TSAR Teachers Data Entry 2022 for Self Assessment their performance after registration process

TSAR Teachers Data Entry 2021 for Self Assessment of their performance after registration process at TSAR App. As per the Teachers Self Assessment Rubrics, TSAR guidelines, Self assessment by the teacher should be done once in an academic year, preferably at the end of the first quarter. For this self assessment, the teacher should register at TSAR Web portal with his/her g mail and employee code.

After completion of registration process, teacher profile would be created at TSAR web application. TSAR is an assessment tool which serves as a guide to teachers to self-assess. It enables reflection on daily teaching practices and role as a teacher. Performance Standards are reflect the roles and responsibilities of the teacher. TSAR is based on 6 Performance Standards.

Why TSAR? Assessment plays a key role in schools improvement and teachers development. Teachers are an important resource to ensure quality education. An avenue for a teacher to reflect on and introspect on methods. Need for a tool for teacher assessment at all levels of education

What is purpose of TSAR? Through the TSAR, Teachers assess their performance and make continuous effort. The teacher looks at himself and analyses what went wrong or what yielded results. Its helps teachers identify strengths and weakness. It is tool for teachers to guide thinking and reflect on institutional practices.

TSAR Latest Update: Now, Teacher can register on the TSAR website without OTP, only with giving your mail id, employee id & password. But enter the mail id carefully and correctly. In case you forget the password, it will be come to that mail. While filling experience section in TSAR, you can take as (a) SGT = PRT or TGT (if graduate); (b) SA = TGT or PGT (if Post Graduate) and (c) GHM, FAC MEO = Administrative. In-service trainings may include, WaSH, Clix, TISS, Cyber Security, SHE Teams, Leadership (SLDP) Training, NISHTA, NEP etc.,

Important Information about TSAR:

  • Please write your correct e mail address, Employee ID and password on a paper before going to your registration at TSAR Telangana App.
  • Please don’t enter others employee ID.
  • Enter 7 digits employee id without mistake.
  • Mail ID & Password are sensitive. Care should be taken for this.
  • Not fixed last date for uploading data in TSAR TS App.
  • Don’t believe fake messages.
  • Descriptive Feedback is not mandatory for all Performance Standards 1 to 6.
  • Only Cadre wise period to be uploaded in Experience Details. Need not entry school wise period.
  • Don’t confirm immediately

Please inform to solve the following issues to concerned officials:

  • If enabled Retired / Expired teachers names also in School login.
  • If not enabled concern teacher profile in Teacher’s Profile after completion of registration
  • If 41 Performance Indicators enabled
  • Don’t call for process of uploading. Call only for clarification on technical issues
Name of the Data EntryTSAR Teachers Data Entry 2021
TitleTSAR Teachers Self Assessment Data Entry 2021
SubjectTeachers should entry their Data on Teachers Performance Assessment Website
TSAR TS Official WebsiteTSAR TS website
Telangana TSARTelangana TSAR Guidelines
Telangana TSAR Data Entry 2021

Uses of TSAR: Facilitate reflective practices in teaching-learning. Assess and address the strengths and challenges of teachers Enhance the proficiency of teachers in organizing classroom teaching-learning activities and other school related activities Provide support and mentoring to the teachers. Provide opportunities for continuing growth through multiple experiences Enhance the self-confidence of teachers. Improve the teaching-learning process and the performance of students.

Teachers Self Evaluation 2021: The Department of School Education has initiated efforts to know the performance of teachers in the state. DSE is implementing Teachers Self Assessment Rubrics (TSAR) brought by the Center. The Telangana state will also implement a system where teachers evaluate their own performance and give ratings.

TSAR Teachers Training 2021, With 1.16 lakh teachers working in the state. Education Department officials trained online on how to conduct self assessment. While developing the TSAR app as part of self-assessment, a questionnaire containing 47 questions will be sent out. Teachers are given the flexibility to give themselves ratings for their performance.

It helps teachers to understand intuition, provide quality education, and overcome professional challenges to identify strengths, weaknesses, and mistakes.

TSAR PSPerformance Standards
TSAR PS 1Designing Learning Experiences
TSAR PS 2Knowledge and Understanding of Subject Matter
TSAR PS 3Strategies for Facilitating Learning
PS 3ACreating Conducive Learning Environment
PS 3BLearning Strategies and Activities
PS 3CCommunication Skills
PS 3DAssessment and Feedback
TSAR PS 4Interpersonal Relationship
TSAR PS 5Professional Development
TSAR PS 6School Development
TSAR Performance Standards

In this TSAR App, teacher should complete the 9 steps for completion of TSAR Data Entry. following stages to be completed while undertaking the self assessment.

