation of Existing staff/schools- and implementation of proposed staff patterns

Other Recommendations related to the following issues:

  1. subject weightage
  2. The workload of the Teacher:
  3. Guidelines of RMSA / SSA / R.T.E.
  4. Allotment of periods
  5. Teacher Pupil Ratio
  6. Accessibility

Guidelines for AP Schools & Staff Rationalization:

1) Time Table:
HM of a school has to prepare Lime tables as per the Part I of the Table shown wherein subject-wise weightages are given for each class. As on the basis of these weightages, the staff patterns are designed, he has to plan for effective implementation of the curricular and curricular subjects on daily basis

Time tables teacher wise, subject wise, class wise are to be prepared by Head of the institution keeping in view the optional subjects studied by the teacher at Table 2, graduation/Post graduation level and methodology subjects studied in Teacher Education course. The following examples would make the point clear.

2) Strength of a class, Additional sections:
The optimum strength of a class in a High School (for each of VI to X classes) is 40. The maximum strength of a class is 60. Hence the sections to be formed for a class shall be as per the table given below.

Strength of a Class No. of Sections 
Upto  60   1 section (A)
61-100   2 sections (A ft B)
101-140   3 sections (A,B&C)
141-180   4 sections (A,B,C&D)
181-220   5 sections (A,B,C,D&E)
221-250   6 sections {A,13,C,D,E&F)

3) Teaching workload of HM of a HS:
HM of a High School has lo handle minimum 8 periods per week which includes handling one curricular subject of part I of Table for either class X or class IX in accordance with his optional subjects of study in graduation/post graduation and his methodology subjects in 13.Ed course.

4) Teacher workload:
HM has to distribute periods of workload equally to all teachers as far as possible keeping in view not only subject. designation of the teacher in question but also actual optional subjects of study of the teacher at graduation/post graduation levels, and methodology subjects at B.Ed,, LP/LP. If necessary group subjects of her/his study at •2 levels also to be kept in view.

For better comprehension, certain examples have been given under item 16 below, as guidance for the HM to frame the time table. All teachers can be allotted the activity subjects/ co-curricular subjects of Part I of the Table like work education/computer education, art and cultural education/Health and physical education. value education/Life skills/Library periods etc.

5)  Additional Teachers for SUCCESS SCHOOLS:
According to staff patterns in Table III-A, teachers are provided to SUCCESS schools. The medium in the tables is mentioned only for the purpose of provision of teachers. But the HM can utilize services of all teachers for both media. No teacher can refuse to handle English medium classes.

6) Specialist teachers like PET, Craft etc are common for both media/parallel media schools. The provision of such common teachers shall be according to total enrolment of the school.

7) Vocational instructors available are to be rationalized into C.I. Posts. Slill on requirement as per staff pattern, the SMC of the school may engage part time instructor in accordance with provisions available in the schedule of the RT E ACT 2009. CS~ may give guidelines in this regard for engaging part time Art Education / PETs /Craft instructors.

8) The second P.E.T post in a coeducation High School shall be exclusively for a woman.
9) Where school assistants (Languages) are deficit Language pandits can be posted against S.A (I Language/II Language) posts. Surplus LP/SGT posts are to be upgraded to S.A. cadre for posting them in a High School.

10) It is recommended that Rationalisation of schools/staff may be considered to implement these realistic staff patterns now proposed. If on account of Rationalisation, if there is still need of additional SA posts {deficit posts), it is recommended to upgrade existing surplus SGT posts lo the cadre of SA (without any additional financial commitment to Government)

11) Computation of Teacher posts required for a school as per staff patterns now proposed.
i) In respect of a High School having only one medium, (Single Medium) straight away Table III-A is lo be followed tor calculating teacher posts required for the school.
ii) In respect of Parallel Medium Schools where there are two media, the total teacher posts required are to be calculated in 3 steps (which arc lo be added eventually). Guidelines for AP Schools & Staff Rationalization

Step 1:
A number of posts required for nonlanguage curricular posts for major medium enrolment from relevant. enrolment slab of Table III·A.

Note: Table III-A shall be taken for major medium enrolment for calculation  of teacher posts.

Step 2:
A number of posts required for nonlanguage curricular posts for minor medium from relevant enrolment slab of Table III-B.

Step 3:
The remaining posts required to be calculated are as per the combined enrolment of both media from relevant combined enrolment slab of Table III·A. Combining the posts in step 1,7 and 3 will give the total posts required for that Parallel Medium High School. The following example would make the methodology clear.

I. Examples for Calculating requirement of Teacher posts in Parallel Medium High Schools.

I further wish to state that earlier rationalization of Primary schools within a one-kilometer radius in a Grarnpanchayat is undertaken and the Rationattzatlon in Upper Primary Schools and High schools is not taken up. There is a need to take up rationalization of Primary schools as per norms already defined in GOs No. 39 to 51 for the current year.

Rationalization and Resource Redistribution of the Upper Primary and High Schools also may be taken up as per the norms recommended by the Committee. I enclose herewith the report of the Committee and the tentative schedule for the Rationalization and adjustment of teachers/ transfers. I, therefore, request the Government to issue necessary orders at an early date. Encl : (1) Committee Report (2) Tentative Schedule (3) Draft G.O.

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