Compassionate Appointment to Dependent of Govt Employee and More Details

Compassionate Appointment to Dependent of Govt Employee under Compassionate Appointments Scheme. If the person who is supporting the family while doing the job dies suddenly, those family members will lose support. Get in trouble.

Compassionate Appointments (Rules, Regulations and Procedures). The same is true even if you are unable to work due to health reasons. Compassionate appointments were introduced to support such families.

The Objective of the scheme of Compassionate Appointments for the Dependents of AP Government Employees  is a social security measure to help the deceased Government Employees. The Scheme of Compassionate Appointments to the deceased Government Employee is in force as per the orders issued in G.O.687 GAD Dated 3-10-1977.

Government has released the Circular Memo. No.60681/Ser.A/2003-1 Dated 12-8-2003 on Compassionate Appointments by consolidating all existing instructions up to 2003. The Scheme of Compassionate Appointment (కారుణ్య నియామకం) to the Dependents of Govt Employees who died in Harness and who are found missing and where about not Known.

Compassionate Appointment to Dependent of Govt Employee and More Details

Compassionate appointment: Most of users have a lot of doubts about on Compassionate Appointment to Dependent of Govt Employee.
When is a compassionate appointment made?,
How is a compassionate appointment made?,
To whom is the compassionate appointment made?,
Where is the compassionate appointment?,
Compassionate appointment should be given within,
Which post will be posted under the compassionate appointment?
There are many doubts like this.

The information given below is provided for you proper awareness on compassionate appointments with respect to government employees.

How Many Types of Compassionate Appointments?: Compassionate Appointments are Two types under Compassionate Appointment to Dependent of Govt Employee. One: Giving to the family of a deceased employee. Two: Granted to dependents of an employee who has retired due to medical reasons.

What is the purpose of compassionate appointments? Providing financial support to the families of employees who have died or are unable to work due to illness.

Compassionate Appointments Scheme Objective: Object of the Compassionate Appointments Scheme a social security scheme to provide appointment up to or equal to or less than the category of Junior Assistant to the spouse or dependent Government servant who dies in harness, medically invalidated, missing for more than 7 years, dies in violence, commits suicide, leaving the family in immediate need of assistance there being no bread winner to provide immediate relief to the distressed family and also to instill a sense of feel secure confidence among the employees who are the main tool in the government administrative machinery.

Who are eligible for Compassionate appointment to a job in Government Service?

Who is eligible for compassionate appointment? Under the Compassionate Appointments scheme, the following are eligible for appointment to a job in Government Service.

  1. One of the dependent family members of the deceased government employee who die in harness, there being no other earning member in the family.
  2. One of the dependents of the Government employee, who has disappeared and whose whereabouts are not known for more than 7 (seven) years, subject to the following conditions:
  3.  (a) A request for grant of the benefit of compassionate appointments can be considered only after a lapse of 7 (seven) years from the date from which the Government servant has been missing, provided that:
    (i) An FIR (First Information Report) to this effect has been lodged with the police:
    (ii) The police report shall certify that the missing Government employee is not traceable: and
    (iii) the competent authority feels that the case is genuine:
  4. (b) This benefit shall not be applicable to the case of a Government servant:-
    (i) Who had less than 7 (seven) years to retire on the date from which the FIR is filed: and/ or
    (ii) who is suspected to have committed framed or suspected to have joined any terrorist/extremist organisation or suspected to have gone abroad.
  5. (c) While considering the request for compassionate appointment the result of the police investigation shall also be taken into account:
  6. (d) Applications for compassionate appointment from the dependents of such missing Government employees shall be entertained within a period of one year from the date of completion of 7 (Seven) years from the date of filing FIR with police. etc..

Circumstances and Applicability of the scheme

  1. Death of the Government servant in harness (G.O.Ms.No. 1005 Emp & Soc. Wel (G) Dept. dt. 127-12-1074 and Cir. Memo. NO. 600681/Ser.I/2003-1 dated 12-08-2003.
  2. killing by exteremist/anti-social elements (GOMs.No. 443 GA(SER.C) Dept dated 28-10-2002.
  3. missing or whereabouts are not known for more than 7 years ( Cir. Memo. No. 60681/Ser.I/2003 dt. 12-8-2003.)
  4. committing suicide while in service (Cir. Memo. No. 41758/Ser.G/2006-2 dated 19-7-2007)
  5. medical invalidation (GOMs.No. 661 GA(Ser.G) Dept dated 23-10-2008.)
Applicability:Non applicability:
The spouse/dependent of regular government servant of 1 to 5 (Above).Dependent of pensioner.
The dependent of Full time or part time contingent employee, Daily wage employee/NMR/Employee on Consolidate pay fully eligible for conversion as regular government employee (GO Ms No. 118 Fin. Wing (PC.III) Department dated 18-8-1999.The dependent of Daily Wage employee/ NMR/ Employee on Consolidate pay fully eligible for conversion as regular government employee.
Regular employee.Non-regular employee.
Circumstances and Applicability of the scheme

