MEOs Should Submit English Medium Back Ground Teachers Data in Prescribed Format

MEOs Should Submit English Medium Back Ground Teachers Data, The Teachers, Who have English Medium Back Ground in SSC, Inter and Degree level. they should submit their details to the concerned your MEOs in the Prescribed Proforma. After completion of this process, All the MOEs should submit your mandal English medium back ground teachers data in the prescribed format to the DEOs. DEO Warangal Message: DEO Warangal has instructed to all the MEOs to download the Excel file from your email and fill the format with English medium back ground teachers data in the prescribed format only and sent by mail immediately. No. of Teachers Having English Medium Back Ground in SSC, Inter & Degree S.No State / Designation GHM Gr.II| SGT | LFL HM | LP (Tel) | LP (Hin) | LP (Urdu) | SA (Telugu) | SA (Hindi)|SA (Urdu) | SA (English) | SA (maths) | SA (Bio

TSAR Registration 2022: How to fill Teachers Self Assessment Rubrics at

TSAR Registration 2021 link would be activated very soon in various states by Education Department across India. Teachers Self Assessment Rubrics has been introduced by NCERT for self assessment of teachers. For this firstly teachers should register at TSAR website. After registration process teachers need to complete the Teachers Data Entry and fill the required information at TSAR App. Teachers are considered to be the most important resources responsible for the quality of the education system. They play multiple roles to discharge their responsibilities. These include- designing and preparing lessons, facilitating learning of all students, creating a conducive learning environment, linking with the community, contributing to school development, and at the same time remaining engaged with their own professional development activities. Teacher Self Assessment is being conducted under the name of Teacher Self Assessment Rubrics (TSAR) as per the directions of the Central Department of Education. For this, the Department

TSAR Teachers Data Entry 2022 for Self Assessment their performance after registration process

TSAR Teachers Data Entry 2021 for Self Assessment of their performance after registration process at TSAR App. As per the Teachers Self Assessment Rubrics, TSAR guidelines, Self assessment by the teacher should be done once in an academic year, preferably at the end of the first quarter. For this self assessment, the teacher should register at TSAR Web portal with his/her g mail and employee code. After completion of registration process, teacher profile would be created at TSAR web application. TSAR is an assessment tool which serves as a guide to teachers to self-assess. It enables reflection on daily teaching practices and role as a teacher. Performance Standards are reflect the roles and responsibilities of the teacher. TSAR is based on 6 Performance Standards. Why TSAR? Assessment plays a key role in schools improvement and teachers development. Teachers are an important resource to ensure quality education. An avenue for a