Go.No.9 Mee Seva Portal Bifurcated into AP and TS

Mee Seva Portal Bifurcated, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Department has issued GO.Ms.No.9 on May 29, 2014. As per Government Order Ms.No 9.

MeeSeva continues to be the overarching platform catering to the two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  Bifurcation plans have been prepared for providing the services of Mee Seva across the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana after appointed date ie 2nd June 2014.

The meeseva.gov.in portal will be common to both the States and separate Links for Andhra Pradesh (http://ap.meeseva.gov.in) and for Telangana State (http://tg.meeseva.gov.in)  so that the services can be rendered seamlessly from the date of appointed day.

Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014 – Preparatory Works for Establishment of the Government of Telangana and Government of Andhra Pradesh on the Appointed Day, June 2, 2014 – Preparatory Activities – MEESEVA POST BIFURCATION ACTION PLAN – orders issued.

G.O.MS. No. 9,  Dated:  29-05-2014

Read the following:

  1. G.O.Rt No. 17, IT&C Dept, dated 30.1.2004
  2. G.O.Ms No. 23, IT&C (eGov) Dept, dated 02.11.2007
  3. G.O.Rt No. 17, IT&C Dept, dated 26.7.2008
  4. G.O.Ms No. 13, IT&C (eGov) Dept, dated 24.04.2008
  5. G.O.Ms No. 9, IT&C (eGov) Dept, dated 08.12.2009
  6. G.O.Ms No. 10, IT&C (Infrastructure) Dept, dated 18.10.2011
  7. G.O.Ms No. 12, IT&C (Infrastructure) Dept, dated 24.10.2011
  8. G.O.Ms No. 1, IT&C (Infrastructure) Dept, dated 03.01.2012
  9. Lr.No.24(2)/PMU/IT&C/2012, Dept, dated: 08.02.2012
  10. G.O.Ms No. 3, IT&C (Infrastructure) Dept, dated 22.02.2012
  11. G.O.Ms No. 4, IT&C (Infra) Dept, dated 01.03.2012
  12. G.O.Ms No. 29, IT&C (Infrastructure) Dept, dated 25.07.2012
  13. G.O.Ms No.  45, IT&C (Infra) Dept, Dated 09.10.2012
  14. G.O.Ms No. 2, IT&C (Portal Wing) Dept, dated 03.01.2013
  15. G.O.Ms No. 4, IT&C (Portal Wing) Dept, dated 29.01.2013
  16. G.O.Ms No. 13, ITE&C (Portal) Dept, dated 26.8.2013
  17. G.O.Ms No. 16, IT&C (eGov) Dept, dated 06.09.2013
  18. U.O. Note 100(52)/IT&C/Portal/2012 dated 20.12.2013
  19. G.O.Ms No. 1, ITE&C (Portal) Dept dated 1.1.2014
  20. G.O.Ms.No.5 ITE&C (Portal) Dept dated 19-2-2014

The Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) Rules-2011 had been framed and issued vide GO 6th read above and the Comprehensive set of Guidelines for Development, Implementation / Operationalization, Sustenance and Maintenance & Support of all G2C, G2B & G2G Services delivered electronically from all State Government Departments/Districts using Mee Seva Platform have been issued vide GO  20th  read above..

Mee Seva with a vision to bring public services closer to the citizens is a platform, enabling ‘Any Where, Any Time’ access to delivery of citizen centric services through Mee Seva centers (CSCs) and Online mode.  It started in 2011 and has emerged as the primary mode for electronic delivery of G2C and G2B services from multiple departments in the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Mee Seva  has consolidated the previously existing electronic service delivery channels such as eSeva and APOnline to deliver more citizen-centric services from different Government departments in a unified manner. Currently, the number of services delivered through Mee Seva is 318 Services pertaining to 33 Departments.

Mee Seva services are delivered through nearly 7084 Kiosks/Citizen Service Centers in A.P. Mee Seva utilizes the IT infrastructure like State Data Center (SDC) for housing all the Departmental applications, State Wide Area Network (SWAN) for connecting all Departments and CSCs (Common Service centers) created under NeGP initiative of Government of India.

Mee Seva incorporates State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) for enabling Integrated Service Delivery across State Government Departments. It has also utilized ‘eDistrict’ which is a State Mission Mode Project (MMP) under the National eGovernance Plan for automating the workflow and internal processes of District Administration with seamless integration of various Services. MeeSeva is a convergence of the NeGP initiatives (SSDG & e-District) in rendering G2C services in a transparent, fast and secure way.

The total transactions under MeeSeva during this period are over 4.50 Crores as on 10.05.2014. Department wise transactions and Revenue earned for some major departments are shown as follows:

Following table indicates the services developed under SSDG (Vendor – M/S HP India Sales Private Limited) and eDistrict MMP (Vendor M/S Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Limited) integrated through MeeSeva (vendor M/S APOnline).

