Google Kormo Jobs App to help people find Jobs & grow Career as Jobs Spot

Kormo Jobs by Google – Google Kormo Jobs App to help people find Jobs & grow Career as Jobs Spot. Google has launched Jobs Spot On Google Pay App to help people find Jobs. Google has expanded its employment application as Jobs Spot (Kormo Jobs) to India as it is looking forward for helping millions of Indians to land entry-level jobs.

Use Google Jobs Spot, Find jobs & grow your career. The Google company had launched the Kormo Jobs employment application in Bangladesh in 2018 and further expanded it to Indonesia. Google had also made Kormo Jobs available in India under the brand Jobs as a Jobs Spot on its payment application Google Pay,

The Google Jobs Spot is being rebranding as Kormo Jobs in India. The company further said that ever since it launched the application through Google Pay, many companies including Zomato and Dunzo have posted more than 2 million jobs.

Jobs Spot by Google

Looking for a job. Google has launched the Kormo app in India for job seekers who are set for themselves. This app helps users to search for entry level job. Job seekers can prepare for the Curriculum Vita (CV) to learn new skills.

Kormo App will connect millions of job seekers with employers. Google launched it to compete with Microsoft Linkedin, Naukri, and TimesJobs.

Kormo Jobs recommends the appropriate job based on the applicant’s profile. You can apply for that job of your choice. Kormo provides the tools needed to upgrade a career. Tells the candidate profile if any new skills are required.

Last year, Google brought Kormo Jobs into India. Kormo has provided jobs to the Indian market through the Jobs Spot section on Google Pay. With the help of Google Pay, companies like Zomato have posted over 20 million verified jobs on Kormo Jobs. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The application will help users to identify entry-level job opportunities and also to learn new skills and create CVs.

The feature is aimed at those looking for first-time jobs in the hospitality, retail, food delivery and other such sectors. The Google Jobs Spot is also using machine learning to recommend the entry level roles that match a job seeker’s interests, skills and location preferences.

NRA CET for Govt Jobs Recruitment

Jobs Spot

Complete your profile by adding job interests, education, and work history so Google system can match you to better job postings and increase your chances of getting an interview! Once you’ve completed your profile, you can download your new digital resume for free and share it with employers and colleagues.

Get Started With the Jobs Spot, you can find jobs that suit your needs from hundreds of employers that are already using Jobs Spot to hire for their businesses, for free. It only takes a few minutes to set up your basic profile.

Google recommend you spend a little bit more time and update your Jobs Spot CV to be connected to the most relevant jobs, recommend for you. With this, you don’t need to rely on personal networks and references to be aware of job openings and apply to them.

The app makes this easily accessible to you 24/7. Thousands of people are using this to find work and many more are joining every day!.

After signing up, you will be able to

  • Discover recommended jobs
  • Apply for jobs you like right from the Jobs app
  • Follow your job application progress in Jobs app
  • Build your digital CV & share right from the app
  • Learn new skills and earn more

How to Find Job?

Once you’ve Jobs spot the app and created an account, the most important thing is to fill out your profile and Jobs spot CV with as much information as possible. The more information you have on your CV, the easier it is for us to match you with jobs and content that might be interesting to you, and for employers to get excited about hiring you.

After you’ve completed your profile and CV, browse through the Recommended Jobs tab in the app, and tap “apply” for those that interest you. If you’re appropriately qualified, you might be invited to interview, at which time we’ll notify you. From there, you’ll need to give the interview your best shot, and then it’s up to the employer to make a hiring decision!

Where to Find Jobs App in Google Pay?

With just a few taps on your smartphone, discover jobs that match your interests and skills that help you grow in your career.

  • First Open the Google Pay app in your smart phone.
  • Scroll up the app, you can find the Businesses & Bills Section
  • Then tap on the Explore Icon
  • Then, Where do you want to work? screen will appear.
  • Now choose your location
  • Then, your Jobs Spot profile page will appear
  • Enter you Phone Number
  • Upload your resume in the Increase your interviews section (Show off what you know and what you can do)
  • Add your Work Experience (Share details about jobs you have worked)
  • Add your Education (Add your licenses, degrees, and certificates)
  • Add your References (Establish your credibility with professional recommendations)
  • Add Your Credentials (Get new skills to access more job opportunities)
  • Select Your Language
  • Add Your intersests at Computer/IT Support (Design /Cooking /Management/ Speak to clients/ Work with IT/ Manual work/ Computer / IT)
  • Your profile has been created

How to access Jobs App?

  1. Once again Open the Google Pay App. You can see the Jobs App at “the Businesses & Bills” Section,
  2. Open the Jobs app
  3. You can see the Main Menu. In this menu, Home, Profile and My Jobs buttons are available
  4. You can tap the Home button, you will see All Jobs information
  5. You can tap the Profile button, you will see your profile and also you can edit it.
  6. You can tap the My Jobs Activity button, you can see all Jobs activity.

How to Create your Jobs Spot profile

  1. Open the Google Pay app .
  2. Under ‘Businesses’, tap Jobs.
    • If you can’t find ‘Jobs’, use the search bar at the top to search for: Jobs. Then, tap the Jobs Spot.
  3. Tap Get started.
  4. Choose where you want to start:
    • To begin your job search and build your profile immediately, tap Find a job.
    • Important: If you haven’t yet created your Jobs Spot profile, start here.
    • To sharpen your skills, tap Learn something new.
    • To browse jobs or view your existing profile, tap Start exploring.
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Select up to three career interests that fit your goals, then tap Continue.
  7. Enter the area where you’d like to work, then tap Continue.
  8. Browse your home feed for jobs and learning content.

Kormo Jobs by Google: Find jobs & grow your career (Download Android App)

Learn more about Google Jobs Spot by using below links

Jobs Spot on Google Pay is a jobs and careers app that connects job seekers to businesses that are looking to hire and allows job seekers to create and maintain a digital CV, all in one app. Kormo Jobs is currently available in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India.

For job seekers, joining the Jobs Spot community gives you access to relevant job openings and interview opportunities, as well as learning content to help you prepare and grow your career.

You can download the Jobs Spot on the Google Payment app to get started. In India, you can download the Google Pay app and search for the “Jobs Spot” to find us there as well. Source: Google Jobs Spot Community

What all things can users do using Jobs Spot?

Building a professional profile: Job seeks can add details such as basic details, their goals and interest to build a profile in Jobs for free using tuthe CV builder tool. They can also share this profile with potential employers.

Getting job recommendations: Job seekers can get personalized job recommendations that are based on their skills, interests and location preferences.

Learning new skills: Jobs can help job seekers with interview preparations and learning new skills by suggesting relevant video content.

Applying for jobs: Job seekers can find and apply for jobs that they like. They can also communicate with the interviewers within the Jobs.

Jobs is available as a Jobs Spot in Google Pay. This means that Google Pay will now help users in not just in sending and receiving money but also finding the right job for them.

In order facilitate entry-level jobs, Google has collaborated with National Skills Development Corporation wherein Skills India students and graduates will be offered a seamless way to search for jobs. In addition to that Skills India graduates who sign up for Jobs Spot will have their certificates appear online automatically as a certificate.

Google has also partnered with 24Seven, HealthKart, Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Delhivery, and Fabhotels to help job-seekers find jobs.

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