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Dalit Bandhu is a state government scheme launched by the Telangana government in 2021 to provide financial assistance to Scheduled Caste (SC) families in the state.

Under the scheme, a one-time capital assistance of Rs. 10 lakhs is provided to each SC family to start an income-generating activity of their choice. The assistance is provided as a 100% grant, without any linkage to bank loans.

The scheme is aimed at empowering SC families and helping them to become self-sufficient. It is also expected to create employment opportunities and boost the economy of the state.

The scheme is currently being implemented in the Huzurabad Assembly constituency in Telangana. The government plans to extend the scheme to all SC families in the state in a phased manner.

Think innovation and the State that immediately springs to mind is Telangana. The State saw the unveiling of yet another welfare scheme of gigantic proportions that could prove to be a game-changer for Dalits in the State.

Dalit Bandhu scheme

Telangana become a role model in uplifting Dalits by introducing Dalit Bandhu scheme in the State more beneficiaries will get a new lease of life.

In 75 years of independent India, the development of Dalits did not take place as expected but the Telangana government is working for the comprehensive development of Dalits as part of fulfilling the aspirations of Indian Constitution architect Bharat Ratna Dr. BR Ambedkar.

implementing the scheme with determination to bring the fruits of development to all sections of Telangana and eliminate the socio-economic gaps.

Under the scheme, the Dalit families will be provided with financial assistance to set up skilled financial units of their choice, without having to pay back any bank loans.

Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries should become job creators: The beneficiaries of Dalit Bandhu scheme should develop to the position of providing employment to unemployed also.

Dalit Bandhu Telangana Scheme

The Dalit Bandhu Telangana Scheme is a comprehensive welfare program aimed at transforming the lives of Dalits in the state. Under this scheme, eligible beneficiaries from Dalit communities will receive financial assistance of Rs. 10 lakh each.

The funds provided can be utilized for various purposes, including starting or expanding businesses, pursuing education, acquiring assets, or investing in income-generating activities.

Dalit Bandhu 10 Lakh Scheme

The eradication of poverty poses a significant challenge to economic development. Among the various segments of Indian society, the scheduled castes endure the most distressing circumstances, occupying the lowest rung.

This unfortunate situation stems from the deeply inhumane practice of “untouchability,” which has historically served as the root cause. The impact of this injustice extends beyond just economic deprivation; it affects their social standing as well.

Recognizing the magnitude of this grave injustice that has persisted for centuries, the Government of Telangana has embarked on a groundbreaking intervention aimed at catapulting the scheduled caste families into significant economic development, ensuring their social dignity.

As part of a comprehensive strategy that complements existing entitlements such as food security, education, and social security, a unique initiative called “Telangana Dalit Bandhu (Dalit Bandhu 10 Lakh Scheme)” has been introduced to enhance the level of financial assistance provided to SC households.

This support aims to facilitate the establishment of income-generating economic support schemes, as traditional bank loans have become a limiting factor.

Under this program, each SC family is entitled to a one-time capital assistance of Rs.10 lakhs, provided as a 100% grant/subsidy. This financial aid empowers them to establish income-generating schemes of their choice without the need for bank loan linkages.

10 lakh scheme in Telangana

The Telangana Government has recently embarked on a magnanimous journey to solve the issues and problems faced by the Dalits in the State with the introduction of ‘Dalit Bandhu Scheme’.

The scheme provides an one-time grant of Rs. 10,00,000/- (10 lakh) to the beneficiaries thereby instilling a sense of financial security and hope for a better future. The Telangana Government will handhold the beneficiaries for judiciously utilising the financial assistance.

Dalit Bandhu Telangana 2023
Dalit Bandhu Telangana 2023
Name of the schemeTS CM Dalit Bandhu
TitleApply for Telangana Dalit Bandhu scheme 2023
SubjectCheck Telangana CM Dalit Bandhu Scheme 2023 details
Official Websitehttps://dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in/
Dalit bandhu amount10 Lakh
Dalit bandhu scheme launch dateAugust 16, 2021
Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme Details

Dalit Bandhu Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the scheme are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a member of a SC family.
  • The applicant’s family income must be below Rs. 2 lakhs per year.
  • The applicant must have a bank account.

