45 Days 3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme Day wise Activities 2023

3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme Day wise Activities: 45 Days Programme to improve Reading and Writing skills in English. Reading makes a full person and writing a perfect person. 45 Days3Rs Remedial Teaching Porgramme for Students Learning levels improving in TS Schools: Students Learning Levels Improvement Programme,  Remedial Teaching Action Plan/Schedule.

3Rs Programme Day wise Activities:

What is the 3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme (RTP)?:  3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme is to provide Remedial Teaching or Supplementary Teaching for low-grade students and to enhance the achievement levels of students who are lagging behind in their Academic Standards related to their class-specific age. Remedial Teaching is a 45 days programme which will be completed in 45 working days. In these programmes, Pre Test /Baseline Test and Post Test/ End line test(evaluation) would be conducted as per schedule.

45 Days 3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme Schedule:

July 1st to August last week

  • Baseline Test/Pre Test: Baseline Test/Pre Test for Seat target to make all the students achieve and it is conducting through the diagnostic form to students.
  • End line test/ Post-test: End line test/ Post-test for to know the progress in reaching the targets

Aim: Remedial teaching (3Rs Programme) for Children Basic Competencies Achievement in Reading Writing Arithmetic. 3Rs meaning is Reading Writing Arithmetic Competencies Improvement Programme. Remedial teaching (3Rs Programme) to be Implemented in all the Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools.

ABC Programme Day wise Activities
Name of the program3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme
TitleAPB Program
SubjectDSE Telangana launched 3Rs Programe in TS Schools
CategoryRemedial Teaching
Web Portalhttps://scert.telangana.gov.in/
LEP Programme Details

Objectives of 3Rs Programme :

  • to be able to read and write simple sentences.
  • to be able to read and understand the given text.
  • to be able to respond to the given questions.
  • to be able to read without inhibitions.
  • to encourage graphic reading. (i.e. read the word as a whole)
  • to be able to write legibly.
  • to be able to converse in day to day context.

Learning attitude:

  • Have faith in yourself as well as in your child.
  • Grow and let your children grow.
  • Mistakes are a sign of learning.
  • Every child has its own pace.
  • Create a friendly atmosphere in the class.

Instructions to the teachers :

  • be a facilitator
  • be resourceful
  • give the children ample time to think
  • consider every response
  • follow the schedule accordingly.

3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme Day wise Activities:

Day 1 Select a suitable picture where there is a scope for generating language
Ask the children to name the words like
Actions Board
Places ~ Actions ~ Sentences
Day 2Write each word uttering clearly.
Ask some of the children to read the words.
Ask them what the persons are doing in the picture.
Now write sentences and ask some of them to read the sentences
Day 3Ask them to sequence the sentences.
Don’t correct the errors on the spot.
Edit the passage with the help of children at the end.
Ask them to give a suitable title for the passage.
Day 4Divide the class into 4/5 groups and give each group a picture.
Ask them to observe, discuss and group leader writes the sentences with the help of others.
Ask each group to present their version.
Day 5The teacher should write his own version and present it in the class.
Ask the students to compare their version with their teacher’s version.
Children have to edit their own version with the help of other groups / teachers.
Day 6Every child has to draw a picture, describe it and present it.
Edit and rewrite.
Day 7Take the same picture of day 1.
Identify two characters in the picture.
Ask the children what they are talking about.
Write 4/5 exchange as they say.
Day 8Edit the conversation
Give your own version
Day 9Ask the children to write a 4/5 exchange of conversation on their own picture (individual activity) and present it.
Day 10Editing the conversation.
Rewrite and present it in the class.
Day 11Divide the class into 4/5 groups.
Ask each group to select a picture from any text book.
Ask them to observe, discuss and describe the picture.
The group leader writes the sentences.
Each member should give atleast one sentences.
Edit & rewrite (exchange among the groups)
Day 12Following the above method, ask them to write a conversation.
Day 13Ask each individual to draw/select one picture of their own. (eg: birds, animals, men & women)
Ask them to write a description and present it.
Select one / two and edit with help of students.
Day 14Ask them to create a conversation of at least 4 exchanges on the same picture. Follow the same steps as shown above.
Day 15Day 15: Feedback Test
Take a picture and stick on a wall.
Ask the students to write a description & a conversation.
Day 16Edit & Rewrite
Teacher’s version
Day 17Language game related to reading and writing puzzle, word building, memory game… etc.
Generate the same sentences through the words.
Day 18Select a passage from a text book and ask them to read and understand. [Group activity]
Give some questions to test their comprehension.
Every individual should write the answers.
Day 19Select a poem and do the same.
Day 20Select a passage and ask them to list out the three-letter words read & write.
Day 21Select a passage and ask them to list out the four letter words read & write.
Day 22Select a passage and ask them to read and separate persons and places.
Day 23Select a passage and ask them to read and list out the names (nouns)
Day 24Select a passage and ask them to read and list out the action words (Verbs).
Day 25Supply the students with a story / an article and ask them to read, and understand it. Ask him to give a suitable title to it.
Day 26Day 26 :
Ask them to collect some authentic material like the pictures of sports persons / Leaders / Actors / Movies…. etc.
Interact with them.
Day 27Day 27: Sports persons
Ask them to write a few sentences & present it.
Day 28Day 28: Actors / Movies
Ask them to write a few sentences about the movie/actor and present it.    
Day 29Ask the children to describe their family, write & present it
Day 30Day 30 : Feed back test – II
Give children a word for mind mapping (eg: Bus Station / Bank / Hospital / Theatre / School…etc.)
Ask them to write as many words as possible and write 5 sentences using the words they wrote.
Day 31Day 31:
Giving a passage with the same spelling mistakes and ask them to rewrite it by correcting the spelling mistakes.
Day 31Day 31:
Giving a passage with the same spelling mistakes and ask them to rewrite it by correcting the spelling mistakes.
Day 33Day 33: Slogans
Give / Great situations. (eg: road safety, cleanliness, environment…etc)
Ask them to write some slogans and present them.
Day 34Day 34 : Poster
Give / Create a text ( a passage) and ask them to prepare and present an poster.
Day 35Day 35 : Invitation
Give / Create a situation and ask them to prepare and present on the invitation card.
Interact with them.
Day 36Day 36: Letter writing
Take a picture (Thought provoking / a news paper) and display it. Interact with the children about the picture.
Ask them to write a letter to a friend / a newspaper editor describing the picture and present it.
Day 37Day 37: Editing
Edit the letter after the presentation and the teacher should present his own version.
Day 38Day 38:
Ask the children to list out various professions in our society (Those who write the most is the winner)
Day 39 & 40Day 39 & 40 :
Ask the children to write the spelling of the number from 1 to 100 & months from January to December & Sunday to Saturday.
Edit them then and there.
Day 41 to 45 Day 41 to 45 :
Reading passage with proper pronunciation and pauses. (Reading aloud)
The teacher should also read aloud.
Divide the class into two groups. Give each group a story / a passage and ask them to prepare some questions for the other group. They answer it.
Editing – Teachers should support framing questions.
The teacher should concentrate on ‘ do ‘ forms and ‘have’ forms.

45 Days 3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme Day wise Activities

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