Telanganaa Deepam Scheme Guidelines for Saction of LPG Connections

Telanganaa Deepam Scheme Guidelines, G.O.MS.No.3; Date:  26-02-2015: Government of Telangana, Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies Department, Civil Supplies – Deepam Connections – Identification, selection and sanction of connections to women belonging to poor sections of society – Orders-  Issued.


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In supersession of the orders issued in the references read above, the Govt. issue the following orders for sanction of Deepam connections to Women belonging to the poor sections of the society with a view to reduce dependence on forest for firewood, improve their health status, remove drudgery due to conventional cooking and improve the general environment of the State by paying the cost of LPG cylinder and regulator as per the rate of the Oil Companies in force from time to time.

  1. With a view to ensuring that the identification, selection and sanction under Deepam Scheme is done in a simple, transparent and fool-proof manner and that every needy and genuine family gets it for proper domestic use, it is considered to issue revised guidelines.
  2. The following revised guidelines are therefore issued for identification, selection and sanction of Deepam connections.
    a) The Collectors shall be the authorities competent to select the beneficiaries in the district for sanction of LPG connections under Deepam.
    b) The women belonging to poor sections like SC, ST, Minorities, etc., who are really in need of the connection for their regular domestic use shall be eligible for sanction of Deepam Connection. Self Help Groups (IKP) – Rural and Urban groups shall be given high priority in selection.
    c) Identification of the prospective beneficiaries shall be done strictly based on satisfaction that they are presently not having any  LPG/Deepam connection.
    d) The selection shall be done by a Committee with the following:
    i) Collector: Chairman
    ii) PD, IKP (Rural): Members
    iii) PD, IKP (Urban): Members
    iv) All Municipal Commissioners: Members                        
    v) District Level Coordinator for LPG : Members
    vi) Dist. Supply Officer: Convenor
  3. This Committee shall take into consideration various aspects like (1) the proposed beneficiary is not already having a LPG/Deepam connection, (2) She shall utilize it for domestic consumption properly and is not in a position to make the payment for  LPG cylinder and Regulator and then  select the eligible persons.
  4. Once the identification is completed, the list shall be displayed in the Gram Panchayat Office in respect of rural areas and in Ward / Circle Offices of Municipalities / Municipal Corporations in urban areas for any objections etc. After giving 3 days time, a Gram Sabha/ Ward Sabha may be conducted and the names of the eligible / identified beneficiaries be read over; objections, if any received, to be examined on the spot wherever possible, and final list with the Signature of the Sarpanch or Councilor/Corporator of the Ward shall be sent to the Collector. The selection process shall be in a transparent manner.
  5. The Collector shall arrange to send letters to the beneficiaries thus identified requiring them to give an undertaking indicating that she is not in possession of a LPG/Deepam Connection and once the connection is granted, she shall utilize for her own family needs and shall not sell it to others nor lend it to others. They shall also furnish their Aadhaar number.
  6. On receipt of such an undertaking, the data shall be uploaded in the  system for cross checking with Aadhaar number from the list already seeded whether the beneficiary is already in possession of LPG/Deepam connection and after satisfying that the beneficiary is not having a LPG/Deepam connection, sanction order will be issued in the name of the beneficiary and list communicated to the Oil Companies for grounding the connection.
  7. The LPG dealer from whom the connection is to be issued shall assign the consumer number, issue the connection and upload on website –
  8. After this, the Assistant Supply Officers / Tahsildars shall verify  whether the grounding of the connection has been done and after  verification, certify and shall upload the ground details with necessary remarks for adjustment of the security deposit paid to the Oil Companies.
  9. While sanctioning the connections, Collectors shall ensure that the selection is made as per the allocation made to the district by the Government and there shall not be any deviation  from allotment from one constituency to another for any reason.
  10. All the Collectors are informed that the above instructions shall be followed scrupulously. Government or Commissioner of Civil Supplies may also issue any further guidelines from time to time which may be followed accordingly. Telanganaa Deepam Scheme Guidelines

Download the Deepam Scheme New Guidelines for Sanction of LPG from here

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