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Effect of Technology on Environment PPT, This PowerPoint Presentation has been prepared by Padma Latha, Under Guidance of Smt. C.B. NIRMALA Dy. Educational Officer Nampally, Mandal: Hyderabad. Here, we are provided some important items of this PPT. TODAY’S HUMAN NATURE: In today’s world, humans are in a very relaxed cycle : they eat, they watch television, they sleep. Most people do not realize the health risks they are taking everyday when they do their daily tasks. Humans are more reliant on machines to do simple activities, Such as changing the channel or travelling. TECHNOLOGY MAKES LIFE EASIER: Technology does make activities uncomplicated, and genuinely makes life easier. But people are at great risk to their health with the advancements in technology. The air in cities was so full of smoke. This leads to poor air quality. THE AIR WE BREATHE AND THE WATER WE DRINK: Not only have individuals fabricated

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Subject wise PPTs, PPT Lessons, PPT Modules, PowerPoint Subject Lessons, Subject wise PPTs – PowerPoint Lessons and Modules.Power point is a powerful tool for learning. It is basically electronic slides where a person can embed files such as texts, music, images, diagram, or whatever else you like. The benefit is that you are engaging students not just through words, but also through visuals. Some students learn better by hearing, but other students learn better by seeing. So, immediately you can see the benefits of engaging students through the visual means. Also, it provides for some excitement in that it breaks down the daily routine of lectures. Slide presentation software such as PowerPoint has become an ingrained part of many instructional settings, particularly in large classes and in courses more geared toward information exchange than skill development. PowerPoint can be a highly effective tool to aid learning, but if not used

Our Scientists PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) Download- Class VII AP&Telangana

Our Scientists PPT, PPT on Effect of Technology on Environment, PPTs by M. Padma Lalitha Sharada Teacher, PPTs on APSCERT new syllabus, PPTs on Telangana SCERT new syllabus, PPTs Lessons for AP Telangana Students. Contribution of Scientists to progress of Science:There is a lot of difference between the stone age man of yesterday and today’s man of atomic age. We have many kinds of implementations and machines available now and we desire to get still more modernized implements. In this slide,Noble Prize Winner-Indian Scientist-C. VENKATA RAMAN image has been added. Scientists alone are responsible for our comfortable life. DARK AGE (Before 500 B.C.):There were scientists in our country and in Greece before 500 B.C., but the principles and facts told and put forth by them were not believed because of the superstitions and ignorance of the people. That’s why that period is known as the “DARK AGE”. From 16th century,