Who is considered the dependent for appointment on compassionate grounds?

Eligible Dependents for Compassionate Appointment to Dependent of Govt Employee: Dependent family member is eligible for Compassionate Appointment. The following dependent Family Members are considered for the purpose of consideration of appointment on compassionate grounds?

(a) Spouse (b) Son/Daughter of regular Govt. employees.

(b) i) In the family of the deceased government employee, if the son who is employed is separated from the family and if the family is without an earning member, the spouse/son/daughter out of the remaining family may be considered for compassionate appointment.

(b)  ii) The adopted son or daughter of the deceased Government servant may be considered for appointment, if the adoption had taken place legally, at least five years prior to the date of demise of the Government Servant.

When there is only a married daughter to the deceased Government employee without older or younger brothers or sisters and the spouse of the deceased Government employee is not willing to avail the compassionate appointment, such married daughter maybe considered for compassionate appointment, provided she is dependent on the deceased Government employee.

Where the unmarried daughter of the deceased employee who is otherwise eligible on the date of the death of the deceased government employee and she is also eligible as an unmarried daughter the day she has applied for compassionate appointment (Karunya Niyamakam) but subsequently gets married before she could be appointed due to administrative delays in issuing the appointment orders, such married daughter of the deceased Government employee is eligible for compassionate appointment provided she applied for the post within the prescribed time limit before her marriage and subject to satisfying other conditions and instructions issued on the scheme from time to time.

Where the deceased employee does not have any male child but leaves behind him a married daughter and an unmarried minor daughter, the choice of selecting one of them for appointment under the social security scheme shall be left to the mother.

Dependents are eligible for the benefit under the Compassionate appointment scheme

Whatever the compassionate appointment, most people have doubts about on whom to be appointed as Compassionate appointment and who are eligible for benefit under compassionate appointment scheme or Which dependent is eligible for benefit under the Compassionate Scheme. The procedures for it are as follows

  • Employee Spouse
  • Son/daughter
  • When employed son is separated, when there is no other earning member, one of the eligible out of spouse/son/daughter
  • Legally Adopted son or daughter in case of adoption occurred five years prior to the date of death of the employee.
  • Only daughter married have no brother or sister when the spouse of the deceased is not willing for appointment.
  • Daughter Unmarried on the date of application for appointment and subsequently married before her appointment
  • One of the married daughter and unmarried minor daughter at the choice of the wife of the deceased.
  • A widow or widower appointed on compassionate grounds will be continued in service in case of remarriage.
  • Unemployed younger brother/sister in case the deceased employee is unmarried.
  • Dependent Widowed daughter without receiving any property from husband and only legal heir of the deceased employee.
  • Married unemployed dependent son and legal heir, when there are no other earning members in the family.
  • One of the married daughters if spouse unwilling subject to eligibility (GM No. 116417/Ser-A/2003-1 GA(Ser.A) Dt. 8-10-2003

Appointments: In which post will dependent be appointed? Posts to which Appointments can be made Appointment under the scheme can be made to the post of Junior Assistant or for any other Category or posts whose pay is equal or less than that of Junior Assistant.

Post NameQualification
Junior Assistant and equivalent categories in HODs/DirectoratesDegree
Junior Assistant and equivalent categories in Subordinate officesIntermediate/ Degree
TypistTypewriting in English/Telugu Higher
For Office subordinate category in any officeVII Class pass
For Watchman categoryV Pass
Compassionate Appointment Posts and Qualificatioin

Conditional appointment subject to acquiring Degree/ Intermediate/ technical qualification within 5/3/2 years which can be extended for grace period of two years. If fails to secure qualification such employee can be considered for appointment on his consent to the post under AP/TS Last grade service subject to availability of vacancy. otherwise his service should be terminated. (GOMs.No. 969 GA(Ser.A) Dept dated 27-10-1995)

Diploma Holder can also be considered in case the duration of study of such diploma is equivalent to or longer than that of Intermediate ( GOMs.No. 112 Higher Education (TE.1) Department dated 27-10-2001.

