List of Revenue Divisions, Mandals in Mulugu District

List of Revenue Divisions, Mandals in Mulugu District and check the details of List of Mandals in Mulugu District and List of Revenue Divisions in Mulugu District from here. The Official Website of Mulugu District, Mulugu district is one of the 33 districts in the Indian state of Telangana. Mulugu is an important district of Telangana.

Mulugu is a district in the state of Telangana.Mulugu district was formed on February 17, 2019 by bifurcating the Jayashankar Bhupalpally district. Previously Jayashankar Bhupalpally district was part of Warangal district. There is one revenue division of Mulugu under this district and has 9 mandals and 174 village panchayats in it. Mulugu district along with Narayanapet district were formed making a total of 33 districts in Telangana state.

As per 2011 census, the population of Mulugu district is 2,57,744 and about 75,600 families live in this district. This district has the lowest population in Telangana district. This district has total population belonging to rural population. Etururnagaram ITDA (Integrated Tribal Development Agency) office created for tribal  people is situated in Mulugu district.

List of Revenue Divisions, Mandals in Mulugu District

Details of Mulugu District

Name of the DistrictMulugu District
District Head QuarterMulugu
StateTelangana State
Number of Revenue Divisions1
List of Revenue DivisionsMulugu
Number of Mandals9
Area3,881 sq km
Police stations17
Vehicle registrationTS-37
District MapMulugu District Map
Official Website of Mulugu District
Details of Mulugu Mandal List

Tourist attractions of Ramappa Temple, Ramappa lake, and Laknavaram lake are located in Mulugu distrtict. Jampanna vagu (stream) and Dayyala vagu (stream) flow in this district and there are few water falls in this district. Ramappa Lake, constructed in 13th Century A.D. during Ganapathi Deva’s time substantiates the intricate irrigation work of the Kakatiyas. And the Laknavaram Lake, surrounded by deciduous forests is a very popular tourist spot.

To top it all, the district hosts the world famous Sammakka Saralamma Jathara or Medaram Jathara, a tribal festival which is celebrated at Medaram in Tadvai mandal. Jathara is celebrated during the time the goddesses of the tribal people are believed to visit them. It is believed that after Kumbha Mela, the Medaram Jathara attracts the largest number of devotees in the country.

Bogatha Waterfall is 120 km away from Bhadrachalam, and 329 km away from Hyderabad. The distance has come down from 440 km because of the newly constructed Eturnagaram bridge on National Highway 202. A magnificent waterfall in the district of Khammam and second biggest waterfall in the State, Bogatha waterfall presents a splendid spectacle of falling waters and rich landscape and therefore, aptly gets the epithet the Niagara of Telangana. As motor able road is not available, visitors need to trek for some distance. Visiting this waterfall gives an excellent opportunity to those who are interested in trekking and looking for a chance to indulge in adventure sport.

Tadvai Forest Huts are maintained by Forest Department. We offer basic accommodation basic amenities at very nominal cost (Rs. 1000/-). Wake up in the morning listening to the humming of birds like Malabar Whistling Trush Malabar Giant Squirrel and lots of rare birds for a birdwatcher. Come and get close to the nature get in touch with trees that are over 100 years old at the most affordable prices. This is From Hyderabad 230kms, from Warangal 82kms, as Tadvai is the canter for every ecotourism spot.

109 Mulugu Constituency

  • Mulug
  • Venkatapur
  • Govindaraopet
  • S S Tadvai
  • Eturnagaram
  • Mangapet
  • Kannaigudem
  • Kothaguda
  • Gangaram

List of Mandals in Mulugu District

S.NoName of the Mandal
7S S Tadvai
List of Mandals in Mulugu District

Revenue Division in Mulugu District

Mulugu Revenue Division. There is one revenue division of Mulugu under this district and has 9 mandals and 174 village panchayats in it.

