National Achievement Survey NAS Model Question Papers 2021

National Achievement Survey NAS Model Question Papers, Cycle Five for Classes 111, V and VIII. List of sample schools of Maths for class III, V & VIII. DEOs are requested to verify the list of schools as per the guidelines given in the proc. As per erstwhile districts and submit a final list of sample schools by 28.08.2017. Telugu, Maths NAS Model Question Papers 2017, National Assessment Survey 2017.

Rc.No.193/Nl-3/TSCERT/2017 Dt.18.08.2017

Sub: NCERT, New Delhi – Conduct of National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2017 for Classes III, V, and VIII – Preparatory works to be attended by the DEOs- Reg.

1. Proceedings of the Director, SCERT of even Number Dt.10.08.2017.
2. Proc.Rc.No.941/RMSA/Trg/2017, Dt: 09.08.2017 of the Commissioner and Director of School Education

In continuation to these office Proceedings of even number Dt.10.08.2017, all the DEOs in the State are requested to attend to the following works relating to the National Achievement Survey, Cycle Five for Classes 111, V and VIII personally on priority basis and submit a report to the Director, SCERT by 28.08.2017 without fail.

1. Inform whether the Class wise Learning Outcomes are received from the Commissioner and Director of School Education vide reference 2 cited and are disseminated to Schools.
2. Verify the Sample List of Schools with regard to:
A. i. the suitability of the Schools for the test (with relation to the eventuality of
ii. natural calamity on the day of the test, Enrolment in the Class selected.
iii. The medium of Instruction of the Class for which the School is selected,
B. With regard to enrolment the following norm shall be considered:
i. For Classes Ill and V the minimum enrolment shall be 5
ii. For Class VIII the minimum enrolment shall be 8

However, the total enrolment of all the selected schools together in the district per class shall invariably be more than 700

C. The List of Schools is sent vide this office email Dt.19.08.2017. The list is colored in an alternate pattern i.e. three schools are in yellow followed by three schools in blue and this pattern is followed till the end. The three schools in the sequence shown in one color are located in one block (Mandal) and belong to one group.

Model Question Papers 2017:
1. Maths Paper 1
2. Maths Paper 2
3. Maths Paper 3
4. Maths Paper 4
5. Language Paper 1
6. Language Paper 2
7. Language Paper 3
8. Language Paper 4
9. Listening Test Paper 1
10. Listening Test Paper 2
11. Listening Test Paper 3
12. Listening Test Paper 4

The schools are further indicated in three categories i.e.
 i. Sample School indicated as ‘s’ in Column ‘B’
ii. First Replacement School indicated as ‘rl’ in Column ‘B’
iii. Second Replacement School indicated as ‘r2’ in Column ‘B’

DEOs may first verify the Sample School (s) only.

  • In the case of non-suitability of sampled school, replacement school (rl) of the same group may be verified first followed by replacement school (r2) of the same group.
  • The School selected may be indicated as ‘Yes’ in Column ‘F’ (participation).
  • In case of selection of replacement school (rl or r2) the comments may be given in column ‘G’ (participation comments).
  • Replacement school of any sampled school shall only be from within the two replacement schools in the group.
  • The final list of selected sample schools should be sent through e-mail to Director, SCERT on or before 28.08.2017

3. Updating of AADHAR Id of all the students of the class selected in all the sample schools selected.

4. The ‘District Monitoring Unit’ with the following members shall be responsible for the conduct of NAS in the district
i. The District Educational Officer District Coordinator
ii. Nodal Officer, O/o the DEO – Assistant District Coordinators
iii. One faculty member from Govt. DIET (in case of districts where Govt. DIETs are available)
or One Gazetted Head Master of any School that is not in a sample list of schools (in case of districts where Govt. DIETs are not available) – Assistant District Coordinators
iv. MIS Coordinator, O/o DEO: MIS Coordinator

5. DEOs shall identify Field Investigators (Fl) as suggested below:
i. The Field Investigations (Fis) shall be candidates pursuing D.El.Ed / B.Ed. preferably in Govt. Institutions/ Universities
ii. The number of Fis to be selected shall be as per the norm shown in the following table with an overall 20% reserve in excess.

Sample Schools with Classes No. of Field Investigators
i. In Schools where Classes(Ill and V) or (Ill and VIII) or (V and VIII) (only Ill) or (only V) are Selected: 2
ii. In Schools where all the three Classes(i.e. Ill, V, and VIII) are Selected: 3
iii. In Schools where only Class VIII is Selected: 1
iii. Selection of Fis shall be in accordance with the Medium of Instruction of the selected sample schools. Field Investigators shall be proficient in the Language in which NAS Test Booklet is to be administered in the sampled school for which the Fl shall be assigned. For example, in the case of Kannada Medium school, the Fl shall have the competency to read and write in Kannada.
iv. The contact details of Fis in Excel document (Hard and Soft Form) in the Proforma shown below shall be sent to Director, SCERT by 30.09.2017
Name of the Fl – Gender-  Course pursuing – Language studied at / Language at SSC – Aadhar ID Mobile Number number of Fl of Fl

6. Identify Storage Point of the Test Material at District Head Quarters.
7. DEOs shall prepare an action plan and keep in readiness for the conduct of NAS Cycle 5

8. Further, DEOs shall Orient the Teachers, familiarise the Parents and all the Officials of the department with regard to the adoption of Learning Outcomes and also the conduct of NAS for assessing the present learning level of the child vis-a-vis the learning outcomes.

Download NAS 3rd, 5th, 8th Class Model Question Papers

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