Dalit Bandhu Online Application

  • The application process for the Dalit Bandhu Scheme is online.
  • The applicant can apply for the scheme through the official website of the Telangana government.
  • The application process is simple and easy.
  • The applicant can complete the application process online in a few minutes.

Required Documents for Dalit Bandhu Online Apply

The following documents are required to apply for the Dalit Bandhu Scheme.

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Bank account details
  • Income certificate
  • Caste certificate

Dalit Bandhu apply online

  • As of now, there is no online application form for the Dalit Bandhu scheme.
  • The selection of beneficiaries will be made by the district collector in the consultation with local MLA.
  • However, the government may introduce an online application form in the future.
  • If you are interested in applying for the Dalit Bandhu scheme, you can contact the district collector’s office in your area.
  • You can also contact the Dalit Bandhu helpline for more information.


dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in is the official website of Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme. The application process for the Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme is designed to be simple and accessible to all eligible beneficiaries.

The interested individuals can obtain the application form either online through the official website or offline from the designated government offices. The application form requires the applicants to provide personal details, income information, and relevant documents as proof of eligibility.

Dalit bandhu status check

To check the status of the Dalit Bandhu scheme. Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. Go to the Telangana Dalit Bandhu: https://dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in/ website.
  2. Click on the “Login” button.
  3. Enter your login credentials.
  4. Once you are logged in, you will see the “Status” tab.
  5. Click on the “Status” tab.
  6. You will see the status of your application.

The district collector’s office will then verify your eligibility and select you as a beneficiary if you are eligible. Once you are selected as a beneficiary, you will receive a one-time grant of Rs. 10 lakhs. You can use this grant to start a business or to invest in education or training.

Dalit bandhu list

There is no public list of Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries as the scheme is still in its early stages of implementation. However, the government has said that the list of beneficiaries will be made public once the scheme is fully implemented.

The government has also said that the selection of beneficiaries will be made on a transparent basis and that there will be no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, or gender.

Dalit Bandhu Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of the Dalit Bandhu scheme:

  • It provides financial assistance to SC families to start income-generating activities.
  • It helps SC families to become self-sufficient and improve their economic condition.
  • It creates employment opportunities for SC people.
  • It boosts the economy of the state.

Dalit Bandhu Scheme

  • The Dalit Bandhu Scheme is a major initiative by the Telangana government to empower SC families and help them to become self-sufficient.
  • The scheme is expected to have a positive impact on the lives of SC families and the economy of the state.
  • The scheme is a welcome initiative by the Telangana government. It is a step in the right direction to empower SC families and improve their lives.

Dalit Bandhu Telangana Details

  • The scheme is a one-time grant of Rs. 10 lakhs to each eligible SC family.
  • The scheme is being implemented in all 33 districts of Telangana.
  • The scheme is being implemented through a web-based portal.
  • The scheme is being monitored by a dedicated committee.

Telangana Dalit Bandhu

The Telangana State government is implementing the Telangana Dalit Bandhu programme aimed at Dalit empowerment, which was emerging as a model for the entire country, would ultimately lead to a revolution in the welfare of Dalits in India.

Scheduled Castes suffer from extreme social, educational, and economic backwardness arising out of the age-old practice of untouchability. Special programmes are need to be designed and implemented for improving their socio-economic status and thereby enhancing their social dignity.

To improve the financial support for SC households, a new initiative called “Telangana Dalita Bandhu” has been introduced. This initiative aims to provide more money for income-generating projects because getting loans from banks has become difficult.

It is part of a bigger plan that includes food security, education, and social security. The goal is to help SC households become financially stable by offering different kinds of assistance.

CM Dalit Empowerment Programme

Stating that adequate social security structures have to be incorporated with the programmes in view of their historical vulnerability, the GO said as part of a multi-pronged approach.

An innovative programme aimed at eradicating poverty among the Scheduled Caste population of Telangana State, known as “CM Dalit Empowerment Programme,” was announced and included in the 2021-22 budget that was approved and passed by the State Legislature.

The beneficiaries should utilise the assistance provided by the state government under the Dalit Bandhu scheme and achieve economic empowerment.

Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme

Chief Minister launched the Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme at Shalapalli on the outskirts of Huzurabad, described the scheme as not merely an initiative aimed at Dalit empowerment, but a movement that should sweep the entire country for the betterment of the down-trodden communities.

Dalit Bandhu will bring about a qualitative change in the lives of SCs in the next four to five years. Though the scheme was planned for launch more than a year ago.

The Government will implement the scheme on the lines of Rythu Bandhu, where he announced that the entire SC population in the State, government employees included, will be eligible to avail the benefits of the scheme just as they are benefitting from the Rythu Bandhu programme for farmers.

Government requested them to avail the scheme only after all the other eligible beneficiaries particularly the poorest of the poor who are without any livelihood benefit from it.

Dalit Bandhu Amount

Under this scheme , every Dalit family in the State would be given Dalit Bandhu Amount: Rs 10 lakh to start a business venture of their choice, without any bank linkages or facing the stress of having to return the money.

The Rs 10 lakh that would be deposited directly into the accounts of Dalit families will serve as capital to start a business with the end goal being the economic empowerment of the entire SC community.

Besides elevating their financial position that would also minimise, if not completely eliminate, social inequalities, the scheme is expected to trigger a ripple effect that would have a direct impact on the entire rural economy by igniting spending in other sectors.

SC Bandhu Scheme was being implemented as a pilot project in Huzarabad Assembly constituency, the Rs 500 crore already released for its implementation in the constituency.

The State government will release another Rs 2,000 crore to cover more than 21,000 Dalit families in the constituency within the next two months, much to the delight of the massive gathering that greeted the announcement with claps and chants of ‘Jai KCR’.

The beneficiaries of Telangana Dalit Bandhu who started the businesses of their choice under the scheme are a confident lot of seeing golden days ahead. “Our financial woes would be a thing of the past,” they said in unison.

Dalit bandhu FAQs

  1. What is Dalit Bandhu?

    Dalit Bandhu is a flagship program of the Telangana government that aims to eradicate poverty among Scheduled Caste (SC) families in the state. Under the program, each eligible SC family will be provided with a one-time grant of Rs. 10 lakhs to start a business or to invest in education or training.

  2. Which caste is Dalit Bandhu for?

    Dalit Bandhu is for Scheduled Caste (SC) families in Telangana.

  3. What is the Dalitha Bandhu money?

    The Dalitha Bandhu money is a one-time grant of Rs. 10 lakhs that is given to each eligible SC family in Telangana. The money can be used to start a business, invest in education or training, or for any other purpose that will help the family improve their economic condition.

  4. What can I do with the Rs. 10 lakhs grant?

    You can use the Rs. 10 lakhs grant to start a business, invest in education or training, or for any other purpose that will help you improve your economic condition.

  5. How will the Rs. 10 lakhs grant be disbursed?

    The Rs. 10 lakhs grant will be disbursed in two installments. The first installment of Rs. 5 lakhs will be disbursed immediately after the beneficiary is selected. The second installment of Rs. 5 lakhs will be disbursed after the beneficiary submits proof of having used the first installment for the intended purpose.

  6. What are the benefits of Dalit Bandhu?

    The Dalit Bandhu scheme has the potential to bring about significant socio-economic benefits for SC families in Telangana. The scheme will help to improve the economic condition of SC families, which will lead to an improvement in their quality of life.

  7. What is the future of Dalit Bandhu?

    The Dalit Bandhu scheme is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to be a game-changer for SC families in Telangana. The government is committed to the scheme and is working to ensure that it is implemented effectively.

  8. When did Dalitha Bandhu start in Telangana?

    Dalitha Bandhu scheme was launched officially on August 16, 2021 by the Telangana state Government in the Huzurabad assembly segment for upliftment of Scheduled Caste people.


The Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme 2023 is a landmark initiative that seeks to uplift the marginalized Dalit community in the state.

By providing financial assistance and opportunities for socio-economic growth, the scheme aims to empower Dalit families and enable them to lead prosperous lives.

Through its comprehensive approach, the scheme not only addresses historic disparities but also fosters inclusivity and social empowerment.

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