Telangana Ku Haritha Haaram Programme Schedule and Guidelines 2022

Telangana Ku Haritha Haaram Programme Schedule, Telangana School Education has given Certain Instructions for Implementation of Telangana Ku Haritha Haram (TKHH) in the State under Haritha Haram in the following references.

Haritha Haaram Programme Certain instructions:
D.O.letter No.4754/SE.General/Al/2017 dated 10.7.2017
Sub: Haritha Haaram Programme – Certain instructions – Reg.

1. Government Memo No. 1120/For.1(2)/2015, Environment, Forests, Science & Technology (For.I) Department, dated: 14.06.2017 along with a copy of Letter Ref. No. 9521/2017 /SF-III, dated: 07.06.2017 of Prl. Chief Conservator of Forests & Head of Forest Force, Aranya Bhavan, Hyderabad.
2. Email from Forest Dept., dated: 10.07.2017, regarding Districtwise – Department wise Planting Target for 2017 Planting Season.

As you are aware the School Education Department has been given a Plantation target of 37.46 Lakhs in the State under the Haritha Haaram Programme for this year 2017. The District-wise targets have also been allocated by the Forest Department. The target of your District for Education Department is 50000.

2. I am sure by now the target would have been allocated to the Schools ie. Government/Local Body-Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools; Model Schools; KGBVs and Residential Schools under the administrative control of the Education Department and also Junior Colleges, Degree Colleges, Polytechnics and the Universities located in your District.

The private Affiliated Colleges under these Universities will get accounted for in the District where they are located.

3. By now, the Action Plans also would have been finalised regarding the nearest Nurseries to these Institutions, for the supply of the seedlings along with the transportation arrangements. The pitting work would have been tied up under MNREG in the Rural Areas and the Municipalities in the Urban areas.

4. This year it has been decided that providing of tree guards/ fencing and maintenance, which is being done through MNREG, will be delegated to the Head Masters (HMs) of the Schools/Principals of Junior Colleges/ Degree Colleges and Polytechnics. They will engage the workers under the MNREG for the maintenance and provide necessary tree guards etc. and claim the amount from MNREG.

You are requested to kindly arrange to provide proper” training to the H.Ms and Principals of Junior Colleges/Degree Colleges/ Polytechnics concerned as to how these claims are to be made from MNREG and then payments made to the Workers and for providing fencing etc.

5. The respective HODS of Education Department 1e. Commissioner and Director of School Education, Commissioner of Intermediate Education, Commissioner of Collegiate Education and Commissioner of Technical Education and Telangana State Council of Higher Education (regarding the Universities) are being given detailed instructions also in this regard and to provide necessary feedback not only at the district level but also at the HOD level for necessary compilation of the data about the action taken by them.

6. In this context, I am to inform you that in the detailed review held by the Deputy Chief Minister and Minister Education regarding the successful implementation of Haritha Haaram Programme on 10.7.2017, the following decisions have been taken:-

a. All the Educational Institutions will observe 15.7.2017 as the Special day for the Haritha Haaram Programme under the banner of GreenDay/ Haritha Pathashala, Haritha Telangana.
b. On this day, from 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM, these Institutions will take up the awareness programmes through rallies etc in the locality where they are situated.

c. From 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM, the plantation programme will be taken up.
d. From 10.30 AM to 12.30 PI11, after taking the oath, various programmes will be organised within these Institutions such as Essay/ Painting/ Elocution competitions etc.

e. The best students/best Institutions/ best teachers will be given prizes by the Department on 15.8.2017.
f. Priority is to be given to block plantations and then plantations next to the compound walls and if there are any internal roads in the Institutions, then plantations lining these roads.

g. Preference will be given to Flowering! Fruit-bearing and Shady trees.
h. The School Management Committees of the Schools and the Haritha Rakshna Committees besides Public Representatives have to be involved in these Programmes.

7. Therefore; you ·are requested to kindly ensure that these instructions are followed by all the Educational Institutions in your district, so as to make a success of this Programme.

DSE Telangana, Rc.No.77/PS.2-1/2015 Dt. 06-07-2016: 

Telangana School Education has given Certain Instructions for Implementation of Telangana Ku Haritha Haram(TKHH) in the State under Haritha Haram in the following references.

