3Rs SLAS Assessment Survey Training Guidelines, Financial norms, Unit cost

3Rs SLAS Assessment Survey Training Guidelines: 3Rs Assessment Survey -Conducting divisional level training Guidelines and unit cost. 3Rs and SLAS Tests for 2-5 classes students. 3Rs SLAS Assessment survey divisional level one day training Conducting guidelines and Instructions, Unit cost and financial norms.

SCERT AP, Progs. RC.No.06, dated: 07.12.2016.

Sub: Elementary Education – PEMANDU lab initiatives – Conduct of 3Rs assessment survey in Primary Schools in A.P – One day orientation at three identified divisional level training centres on conduct of 3Rs and SLAS assessment survey – Certain guidelines issued – Reg.

1. PEMANDU lab draft report.
2. Govt. Memo.No. 3620951/Prog.ll/Al/2016 cit: 31.10.2016 of the Principal Secretary to Govt., School Education.
3. RC.No.06/C/C&T/SCERT/2016cit: 17.11.2016 of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P, Vijayawada.
4. Progs. RC. No.06/C/C& T/3Rs.I l/SCERT/2016 of this office cit: 02.12.2016
5. Progs.RC.No.06/C/C&T/3Rs.l/SCERT/2016 of this office cit: 30.11.2016

The attention of all the District Educational Officers is invited to the subject read above. All the Regional Level and District level officers along with 6 Master trainers were oriented on the conduct of 3Rs and SLAS tests administration for 2-5 classes students as per the progs. in the references 3 and 4 read above.

It is further to inform you that the trainings should be conducted at Divisional level in 3 identified centres with the following team members and participants in the dates mentioned below.

Divisional Level Training: (09.12.2016)
1. Course Director DIET Principal/AMO/DCEB Secretary
2. Master trainers trained at Vijayawada

Training recipients:
1. MEOs  From the tagged up Mandals
2. 2 RPs from each tagged up Mandal
3. 100 D.Ed students identified  by DIETs

Manda I level Trainings: (13.12.2016)
1. Course Director (MEO)
2. Resource Persons

Training recipients:
1. All  Head  Masters from all Govt. and Pvt.Schools
2. All Complex H.Ms

In view of the conduct of the above mentioned trainings in specified days, certain guidelines along with the unit costs for the expenditure to different activities are herewith communicated in the annexures attached. The budget amount for these activities will be transferred to District Educational Officers shortly.

It is further requested to coordinate with the DCEB secretaries to ensure the supply of 3Rs and SLAS tools to all schools as specified earlier in the reference 5 read above. It also requested to coordinate with the Principals DIET to ensure the deputation of D.Ed students to the divisional level training centres on the day of training without fail.

Guidelines to the DEOs and POs SSA:
1. Communicate the guidelines to all the stakeholders and respond to the shakeholders for any clarifications needed from your end.
2. Conduct a planning meeting with all the stakeholders and assign responsibilities specifically.
3. Coordinate with DIET Principals, DCEB Secretaries and AMOs to ensure all the Specific activities
are done in time without any lapses
4. Supervise the work of Course Directors at divisional and mandal levels and see that activities are being done in the right way.
5. Monitor the entire programme in all Govt. and Pvt. schools on two days i.e 14 12.2016 to 15.12.2016.
6. Conduct one review meeting with all the stakeholders after the rests and prepare a documentation report on the entire conduct of the programme which shall be communicated to the Director SCERT and SPD SSA.