The eligibility to be taken for educational qualifications has to be reckoned with the date of application for compassionate appointment . (GM.No. 34830/Ser.A/97-1 GA(Ser. A) Dept dt. 19-8-1997.)

How is the Compassionate Appointment process?

  • His family members must apply for the appointment within one year of the employee’s death.
  • In the case of minor children their application will be considered only if the employee has attained the age of 18 years within two years of death.
  • Application for retirement due to medical reasons will be sent to the District / State Medical Committee and approved by the Recruitment Officer on the recommendation of the District / State Committee based on their report.

Appointment range:

  • An appointment is made in the unit where the deceased government employee worked.
  • When there are no vacancies in the unit, the cases are forwarded to the District Collector, who is the nodal officer, who assigns them to other departments.
  • In case there are no vacancies in any department, the Collector will create up to 5 supernumerary posts in a calendar year.
  • Proposals should be sent to the concerned departments when posts beyond that are required.
  • These compassionate appointments are made subject to the Six Point Formula in the Direct Recruitment Quota.
  • The reservation rule (Rule 22) has to be followed.
  • If the wife of a deceased employee applies for a compassionate appointment, she may request employment in her own district, where the husband worked, or in any other district.

Eligibility: (a) Qualification: Must have the prescribed qualifications for the respective posts. The Qualifications are as prescribed in the Rules for the Post for which compassionate appointment is going to be made.

A minimum period of 3 years to acquire Intermediate Qualification and 5 Years for acquisition of Degree Qualification be allowed for the candidates appointed to Junior Assistants. A further period of 2 years will be allowed to acquire the academic/technical qualification. SC, ST and BC castes are exempted from five years.

(b) Age Limit: The Maximum Age Limit is 33 Years for open category and 5 Years relaxation is given to BC/SC/ST candidates.

  • Minimum age: 18 years and Maximum age: 39 years .
  • For widows : 45 years. (GOMs.No.144 GA( Ser.D) dt. 15-6-2003) (The age limit for hiring an employee’s spouse is 45 years.)
  • Minor: should attain majority within two years from the date of death.(Memo. Dated 17-12-1979).

When the age and qualifications for the last tier post are not suitable, the appointment can be made first and then the exemption can be obtained from the concerned department.

The application must be within one year from the date of death/medical invalidation. In case of killing in extremist violence one year can be reckoned from the date of attaining majority. (GO MsNo.443 GA(Ser.C) Department dated 28-10-2002).

Undertaking: The compassionate appointee should furnish an undertaking to the effect that he/she will maintain the other dependent family members and in case it is proved subsequently at any time that the family members are being neglected or are not being maintained properly, the appointment may be terminated forthwith”.

In case of failure to comply with above condition, the services of such appointee should be terminated by the Secretary to Government of the Administrative Department in case of employees in Heads of Department and HOD in case of subordinate offices, after issue of show cause notice to that effect

Nature of appointment: Initially the appointment should be temporary under Rule 10(a) of A.P. State and Subordinate Service Rules without subjecting to process of recruitment provided in the relevant recruitment rules in case satisfies the educational/technical qualifications and within the limits of minimum and maximum age.

Vacancies: In the existing vacancy straight away duly intimating the same to the District Collector/GA(IC) Department.

In case no vacancy , the application should be forwarded to the District Collector, nodal officer, for allotment to other department in the district where a vacancy is available.

the District Collector shall send proposals to the Administrative Department in Government. In case of HODs proposals shall be sent to the GA(IC) Department. In case vacancy available at roster point meant for the Community to the applicant belongs, such reserved community person can be appointed in OC vacancy but a OC should not be appointed against the available reserved community vacancy.

In case no vacancy exists for a OC person, such OC has to be considered by the District Collector by creation of supernumerary post in the concerned department to accommodate him. For creation of supernumerary post exceeding 5, the District Collector send proposals to the Administrative Department in Government. In case of HODs proposals be sent to the GA(IC) Department.