StageTSAR Data
Stage 1Teacher’s Profile
Stage 2Academic Qualifications
Stage 3Professional Qualifications
Stage 4Experience
Stage 5In-Service Teacher Training
Stage 6Class/Subject Taught
Stage 7Teacher’s Performance
Stage 8Descriptive Feedback
Stage 9Confirm TSAR Data
TSAR Data Entry 2021

Steps to complete the TSAR Teachers Data Entry 2021: Telangana TSAR App would be live for dat entry and Self assessment of Teachers. In this website, first teacher should register on TSAR website and fill the required information in all stages. Here we have provided step by step instructions for TSAR Teachers Data Entry 2021 on Online

Step 1 – TSAT Registration: First visit the TSAR website and teacher should register in this website with the use of TSAR Registration link. After complete the registration process, visit the TSAR App again and click on the login button and enter your g mail address (User name) and pass word in the required fields and click on sign in button.

Step 2 -TSAR Teachers Data 2021 entry. Teacher should fill the (a) Teacher’s Profile, (b) Academic Qualifications, (c) Professional Qualifications, (d) Experience, (e) In-Service and (d) Class/Subject Taught step by step with required details.

(A) Teachers Profile: On Dashboard click on the Teachers Profile, your Profile will be appeared. This is automatically enabled in this web portal. If you want change any items you can do so. For this click on Edit ( If Need ) and click on Update. The teachers profile look like below table.

Name of the TSAR dataTeachers Profile
YEAR 2021
Employee’s code 212345
Name of the teacher Gender Male
Date of birth 01/01/1978
Designation SGT
School’s address MP UPS School
U-DISE Code No.36123456789
State/UT Telangana State
District MHBD
Block PVR
TSAR Teachers Profile 2021

(B) Academic Qualifications: Click on the next or Academic Qualifications link, in this web page you need to fill the academic qualification details one by one in this stage. After completion of entry click on save button. If you want change any information, click on Edit / Delete / Add button and finally click on save button

ExaminationUniversity/ BoardYearSubjects
Senior SecondaryBoard of Intermediate Education1996 MPC
GraduationKU1999 MPC
Post-GraduationSKU2015 Mathematics
Any other (Please specify)NA 
TSAR Academic Qualifications

(C) Professional Qualifications: Click on the Next or Profession Qualifications link, in this web page you need to fill the professional qualification details one by one in this stage. After completion of data entry click on the save button. If you want change any information, click on Edit / Delete / Add button and finally click on save button

ExaminationUniversity/ BoardYearSubjects
D.Ed./D.El.Ed./ EquivalentBoard of Secondary Education2002 All (excepts hindi)
B.Ed./EquivalentOU2009 Maths, Physics
Any other (Please specify)NA 
TSAR Professional Qualifications

(D) Experience in Teaching Profession: Click on the Next or Experience link, in this web page you need to fill the experience details that means joined post to promotion. Carefully enter the experience details, dates, years, months. If you want change any information, click on Edit / Delete / Add button and finally click on save button

Teaching PRT/Equivalent
Other (Please Specify)
Teaching Experience

(D) Additional Responsibilities & Achievements (Class/Subject Taught): Click on the Class/Subject Taught link, enter the which class and which subject you taught. If you want change any information, click on Edit / Delete / Add button and finally click on save button

Classes taught (Please Tick in the cell(s))
Subject(s) taught
Additional responsibilities/duties
Additional Responsibilities & Achievements

(E) Details of In-service Programmes attended (Last three years): Click on the In-Service link, in this web page you need to fill the in service training details in this stage. Enter the title, duration, theme & level of in service programme. If you want change any information, click on Edit / Delete / Add button and finally click on save button

Sl. No.TitleDurationTheme(s)Level (CRC/BRC/
In service Programmes

Details of In-service Programmes attended (last 3 years)

Duration5 days
ThemesA Capacity building programme for improving quality of school education through holistic development teacher training it aims to build
LevelDistrict Level
NISHTHA Training
TitleSchool Complex meetings
Duration10 days
ThemesBest practices on reviews on current topics
LevelCRC Level
Complex meetings
Duration5 Days
ThemesJoyful learning Curriculum
LevelDistrict Level
Joyful learning Programme
TitleMaths Kit Training
Duration2 Days
ThemesHow to use Maths Kit in Class room teaching
LevelDistrict Level
Maths Kit Training

