Academic Standards for All Subjects (AP and Telangana Schools)

Academic Standards for All Subjects. The new textbooks in all subjects have been developed based on National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 and State Curriculum Framework (SCF) 2011 and they are in tune with Right To Education Act (RTE) 2009. They envisage a shift in the teaching paradigm in the sense that the focus is on knowledge and language construction rather than the reproduction of a given set of information. All textbooks have been developed keeping the following as the learning outcomes expected from the learners at the end of the academic year.

Academic Standards: At the end of the academic year the children are expected to achieve certain academic standards. The everyday classroom transaction should ensure the achievement of the academic standards among children. The following are the Subject wise Academic Standards.

TitleSubject wise Academic Standards
CategoryAcademic Standards
SubjectAcademic Standards for All Subjects
Based onNational Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 and State Curriculum Framework (SCF) 2011
State AP and Telangana
Subject wise Academic Standards
Academic Standards for All Subjects

Subject wise Academic Standards:

1. Listening, speaking with thinking, appreciation
2. Read, understand and explain
3. Self-writing
4. Creative expression
5. Vocabulary and grammar

1. Listening, speaking
2. Reading comprehension
3. Conventions of writing
4. Vocabulary and grammar
5. Creative expression (Oral and written)

1. Conceptual understanding, Problem
2. Reasoning – Proof
3. Communication
4. Connections
5. Representation – Visualisation

Health and Physical Education:
1. Participation in sports and games, sportsman spirit
2. Yoga and meditation, scouts and guides, NCC
3. Personal and environmental hygiene and healthy habits
4. Safety and first aid
5. Health, Nutrition and good food habits

Art and Cultural Education
1. Colouring, drawing, decoration, making models and toys
2. Origami, tangram, knitting, embroidery
3. Action, drama, skits, role plays, choreography
4. Singing and playing musical instruments
5. Dance and performing local art forms

Work and Computer Education:
1. Skills in making use of tools and making articles
2. Participation in programmes, festivals and taking the responsibility
3. Community work & Shramadhanam, Swachch Bharath
4. Utilizing the computer
5. Computer-aided learning

Value Education and Life Skills:
1. Constitutional values (Brotherhood, equality etc.)
2. Leadership, discretion power, good behaviour
3. Individual values- Compassion, empathy, honesty etc.
4. Life Skills- Communication, social, emotional and intellectual, thinking skills
5. Attitude towards teachers, schoolmates, school and public property

Learning Outcomes

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