Instructions for Online Submission of Employees Data by DDOs

Instructions for Online Submission of Employees Data by DDOs on Few Issues – Last Dates, GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH FINANCE (SMPC-II) DEPARTMENT, Circular Memo No 32708-A/333/A2/SMPC.II/2013 Dated:28-12-2013 

Sub: Finance Department – Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) – implementation of HRMS Module and issue of Health Cards – Online submission of Employees’ data by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers through Web-based application on Finance Department Portal – Further Instructions – Issued.

Ref: G.O.Ms.No.334, Fin (SMPC.II) Department, dt.13-12-2013. 

  1. In the reference read above, the Government has issued orders for collection of Employees data through a web-based application for implementation of HRMS Module under Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) and issue of Health Cards.
  2. The Government also issued orders therein that all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers shall take necessary action to complete data entry as per the time frame fixed for various stages of data collection, verification and authentication and uploading of the data.
  3. Government has also issued detailed instructions to be followed by the DDOs and other functionaries in the annexure to the G.O. cited. In addition to the above a detailed User Manual has been kept on the website for the benefit of the DDOs. A helpline service has also been launched for immediate help to the DDOs……. More details about GO.No.334 Click here 
  4. A large number of DDOs have brought to the notice of the Government certain issues requesting for clarification. Some of the DDOs have pointed out that due to technical difficulties they could not complete the DDO registration process and consequently they could not distribute the forms to the employees and therefore requested for extension of time.

DDOs Doubts:

3.Some DDOs have pointed out certain technical difficulties in entering the data in some fields and requested for simplification.

  1. Some DDOs have brought it to the notice of this department that they are unable to rectify certain mistakes that have been entered during the DDO registration and entry of office details and the total number of employees of various categories of employees, as they are not given permission to edit the entries already made and they have sent several requests for making changes in the data through the helpline.
  2. Some DDOs have echoed the doubts expressed by some employees of their establishment as to whether the data relating to the family member and dependents for the purpose of employees health cards shall be entered online on the Arogyasri Portal or on the CFMS application on the Finance Department Portal.
  3. Some DDOs have brought to the notice of this department that some persons have already logged to the portal and set the passwords without their knowledge and consequently they are unable to access the portal and start the registration process and data entry.
  4. After considering the feedback received from the DDOs, Government has taken action to make required changes in the relevant fields to in order to remove the technical difficulties pointed out by the DDOs.
  5. As certain issues raised by the DDOs are common in nature, Government considers it appropriate to issue general clarification for the benefit of all the employees on the most common issues raised and accordingly hereby issue the following instructions:


1.The request of the DDOs for extension of time has been agreed to and accordingly revised the schedule as follows :

a) Initial Log in by the DDO and entry of office details, subordinate offices details and the higher office details and distribution of forms to the employees shall be completed by 31st December, 2013.
b) The employees should submit the filled in forms on or before 4th January, 2014.
c) Scrutiny and verification of the information with the Service Register and other records and authentication of the forms, uploading of data entry and supply of printouts to the individual employees for verification and confirmation has to be completed on or before 10th January, 2014.
d) Correction of errors if any, and obtaining final approval of the individual and final submission of data entered shall be completed by 18th January, 2014.

Instructions for Online Submission of Employees Data by DDOs

(2) The DDOs have since been given permission to edit the data till final submission and they can make changes wherever necessary. But after the data is finally submitted, the DDOs will not be able to make any further changes. Hence they are advised to ensure, before they finally submit the data, that the data entered is correct.

(3) The DDOs shall not allow any unauthorised use of their DDO codes by anyone and they shall not share the PIN number sent to their Mobile Phone or the password. They are advised to change their password frequently following the procedure provided in the application. Appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken by the disciplinary authorities against those employees who make unauthorised use of DDO codes and the passwords.

(4) As the data entry is to be done only by the DDOs, under any circumstances the DDO should not allow individual employees to enter their own data using the DDO code and the password of the DDOs.