1) Govt Memo No. 1145/SE.Gen/A1/2014 , Dated: 11.03.2015.
2) This office Proc.Rc.No.77/PS2-1/2015, Dated: 09.04.2015.
3) Govt Memo No. 1145/SE.Gen/A1/2014, Dated: 10.12.2015.
4) This office Proc.Rc.No.77/PS2-1/2015,Dates:29.12.2015,
03.05.2016, 03.06.2016, 14.06.2016 and 16.06.2016.
5) Govt Memo No.1145/SE.Gen/A1/2014, Dated: 02.07.2016.
6) Lr.No.1120/for.1(2)/2015 Forest Dept. Dated:01.07.2016.
7) Govt Memo No.16085/OP & MC/A2/2015 , Dated: 06.07.2016.

The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education/ District Education Officers in the State are invited to the references read above, and they are aware that the Government is taking up TELANGANA KU HARITHA HARAM (TKHH) Programme from 08-07-2016 to 20-07-2016 in the State.

As a part of which Plantation shall be taken up in all the Institutions (Govt, Local body, Aided and recognised Private) under all managements. As far as possible every institution should plan for taking up the planting of samplings with the participation of students as per the space available duly taking up pitting in advance.

In this regard the following instructions are issued:

1) Pitting should be completed at least a weekdays before planting is done. The size of the Pit should be based on the species of the plant, Forest Department will guide in this regard.

2) The Head of the Institution shall contact the local MNREGS Co-ordinator and avail the services of wage seekers in the village and get the pitting done.

3) All the institutions/sites identified for taking up plantation shall be attached to their nearest nursery and arrangements for transportation of seedlings are being made under the MNREGS.

4) The DEOs shall place the requirement of banners for display during the plantation activities and green caps for the children to the DFO Social Forestry under intimation to this office.
Programmes in GHMC and HMDS:

a) On 11th July all Institutions i.e., (Govt, Local body, Aided and recognised Private) under all managements located in GHMC limits must participate in a big way. The DEO Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy and RJDEs Hyderabad particularly must coordinate with all Educational Institutions.

The requirement of sapling and species must be informed the officer concerned in GHMC /HMDA by uploading in the formats prescribed.

b) The concerned Nodal officer must coordinate this activity between schools concerned of the GHMC/HMDA with officers from where the material will be despatched. As was clarified in the Video Conference the transportation charges/pitting work will be taken up by the GHMC/HMDA

5) All the Private Schools shall take up plantation in their institutions and also adopt a nearby plantation site/road margins/traffic islands identified for taking up plantation by the local authorities and arrange for fencing/watch & ward and watering arrangements. The DEOs shall maintain a list of such arrangements.

6) All the institutions under Private Managements shall invariably follow the provisions of the WALTA Act in maintaining green cover in their campuses.

7) They must provide details of the Action plan to be followed for effective implementation of the programme.

11.07.2016To launch the Programme.
11.07.2016a) To take up the Rallies with banners and caps etc., in the village to create awareness of TKHH for among the students and parents and also involve the participation of the Public representatives/ Associations/ Organizations of the local area.
b) Identify the sites for pitting of the plants and taking up the pitting works at each school level
12.07.2016Completing the pitting work at each school level
12.07.2016   14.07.2016 Conduct essay writing competitions on TKHH in High Schools and painting /Skits/Songs/dances in all Primary and Upper primary schools and prize distribution.
13.07.2016Collecting the saplings from identified nurseries
15.07.2016Mega Plantation Programme of the School Education Department in the State in all levels of educational institutions and offices on 15.07.2016.
16.07.2016Conduct essay writing competitions at Assembly constituency level on TKHH for the 1st and 2nd winners from respective schools and prize distribution.
18.07.2016Conduct of essay writing competitions at District level on TKHH for the 1st and 2nd winners from the Assembly constituency level and prize distribution

Therefore, all the DEOS are requested to see that these linkages are completed duly coordinating with the Project Director, DWMA, and District, Forest Officer, Social Forestry of the District. The aftercare arrangements are herewith appended as Annexure.

All the DEOs are further requested to see that activities listed above are taken up strictly as per schedule involving all the institutions in the district. They are also requested to constitute a cell in their offices so that information from the field is collected on a daily basis from 11.07.2016 to 20.07.2016 and furnish to this office promptly,

They must communicate these instructions down the line to the schools, which are identified for plantation which is very crucial in the proper implementation of the programme. Hence, the personal attention of the DEOs should be bestowed on this item of work.

Telangana Ku Haritha Haaram-Haritha Patashala Program

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