List of Villages in Mulugu District

Mandal NameName of the Village
1. Eturnagaram1. Akulavarighanpur
2. Chalpaka
3. Chinaboinapally
4. Eturnagaram
5. Kondai
6. Koyaguda
7. Mullakata
8. Ramnnagudem
9. Roheer
10. Shankarajpally
11. Shapally
12. Shivapur
2. Govindaraopet1. Balajinagar
2. Bussapur
3. Chalwai
4. Gandhinagar
5. Govindaraopet
6. Karlapally
7. Kotagadda
8. Laknavaram
9. Laxmipur
10. Machapur
11. Motlagudem
12. Muthapur
13. Papalapally
14. Pasra
15. Raghavapatnam
16. Ramnagar
17. Rangapur
18. Somalagadda
3. Kannaigudem1. Buttaigudem
2. Chinthagudem
3. Etur
4. Gurrevula
5. Ilapur
6. Kanthanapally
7. Laxmipuram
8. Muppanapally
9. Rajannapeta
10. Sarvai
11. Thupakala Gudem
4. Mangapet1. Akinapally Mallaram
2. Balannagudem
3. Brahmanapally
4. Buchampet
5. Cherupally
6. Chunchupally
7. Domeda
8. Kamalapur
9. Kathigudem
10. Komatipally
11. Kotha Malluru
12. Kothur Motlagudem
13. Malluru
14. Mangapet
15. Narsaigudem
16. Narsapur Bore
17. Narsima Sagar
18. Nimmagudem
19. Puredupally
20. Rajupet
21. Ramachandrunipet
22. Ramanakkapet
23. Thimmampet
24. Vagoddugudem
25. Wadagudem
5. S S Tadvai1. Ankamapalli
2. Bandala
3. Bayyakkapet
4. Beerelli
5. Dameravai
6. Gangaram
7. Kalwapalli
8. Kamaram PT
9. Katapur
10. Lingala
11. Medaram
12. Narlapur
13. Narsapur PA
14. Oorattam
15. Pambapur
16. Rangapur
17. Tadvai
18. Vengalapur
6. Mulugu1. Abbapur
2. Ankannagudem
3. Bandarupally
4. Banjarupally
5. Barigalapally
6. Bhupalmnagar
7. Devagiri Patnam
8. Devangar
9. Guthurthanda
10. Incherla
11. Jagganapet
12. Jakaram
13. Jangalapally
14. Jeevantharapally
15. Kannaigudem
16. Kasimdevipet
17. Kodishalakunta
18. Kothur
19. Madanpally
20. Mallamaplly
21. Md. Gausepally
22. Mudhurur thanda
23. Mulugu
24. Panchothkalapally
25. Pathipally
26. Pegadapally
27. Potlapur
28. Rainigudem
29. Ramachandrapur
30. sarvapur
31. Shivathanda
32. Srinagr
7. Venkatapuram1. Alubaka
2. Barlagudem
3. BC Marrigudem
4. Bestagudem
5. Bodapuram
6. Edira
7. Marikala
8. Morravanigudem
9. Nuguru
10. Pathrapuram
11. Rachapalli
12. Ramachandrapuram
13. Suraveedu
14. Thippapuram
15. Uppedu veerapuram
16. Veerabhadravaram
17. Venkatapuram
18. VRK Puram
8. Venkatpur1. Adavirangapur
2. Burgupet
3. Chakravarthipally
4. Inchenchervupally
5. Jawaharnagar
6. Keshavapur
7. Laxmidevipet
8. Laxmipuram
9. Lingapur
10. Mallaiapally
11. Nallagunta
12. Narayanagiripally
13. Narsapur
14. Narsingspur
15. Palampet
16. Papaiahpally
17. Raheshwararaopalli
18. Ramanjapur
19. Singaraguntapally
20. Thimmapur
21. Velthurlapally
22. Venkapur
23. Yellareddypalli
9. Wazeedu1. Ayyavaripeta
2. Chandrupatla
3. Cheekupalli
4. Cherukuru
5. Chintoor
6. Dharmavaram
7. Dhulapuram
8. Edjerlapally
9. Gummadidoddi
10. Kongala
11. Krishnapuram
12. Murumuru
13. Nagaram
14. Peddagollagudem
15. Peruru
16. Pusuru
17. Tekulagudem
List of Villages in Mulugu District
  1. How many mandals in Mulugu district?

    There are 9 mandals in Mulugu district.

  2. How many revenue divisions in Mulugu district?

    Mulugu district is divided into 1 revenue division of Mulugu. There are 1 revenue division in Mulugu district.

  3. What is the official website of Mulugu district?

    Mulugu district official website is

  4. Where is the district headquarters of Mulugu district?

    Mulugu District headquarters is located in Mulugu town.

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