In view of the State Reorganization, it’s imperative that MeeSeva continues to be the overarching platform catering to the two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  Bifurcation plans have been prepared for providing the services of Mee Seva across the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana after appointed date ie 2nd June 2014.

The meeseva.gov.in portal will be common to both the States and separate Links for Andhra Pradesh (http://ap.meeseva.gov.in) and for Telangana State (http://tg.meeseva.gov.in) are being created, so that the services can be rendered seamlessly from the date of appointed day.  

In order to have effective transition and guidance to the two successor States, Government after careful consideration issues the following order:

1.The development for the Upcoming services (Annexure 1 enclosed with details of Department etc) as indicated above would be completed for catering to both the States. The successive Governments may also utilize the services of APOnline / SSDG / eDistrict MMP for developing New services after due consultations.

2.The Maintenance of meeseva.gov.in portal has been entrusted to M/S APOnline till 31st March 2015. After appointed day, the expenses can be met by the two states in the ratio (AP:Telangana is 58:42). The contract for SSDG & eDistrict MMP is valid till 3 years from the date of go live.

3.State eMission Team (SeMT) appointed by NeGP would assist various departments in both the States after bifurcation as per the requirement of successive governments and policies. As the GOI through NISG has appointed the SeMT directly, their salaries would continue to be paid by the NeGP directly.

4.The Capacity Building and Training is a constant and pressing necessity for the MeeSeva services. A capacity building team (CB team) has been established in IEG under the leadership of Sri E Sathyanarayana, SeMT for conducting trainings through various modes such as Mana TV, Classroom trainings and Video Conferences to all the Department Officers and Kiosk Operators.

Necessary trainings have been imparted to all the Kiosk Operators and Department functionaries involved in the delivery of services through MeeSeva. The CB Team has conducted 2696 sessions of Trainings to Kiosk Operators and 818 sessions of Trainings to Officers and trained 135714 attendees from among Kiosk Operators and 20479 Officers.  This team through IEG should be able to cater to the needs of the two States at least for the next one year.

5.A State Project Management Unit (SPMU) funded by the eDistrict MMP has been established to monitor effective rollout, stabilization of the MeeSeva services across the State. The existing SPMU consisting of (12) members would be divided between the two states in resolving the issues relating to MeeSeva services.

Project Manager — 01 Nos.
Project Engineers — 09 Nos.
Project Assistants — 02 Nos.

The Roles and Responsibilities of SPMU would be as follows:

a) The State PMU will assist in ensuring efficient and effective end-to-end service delivery process for each of the identified services. This will be based on As Is and To Be studies for all the services. 
b) Preparation of the functional requirements (FRS) based on the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and review of the System Requirement Specifications (SRSs) and System Design Documents (SDDs) for the development of applications pertaining to various departments.
c) Coordinate with System Integrators and concerned government department(s) Nodal Officers to provide timely solutions, issue resolution & status report/feedback.
d) Extend Handholding support to department functionaries in the Functionalization of MeeSeva services. 
e) Prepare the Capacity Building, Change Management & Training plans; identify the training requirements.
f) Supervise the installation, commissioning and functionalization of MeeSeva services / IT infrastructure at the State and District level. Coordinate with eDistrict Managers for effective rollout and functionalization of MeeSeva services.
g) Assist in the post implementation support, Operation and Maintenance phase. 
h) Project Management and Monitoring with status update and progress tracking. 

The SeMT consultants deployed in the State will support both the States as per the requirement of the States. Sri Ganti Santhosh, Consultant, SeMT currently engaged in providing consultation for development of MeeSeva Services and Sri E Satyanarayana, Consultant, SeMT leading the Capacity Building Team through IEG would provide services to both the states.

Sri N.S.S. Saibaba, Scientist-D of NIC because of his continuous association with the project since its inception would be designated as Project Director (Mee Seva), to oversee the Two SPMUs, CB Team and System Integrators.

He would coordinate with the departments related to MeeSeva and the ITE&C Secretaries of both the States. His monthly emoluments would continue to be drawn at NIC. Other incidental expenses would be met from the capacity building funds available with IEG which also mandates to provide services to both the States as per the AP Reorganisation Act.

In view of the bifurcation of State, as the remuneration of the SPMU are being paid from eDistrict funds and after appointed date, the funds will be released separately for new States and for arranging remuneration to the existing SPMU team on the following pattern

  1. Project Manager: 01 Nos.
  2. Project Engineers: 03 Nos. 05 Nos.
  3. Project Assistants: 02 Nos
  4. Project Engineer attached to CCLA: 01 Nos.

The monthly emoluments for the above SPMU Members should be met from eDistrict Funds as per the usual procedure of the respective States as indicated above.

A Joint Coordination Committee involving the two ITE&C Secretaries would be constituted to sort out issues and unexpected events that may crop up during the implementation of the project.

Download the GO.Ms.N0.09 from Click here

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