WhatsApp Exam 2022 & Practice for School Students through WhatsApp Chatbot Service

WhatsApp Exam 2021 that means WhatsApp Weekly Assessment 2021 would be conducted through WhatsApp Chatbot Service (WhatsApp Practice) for Telangana School Students under Intinta Chaduvula Panta Programme for assessment of children performance those who are studying in Government schools.

There is no need to worry about government school students not understanding online lessons. Students’ capabilities are being highlighted with the ‘Intinta Study Crop-WhatsApp Based Chat Chat Bot’ app brought by the school education department to determine the extent to which students understand online lessons.

It is known that govt school students are taking advantage of online classes. Students from class 1 to class 10 in government schools are attending online classes from September 1. More than 90 percent of students listen to classes daily.

Students are being questioned with the WhatsApp based chat bot app made available from the 4th of January month. That is being evaluated immediately. Taken subject-wise, most students have answered the math questions correctly. Students were made excellence in everything except physics, chemistry, and biology.

TS Government has introduced WhatsApp Chatbot Service for School Students in the name of ‘Intinta Chaduvula Panta 2021″ for WhatsApp based Weekly Practice. Are your children studying from 1st to 10th class? Are you listening to online classes? Do they understand the lessons or not? Is there a suspicion that? No worries. The Telangana state government has launched the WhatsApp based chatbot app for your children.

Students Performance Assessment through WhatsApp 2021 that means WhatsApp Exam for Telangana students. This app conducts tests on all subjects once a week. Send ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp to 85955 24405. Student name, class, medium details should be entered. Classes 8-10 questions related to two subjects are posted on WhatsApp every week.

WhatsApp Exam & Practice 2021 for School Students

Wrong and right will be decided within a few seconds of answering them. Video tutorials on wrong answers are sent via WhatsApp. The Department of Education has launched this innovative app ‘Intinta Study Festival- WhatsApp Based Chat Bot’ on 04-01-2021.

WhatsApp Practice 2021 [8595524405] : To enable WhatsApp based weekly practice, students save the mobile number given below under the name WhatsApp Practice and after saving, send Hello or Namaste message every week. 8595524405. To be successful in this aspect, each student must practice once a week with full commitment

WhatsApp to practice questions: The school education department has launched a new program called ‘Intinta Paduvula Panta’ to enable school students to practice the respective subjects weekly based on WhatsApp.
Students in Classes 1-10 can save their WhatsApp number (8595524405) and send a Hi / Hello / Namaste message every week. If you fill them in, you will see the correct answer along with the key. The question paper will be in Telugu and English medium. This facility is already available for Classes 1-8. Classes 9, 10 will start from 11th of January month.

Subject Practice on WhatsApp for Students: School Education has brought an innovative program to identify talent. School education officials are working to find out how much digital and online lessons are understood by students. The subject practice activities were started under the name ‘WhatsApp Chat Bot’ as part of the ‘Intinta Education Crop’ program.

For this, WhatsApp number 85955 24405 has been made available. Students from first to tenth class can choose two subjects per week and practice through WhatsApp. It was made available in Telugu and English media.
Send hi / halo / namaste to this number on WhatsApp. Then select the details asked on the mobile.

As you answer each question related to the subject, up to 10 questions will come up. If incorrect, the video will be sent with a correct answer.
You can practice two subjects a week like this. School Education Director has directed all the DEOs to direct every student to take up the program. It’s easier than a mobile game. Contributes to improving students’ awareness

WhatsApp Exam 2021

“Intinta Chaduvula Panta programme” is rollout in Telangana State. The SPD, SS Telangana has given proceedings on 08-01-2021 for WhatsApp based application by integrating the weekly worksheets – Assessment of children performance through Whatsapp Chat Bot. Certain instructions have been issued on Intinta Chaduvula Panta programme 2021

SPD SS Telangana has informed to all DEOs, DPOs that the “Intinta Chaduvula Panta programme 2021” (WhatsApp chat bot) has been designed to enable quality education at home for children studying in Government schools in view of extended physical closure of schools for students due to pandemic.

The weekly worksheet content created for all subjects for classes 1-10 is being disseminated through this WhatsApp Chat bot. Every week upto 10 questions from two subjects can be practiced by the students. After the practice the answer key is sent with correct and wrong answers.

Based on student’s answers, the Chat bot will send relevant video links for learning. Therefore, they are requested to issue instructions to the MEOs/Headmasters to share the WhatsApp Chat bot phone number 8595524405 with the students to start practicing by sending “Hi/Hello/Namaste” to above phone number on WhatsApp.

Live dash board is enabled in ISMS portal for monitoring the activity. For any queries officers can call on helpline number 011-40747485.

How to Register for WhatsApp Practice 2021?

  • Start Registration. Students will send a message (for example: Hello, Hi or Namaste) to the saved number.
  • Step 1. Select the Medium of language: Students will choose the medium of instructions language Telugu / English.
  • Step 2. Choose the District: Students will choose the district their belongs to.
  • Step 3. Choose the block Students will choose the block their belongs to.
  • Step 4. Select the Class option: Students will enter the appropriate option number to select their Class
  • Step 5. Enter Student Name: Students will enter their Full Name.
  • Step 6. Start Weekly Assessments for registered students, or Add a new Student. Registered students can start their weekly assessments by entering the option number before their name. More students can be registered at the same step
  • Step 7. Students select ‘Yes’ if they are ready, or ‘No’ if they want to do it later. Students can start weekly, subject-wise assessments whenever they are ready (between Monday to Sunday) Students will be asked multiple choice questions one by one
  • Step 8. Just send option number as the answer. Students will send the option number as their answer. They don’t have to type the complete answer.
  • Step 9. Subject-Wise Assessment Score and Feedback. Students get a Score card, Answer Key and Remedial Content Recommendations after each subject’s assessment. Other students can participate by sending Hello/Hi/Namaste again.

WhatsApp Exam 2021

WhatsApp Exam 2021Download
Intinta Chaduvula Panta 2021SPD SS Telangana Proceedings
WhatsApp Weekly Assessment 2021User Manual
WhatsApp Chatbot Schedule 2021WhatsApp Practice Schedule
WhatsApp Exam 2021 PDF Files

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