(F) Achievements/Awards (if any): Teacher should fill the Achievements or Awards if any

Step 3 – Teachers Performance: Click on the Teachers Performance link, fill the details of your performance in this stage. Teacher should answer i.e., choose the Levels of Performance Descriptors. For this, select 1 radio button among 4 Options. i.e., L1, L2, L3, L4 of each 40 Performance Indicators of Performance Standards. Here, Performance Indicators means Multiple Choice Questions. For 40 PIs select Radio Buttons

PS (Performance Standards) >> PI (Performance Indicators) >> PD (Performance Descriptors)

PerformanceNumber of Indicators
Number Performance Standards 6 PSs
Number of Performance Indicators40 PIs
Performance Descriptorseach Indicator has 4 PDs
Number of Performance Indicators

Step 4 – Feedback: Click Descriptive Feedback link, fill your feedback in this stage. Select PS 1 to 6 one by one. Write strengths, challenges & Improvement plan. After completion of this stage, click on the save button. Finally Displayed Data Entry Status on Dash Board.

Model Descriptive Feedback for TSAR

Performance Standard 1PS1 : Designing Learning Experiences Feedback
StrengthsIn the teaching of the curriculum, I will plan and implement the student in such a way that all the students participate in the learning process. I will prepare the appropriate teaching materials and link them in the learning
ChallengesSelf-assessment is the incorporation of evaluation techniques into the teaching-learning process, such as rubrics.
Improvement PlanCollection and preparation of ICT resources. Need to plan for self-assessment by making teaching materials and rubrics for students
PS 1 Feedback
Performance Standard 2PS2 : Knowledge and Understanding of Subject Matter Feedback
StrengthsI teach subject comprehension by applying concepts from other subjects wherever necessary with appropriate examples
ChallengesSet the student’s critical goals and create learning conditions for their achievement.
Improvement PlanAchieving critical goals requires a development plan such as creating conditions for the student
PS 2 Feedback
Performance Standard 3PS3 : Strategies for Facilitating Learning Feedback
StrengthsAttendance, student discipline, Personal health, Child Safety. Enabling children in the management of environmental hygiene practices. Encouraging children to ask questions parents and guardians.
ChallengesTalking to the Department of Health and the Department of Social Welfare about personal health and hygiene.
Improvement PlanArranging speeches with people related to the health department. Using digital materials and Internet resources
PS 3 Feedback
Performance Standard 4PS4 : Interpersonal Relationship Feedback
StrengthsI have a good relationship with my colleagues and students, and I encourage and support students, and I make sure that students have good relationships with the community for their development.
ChallengesInitiative is needed in developing social resources
Improvement PlanAchieving the above challenges requires a plan that involves student parents and the community
PS 4 Feedback
Performance Standard 5PS5 : Professional Development Feedback
StrengthsImproving skills by frequently participating in government-provided inter-professional training by updating subject knowledge with self-experience.
ChallengesSeminars, Conferences, Workshops and Designing Teaching Materials through ICT
Improvement PlanParticipating in various inter-professional trainings, Seminars Conferences, Workshops
PS 5 Feedback
Performance Standard 6PS6 : School Development Feedback
StrengthsCarrying out the functions of various committees responsibly. Performing all kinds of tasks assigned by the school
ChallengesMobilizing resources and budgeting the school.
Improvement PlanCreating plans with the participation of students, the community, and parents in achieving the above challenges
PS 6 Feedback

Step 5 – Confirm TSAR Data: Lastly you should check details and verify the all details which you have entered and click on the Confirm TSAR Data link (If No Pending). Your data will be successfully submitted by you. You can now check the reports by clicking on Reports.

After filling the all the details, you should check the entered details thoroughly once again. If you want change any details use the edit option. After checking the all data, click on the Confirm TSAR Data button. Once confirmed, your Teacher data and self assessment performance would be submitted successfully. Please remember that, you should not able to edit any data after submitted.

TSAR Data Entry Status

Academic Qualification1
Professional Qualification2
Class and Subject1
Feed Back0Pending
TSAR Data Entry Report

Any time / Many Times / Any Information can upload in TSAR web portal. Make sure that all information is correct before CONFIRM. Once we CONFIRM, we cannot EDIT in this TSAR app. After completion of all stages, you can also download your Performance Sheet, Consolidation Sheet from this website.

*Disclaimer: We have published the above information for reference Purpose only, For any changes on the content we refer to visit the Official website to get the latest & Official details, and we are not responsible for anything

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