Competent Authority:

  • The appointing authority under relevant rules in respect of the post to which he is considered for appointment.
  • The age limit and educational qualifications are to be reckoned from the date of application.
  • On allotment by the nodal officer, appointment can be made initially on temporary basis subject to getting relaxation of age from the government.
  • Appointment in any place where the spouse finds secured to live i.e. native place or at the place where the deceased last worked or in any district according to her choice basing on the local status of such spouse/dependent under Six Point Formula. (Cir Memo NO. 28967/Ser. G/2004-1 dated 5-6-2004.
  • These appointments shall be against direct recruitment quota and to the posts where direct recruitment is available.
  • The rule of reservation shall be followed

JOINING TIME: Joining time of 30 days under shall be allowed as permissible under Rul1 11(a) of AP State and Subordinate Service Rules.

Regularization: In case of fully qualified appointees from the date of appointment. In case of conditional appointment prior to 22-6-2004 subject to acquiring qualifications, from the date of appointment on or after 22-6-2004 from the date of acquiring the qualification

Procedure in case of Medical invalidation and compassionate appointment of dependent/spouse of such employee:

  1. The appointment is only in cases when the family is in indigent and conditions and in great distress and when there is no bread winner in the family.
  2. The appointment is only in case of eligibility as per rules. No relaxation is permissible.
  3. Application within one year from the date of Invalidation.
  4. Appointment are initially temporary limiting to 5% in the vacancies meant for direct recruitment in the unit duly observing provisions under SPF.
  5. Normal process of recruitment need not be followed. However, a formal notification of the vacancy should be sent to the Employment Exchange. After appointment the particulars of the persons appointed should be sent E.E. The Director of Employment and Training shall be intimated.
  6. On the date of invalid retirement, such employees should have 5 years of left over service irrespective of the age of superannuation.
  7. On receipt of the application for medical invalidation, the appointing authority shall refer such case to the Medical Board.

At Districts: Where there are teaching Hospitals other than Rangareddy and Hyderabad. Medical Board consisting of :

  • Superintendent of Govt. General Hospital
  • Civil Surgeon-1 } Nominated by
  • Civil Surgeon-2 } Superintendent of Govt. General Hospital.
  • ( One of the two Civil Surgeons should be a specialist of the illness/decease the employee is suffering ; in case of lady employee, a lady Civil Surgeon should be nominated. )
  • IN case of Rangareddy and Hyderabad, Medical Boards existing in Osmania and Gandhi Hospital

In all other Districts: the Medical Board consisting of

  • District Co–coordinator of the District Head Quarters Hospital of APVVP
  • Civil Surgeon-1 } Nominated by
  • Civil Surgeon-2 } District Co-ordinator
  • (One of the two Civil Surgeons should be a specialist of the illness/decease the employee is suffering; in case of lady employee, a lady Civil Surgeon should be nominated.)
  • The Medical Board at NIMS, SVIMS gives its report based on the detailed clinical examination and relevant investigations in Govt. Hospital/Govt. Institutions.

In case of the following diseases only the medical invalidation should be allowed:

  • Paralysis — All 4 limbs ; One side upper limb and lower limb; both lower limbs,
  • End stage Renal disease
  • End stage Liver disease
  • Cancer with metastasis or secondaries.
  • Dementia – Mental Disorder.
  • Severe Parkinson disease

On receipt of the Medical Board report, the appointing authority shall refer the cases of subordinate offices to the District Level Committee consisting of

  • District Collector– Chairman
  • The District Medical and Health Officer – Member
  • The District Head of the Department — Member/Convenor

In case of the HODs and Secretariat Department the following committee shall scrutiny the cases.

  • Special Chief Secretary/Prl Secretary nominated by Govt. Chairman
  • Prl. Secy/Secy to Govt. Health Medical & F.W. Member
  • Prl. Secy/Secy to Govt. Of Dept in which the employees is seeking M.I. — Member
  • Prl. Secy/Secy to Govt. Finance Dept– Member
  • Prl. Secy/Secy to Govt. GA Ser Dept – Member
  • Secy to Govt Law Dept — Member
  • Director of Medical Education – Member
  • Dy Secretary/Jt Secy/Addl Secy to Govt. To Govt. M&FW Member/Convener

The above committees scrutinize the Medical reports and recommend for appointment on compassionate grounds.

Basing on the medical board report and the report of the above committee, the Head of the Department shall retire the employee on medical invalidation and appoint the dependents of such employee.