For any misuse of the DDO Code or password or entry of incorrect data the DDOs will be personally held responsible and liable for disciplinary action under CCA Rules and also for criminal prosecution for any tampering of important information, specially data relating to the date of birth, date of initial entry into service,

details of the local unit as per the presidential order, wrongful entries in the community status as SC or ST etc., Disciplinary action and or Criminal Prosecution will be launched against those employees who willfully provide wrong data on the above mentioned items.

(5) The DDOs shall enter the data of the office to which they are the DDOs and also enter details of all the subordinate offices, if any, to which he is the DDO. Some DDOs like the District Police Office and the Mandal Education Officers act as DDO for a number of offices and they shall enter the details of all the subordinate offices without any omissions.

Regarding the data of next higher office the DDO should furnish the details of the office to which his office will report, for example the DDO of an MRO office shall furnish the details only of the RDO office but not the office of the District Collector or any superior office.

Similarly the DDOs of the District Offices shall enter the details of the zonal/ regional offices only if any, otherwise enter the details of the head of the department to which the district office directly reports. The offices below the level of district office should not show the office of the head of the department as their next higher office.

To sum up a DDO may have to enter one or more than one subordinate offices or in many cases need not enter any subordinate office details but shall enter only one superior office depending on the position of his unit in the organizational structure of the department.

It is also clarified that only the details of such subordinate offices which have their own DDOs shall not be entered. For example, the DDO of the District Police Office shall enter details of the offices of all the Dy.S.Ps., Inspecors and the Police Stations whereas the DDO of the District Collector’s Office shall not enter the data of the offices of the R.D.Os and the M.R.Os. because those offices have their own DDOs.

(6) The DDO shall enter the data of family members and the dependents of the employees for the purpose of the Health Cards only on the CFMS application on Finance Department Portal. However, in case if any employee has already entered his data online through the Arogyasri Portal he shall fill data of all other items except the details of the family members and dependents on CFMS application. The pensioners data shall be uploaded only on the Arogyasri Portal.

(7) The subscription to Employees Health Cards Scheme is based on orders issued by the Health Department. Therefore the eligibility of the beneficiaries and the exemption to self or the spouse etc., have to be dealt with as per the instructions issued from time to time by the Health Department and the data as per the existing guidelines may be filled now which will be open for modification if any revised guidelines are issued in future by the HM & FW Department.

(8) In respect of the employees who are on long leave, unauthorised absence or under suspension, data shall be entered to the extent of the information available in the Service Books.

(9) The data relating to the employees on deputation to other offices on foreign service shall not be entered in this application as their pay and allowances are at present not drawn by the DDOs.

(10) The data relating to the societies and autonomous bodies shall not be entered in this application. A separate application is being launched shortly for the universities, state public sector units, autonomous institutions and societies to capture the data of the employees of those institutions.

(11) Some employees may be working on deputation on foreign service terms or otherwise, to an institution other than those mentioned in para 8(9) above. Further instructions will be issued in due course in respect of such employees as their data is not captured in this application or in the application to be launched for the above mentioned institutions. GO.334 Instructions for Data Entry

  1. All DDOs are advised to follow the above instructions scrupulously and take necessary action to enter the data only after due verification and avoid erroneous data entry. The data entry has to be completed as per the revised schedule mentioned above.
  2. The Heads of departments are requested to monitor the progress of the data entry in all the offices under their control.
  3. The district collectors are requested to review the progress of all the unit offices in the district and issue necessary instruction for completion of data uploading as per the time schedule.
  4. The Pay and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad, All the Treasury Officers and all the Pay and Accounts Officers of the Works Accounts Department shall liaise with the DDOs under their payment jurisdiction and render necessary assistance to them and see that the data is entered within the due dates.
  5. Download the New Instructions For  Online  Submission of Employees Data from here

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