Guidelines for Principal DIETs:
7. Allocate 100 D.Ed students (Evaluators) to each training centre from the manuals tagged to the training centre.
8. Ensure their 100% attendance on the day of training and also on the 2 days of 3Rs and SLAS test conduction.
9. Assign 3 evaluators to each sample school. Among 3 one has to attend on 14.12.2016 to conduct SLAS; the other two has to attend the same school on 15.12.2016. Hence assign duties very specifically.
10. Though 240 evaluators are sufficient to conduct tests in sample schools, 60 evaluators are provided as a buffer to allot duties in case of more sections in some schools/ absence of the allotted evaluators and so on.
11. Hence keep the reserved evaluators available, at the respective divisional level training centres where they have undergone training to utilize their services wherever necessary.
12. Give clear instructions to all the evaluators that, they have to conduct tests in the following manner.
a. SLAS test for CLASS 4 with state-supplied question paper and for class 5 with DCEB supplied question paper on 14.12.2016. Both tests should be conducted by evaluators only. The school teachers of sample schools should not conduct any of the above tests.
b. 3Rs test for classes 2 and 3 by one evaluator and 3Rs test (English part only) for 4 and 5 by another evaluator on 15.12.2016. The school teachers of sample schools should not conduct any of the above tests.
13. 3Rs test should be completed in the morning shift and evaluation in the afternoon shift.
14. SLAS in census schools shall be completed in the morning shift as Telugu and Mathematics questions are given in the same tool.
15. SLAS test for class 4 students in sample schools should be conducted in two shifts i.e Telugu in the morning and Mathematics in the afternoon.
16. However, s” class students in sample schools shall write the SLAS test in the morning shift only.
17. The question papers of SLAS test in census and sample schools should not be evaluated. Guidelines to AMOs:
19. Ensure the conduct of divisional level trainings with the allotted members as mentioned in the proceedings
20. Ensure the distribution of training material both at divisional level and Manda I level training
21. Ensure the attendance of complex H.Ms, H.Ms of Govt .. and Pvt. Primary Schools.
22. Coordinate with the DCEB secretaries in supplying the assessment tools to the Mandal Point.

Guidelines to DCEB Secretaries:
23. Ensure the supply of 3Rs and SLAS assessment tools to the census and sample schools by coordinating with MEOs.
24. Ensure the supply of SLAS assessment tool supplied by state to all the sample schools in advance by coordinating with MEOs
5. Act as Course Director in one of the Dlvlslonal level trainings assigned and see that training is conducted in an effective way.

Guidelines to MEOs:
26. Conduct Mandal level trainings as per the training received at divisional level.
27. Keep the entire training material ready a day before the training at MRC.
28. Ensure the attendance of complex H.Ms, H.Ms of Govt. and Pvt. Primary Schools to the Mandai level training.
29. Issue clear instructions to the Complex H.Ms to monitor all the Primary schools under his purview on the two days i.e 141″ and 15111 December 2016.
30. Assign duties to CRPs, MIS coordinators and other office staff to distribute training material, 3Rs
and SLAS assessment tools to the schools under their complex in time without fail.
31. Assign duties to CRPs MIS coordinators and other office staff to receive the material in bundles with clear labels from each school of their cluster separately.
32. Keep the entire material safe and secured until the APonline agents collect the material from MRCs.
33. Educate the teachers that the assessment test is not to identify teachers or not to identify schools.
It is purely to identify the students who need remediation and to design a remediation programme accordingly. Hence help students by identifying remedial students not by helping them in the test.

Unit cost details: 3Rs SLAS Assessment Survey Training Guidelines:

Divisional Level Training:
1. Rs 200/- T.A, Rs. 300/- D.A and Rs. 300/- Honorarium to the Master trainers and Course Director
2. Rs 200/- T.A, Rs. 300/- D.A to the Mandal Educational Officers and 2 RPs from each Manda I
attending the Divisional level training.
3. Rs 100/- towards working lunch, tea & snacks to the participants excluding evaluators
4. Rs 5O/- per head towards stationary for 480 members (180 staff+300 D.Ed students) approx.
5. Rs. 1000/- towards each D.Ed student, to meet the expenditure of T.A, Working lunch and remuneration on the days of training and 3Rs and SLAS assessments in sample schools, all together.
6. Rs.1000/- miscellaneous amount to each training centre.

Mandal Level Training:
1. Rs. 300/- towards Honorarium to the Course Director (MEO) and 2RPs each
2. Rs. 100/- towards working lunch, tea &snacks to the participants to 100 participants in each mandal approximately
3. Rs. 5O/- towards stationery to each participant
4. Rs.5O/- Miscellaneous budget towards purchase of pencils, erasers, sharpeners etc to the test conducting teachers and evaluators.

Monitoring team expenses:
1. Rs. 30000/- towards the vehicle allowances and D.A to S identified monitoring officers covering entire district for two days together.
2. Rs. 5000/- miscellaneous budget towards monitoring to each district.

3Rs SLAS Assessment Survey Proceedings

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