In Case Whereabouts Of The Employee Are Not Known

  • Request should be entertained only within one year on completion of 7 years from the date of filing FIR with Police.
  • The Police should certify that the missing employee is not traceable.
  • The competent authority feels that the case is genuine.
  • The benefit should not be allowed to the family members of the employees who is having less than seven years of left over service from the date of filing FIR
  • The employee should have been suspected that he is committing fraud or joined terrorist/extremist organization.
  • The result of the police investigation report should be taken into account.
  • The appointment should be made by the appointing authority duly obtaining the permission from the Secretary of the administrative Department against the vacancy available in the department.
  • An indemnity should be obtained from the appointee to refund the amounts drawn by her for such employment and she is liable for termination in the event of appearance of the person missing or the missing employee is alive anywhere.

In case the person is given the benefit of compassionate appointment, in case of his missing, the spouse of such missing employee is not entitled for appointment under this scheme (Memo. No. 14141/Ser.II (2)2007-6 dated 12-5-2008 of the Principal Secretary to Government, I and CAD Department)


  • No relaxation of rules in case of appointment other than the post in Last Grade Service is permissible.
  • Relaxation of stipulated time of one year for application; time limit of two years for appointment of minor appointment; Educational qualifications under APLGS in respect of minor may be referred to Government in hard cases. In other case relaxation cannot be entertained.
  • Relaxation of age, educational qualification under APLGS contemplated in G.M.No. 2047/Ser.A/83-1 DA(Ser.A) Department dated 10-10-1983 need not be insisted for temporary appointments.
  • However, service should be regularized only after getting relaxation orders from the HOD.

Legal position: The Supreme Court held that courts/tribunal cannot issue positive directions to the appointing authority in respect of compassionate appointment and also for creation of supernumerary post for such appointments in the absence of specific provision under the scheme for creation of supernumerary post.

The appointment under the scheme is only in accordance with relevant provisions and guidelines given under the scheme by the Government.

Ex Gratia payment: In case of death while in service, when there is no other earning family member; when there is no suitable person for appointment in the family, children are minors and the spouse/other dependent does not avail the benefit of appointment; if the spouse crossed 45 years of age exgratia amount can be granted (G.O.Ms.No. 166 GA(Ser. G) Department dated 31-3-200

  • Class IV employee Rs.40,000
  • Non Gazetted Officer Rs.60,000
  • Gazetted officers Rs.80,000

If the wife is unwilling or unqualified, her choice of selecting one of her dependent children shall vests with her. GM 140733/Ser.A/2003-1 GA(Ser.A) dt 14-11-2003.

Appointment to the post of Watchman/ Chowkidar can be made without requirement of Ex Serviceman or trained in Civil Defence or as a Home Guard subject to undergoing such training after appointment. (GM 155498/Ser.G/GA(Ser.A) dt. 27-11-2004.

Appointment shall be in accordance with special rules, rules of reservation including local and Non local. (GM No. 46614/Ser.A/2005-1 GA (Ser.A) dt. 27-5-2005)

Not to accept requests for relaxations of existing rules. Secretariat Departments/ HODs not to entertain such proposals. . (GM No. 28379/Ser.G/A1/2004-1 GA(Ser.G) Dt. 28-5- 2005.

Married son, dependent on the deceased, if there is no other family member subject to other conditions of the scheme. (Memo. No. 23327/Ser.G/2007-2 GA(Ser.G) dt. 19-9-2007.)

Inter Local cadre transfers of compassionate appointees on option to local cadre, holding a localised post, against a clear vacancy and seniority as at request without observing ban on transfer . (GO 70GA(MC.III) dt. 11-2-2009)

Compassionate appointment be made only in the local cadre to which the applicant is a local candidate(GM No. 20568/Ser.G/299801, GAD(Ser. G) Dt. 22- 6-2009)

Pension can be treated as earning and pensioner can be treated as an earning member and also that the dependents children of a government employee, who died while in service cannot be considered for appointment under the scheme of compassionate appointment when the other parent, who had retired from service and is in receipt of service pension.

Related Govt Orders

  • Those who depend on the deceased government employee are given compassionate appointment by GO 687, GAD, 03.10.1977. Many modifications and explanations have been made regarding this GO over time.
  • Comprehensive orders were issued by 60681 / Service‌-A / 2003-1, GAD, 12.08.2003 including all these.
  • Compassionate employment opportunity for heirs of employees who have retired due to medical reasons is renewed by GO MS ‌No.661, GAD, dated 23.10.2008.
  • Compassionate appointments to the descendants of aided teachers who died while in service were allowed by GO MS ‌No.‌113, Department of Education, dated: 6.10.2009.

Latest Memo: Latest Memo on compassionate appointments: The government has recently issued a memo regarding compassionate appointments.
Both spouses are government employees, one of whom retires and receives a pension, while the other does not apply for compassionate placement of dependents over them.
Since there is a person receiving pension in that house, it is not considered as a family with income and compassionate appointment is not given.
Circular Memo No.3548 / Sarvas-G / A2 / 2010-8, GAD, dated: 24.03.2012 has been issued in this regard.

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Compassionate Appointments to Dependents of Govt Employees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Compassionate Appointment

  1. What is the objective of scheme for compassionate appointments?

    The objective of the compassionate appointments Scheme is to grant appointment on compassionate grounds to a dependent family member of a Government servant who has died while in service or who is retired on medical grounds before attaining the age, thereby leaving the family in penury and without any means of sustainable livelihood so as to provide relief to the family of the Government servant concerned from financial destitution and to help it get over the emergency.

  2. Can dependents of a deceased government employee who committed suicide be considered for compassionate appointment?

    Yes. If the family satisfies the criteria to be considered for compassionate appointment

  3. What is the upper and lower age limit for making compassionate appointment?

    The age limits would be based on the Recruitment Rules of the post to which the compassionate appointment is proposed to be made.

  4. Whether upper age limit prescribed for a post can be relaxed while making appointment on compassionate ground?

    Yes. Upper age limit can be relaxed wherever found to be necessary.

  5. Whether lower age limit prescribed for a post can be relaxed while making appointment on compassionate ground?

    No. The lower age limit cannot be relaxed below 18 years of age

  6. What is the crucial date for determining age eligibility for appointment on compassionate grounds?

    Age eligibility shall be determined with reference to the ‘date of application’ for compassionate appointment.

  7. Which authority is competent to grant relaxation of upper age limit?

    Authority competent to take a final decision for making compassionate appointment in a case is the competent authority to grant relaxation of upper age limit.

  8. Is there any restriction of age limit of medically retired government servant for consideration of cases of dependents for compassionate appointment?

    Yes. The Government servant should have retired on medical grounds before attaining the age of 55 years (57 years for erstwhile Group D employees).

  9. Who are considered dependent Family Members for the purpose of consideration of appointment on compassionate grounds?

    Dependent Family Member means: a) spouse; or b) son (including adopted son); or c) daughter (including adopted daughter); or d) brother or sister in the case of unmarried Government servant; or e) member of the Armed Forces

  10. Whether a ‘married daughter’ can be considered for compassionate appointment?

    Yes, but subject to conditions: i. That she was wholly dependent on the Government servant at the time of his/her death in harness or retirement on medical grounds ii. She must support other dependents members of the family

  11. Whether ‘married son’ can be considered for compassionate appointment?

    No. A married son is not considered dependent on a government servant.

  12. Whether ‘married brother’ can be considered for compassionate appointment?

    No. A married brother is not considered dependent on a government servant.

  13. Whether dependent of an employee working on ‘daily wage or causal or apprentice or ad-hoc or contract or re-employment’ basis can be considered for compassionate appointment?

    No. Only the dependent of regular government employee can be considered for compassionate appointment.

  14. Whether dependent of “confirmed work-charged staff” can be considered for compassionate appointment?

    Yes. Confirmed work-charged staff is covered by the term Government servant.

  15. Whether a widow appointed on compassionate ground be allowed to continue in service after re-marriage?

    Yes. a widow appointed on compassionate ground be allowed to continue in service after re-marriage

  16. Whether dependent of deceased government employee can be considered for compassionate appointment when there is an earning member in the family?

    Yes. In deserving cases, even where there is already an earning member in the family, a dependent family member may be considered for compassionate appointment with prior approval of the Secretary of the Department/Ministry concerned who, before approving such appointment, will satisfy himself that grant of compassionate appointment is justified having regard to number of dependents, assets and liabilities left by the Government servant, income of the earning member as also his liabilities including the fact that the earning member is residing with the family of the Government servant and whether he should not be a source of support to other members of the family.

  17. Whether dependent of a missing government employee can be considered for compassionate appointment?

    Yes. Subject to conditions prescribed in this Department GO.M. dated 09.10.1998, dependent family of missing government employees can be considered for compassionate appointment.

Compassionate Appointments In Telugu
(Compassionate Appointment Rules in Telugu)

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