Action Plan to Improve the Educational Standards in TS Schools 2022

Action Plan to Improve the Educational Standards: An Action Plan prepared to improve the Education Standards in Schools and Certain Instructions have been issued in the reference of Minutes of the Meeting with Director of School Education, Hyderabad dated:26-11-2015. A meeting was conducted with all the Deputy Educational Officer of Karimnagar district and an action plan has been prepared accordingly.

As part of implementing the action plan, the following instructions are given to the Deputy Educational Officers, Sectoral Officers of SSA, MEOs, Headmasters, and Teachers for strict compliance. Action Plan to Improve the Educational Standards

Minimum Levels of Learning:
All the Headmasters of Primary, Upper Primary, and Secondary Schools are directed to see that every student acquires the minimum basic skills i.e., 3R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) by February-2016. For the students whose standards are below average in Telugu, Hindi, English, and Mathematics subjects special remedial measures should be taken for them to improve their level of standards.

For this purpose, a suitable syllabus and school-specific action plan (two copies) for the time period of three months should be made and submitted to the Dy.E.Os and MEOs concerned. The status of completion of the planned tasks should also be reported from time to time. The Deputy Educational Officers / MEOs, in turn, will submit all the specific plans to the District Educational Officer.

The Headmasters shall see that the teachers identify low proficient learners in each class and they should be adopted by teachers. The teachers will have more focus and responsibility for the development of the students adopted by them. Action Plan to Improve the Educational Standards

It is to be ensured that the exercises given at the end of each lesson are carried out properly by all the students as per the CCE method. The subject teacher concerned will be held responsible for this. The inspecting authorities should also check the notes and text books of the students to verify this during their visits.

To enhance the results in the upcoming SSC exams, Special Coaching Classes must be conducted apart from the regular classes. Students should be made aware of academic standards and the methods of preparing for the exams.during these classes. Separate attendance register should be maintained for these classes. Timings of these Special classes are from 8: 30 AM to 9:30 AM and from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Co-Curricular activities:

  • The HM’s are hereby instructed to conduct the Co-Curricular activities in the school. The marks should be awarded only after assessing the co-curricular abilities of a student.
  • The HMs must see that the Computers available in their respective schools are put to use by the students duly making one teacher with working knowledge of computers to take a regular classes to the students compulsorily. The Headmasters shall take the senior of MIS Co-ordinator of the Mandals concerned. They may utilize available funds for meeting minimum repairs.

Laboratory and Library:

  • The HM has the responsibility to see that the Laboratory functions properly in the school.
  • The Science material supplied by RMSA and other material procured should be used to its utmost benefit. The Lab in-charge has to maintain Stock Register and record in the NoteBook about the experiments done in the lab (with date).
  • Every child in the school should be put to the habit of reading the library books of the school and also at least (2) Newspapers should be provided in the school for the students. A Register with the details of books issued to students should be maintained to this effect by each school. Action Plan to Improve the Educational Standards.

Academic Activities:

  • All the Headmasters are directed to take steps to display the Syllabus Chart, as per the Academic Calendar, in each classroom and take steps to complete the syllabus as per the schedule. The Headmaster and the teacher concerned shall sign in the Chart after completion of the syllabus every month.
  • All the Headmasters in the District are instructed to teach at least one subject for a class (completely using the lesson plan) as per Govt orders so as to keep abreast of contemporary pedagogical reforms and TL Processes. The Deputy Educational Officers are accountable for this… The examination papers should also be valued and recorded by them.
  • The HMs are directed to observe at least one class daily and record the findings of the class in the Register invariably and discuss Merits & De-merits in the staff meeting.
  • Every teacher should prepare the Unit Plan and Lesson Plan and teaching dairy themselves as per the CCE model and get the approval of the Headmaster beforehand. Action will be initiated as per the orders of Director of School Education against the Headmasters and teachers if teachers copy lesson plans from guides. It has also been instructed that no student shall be allowed to use guides/study material. HMS and Teachers should strictly forbid all the students from using guides/ readymade study material.
  • The HM should see that the Co-Curricular activities should be conducted in the school compulsorily. The marks should be awarded only assessing the co-curricular activity of a student.
  • The HM should conduct staff meetings in the last week of every month compulsorily to discuss the Academic activities to be conducted in the ensuing month as per the Academic Calendar.
  • The HM/Staff shall prepare a day-wise activities chart and display it on the notice board. They should conduct the activities as per the chart during the ensuing month. Further, the items discussed in the previous month should be reviewed in the ensuing monthly meeting to take the necessary steps to implement the same.

Conducting of Examinations:

  • Every Teacher is instructed to conduct FA as per the CCE method and maintain the records for this effect. Awarding of marks/valuation should be done as per the key /academic standards and indicators.
  • The HMs and teachers are instructed to value the answer scripts of the students as per the Key Paper/ Key Notes which have been prepared by the teachers themselves, invariably. The HM must verify the answer scripts randomly in all the subjects. 
  • Teachers must value the answer scripts and furnish them to the students with proper feedback and sent to parents for their reference and comments; They should be collected back and preserved in the school.
  • Every teacher should have complete knowledge on CCE methods. They are instructed to teach the subjects as per CCE model only.
  • Teams are constituted to verify the FA and SA marks of all the schools including private schools. Guidance will be given by them on CCE.

Mid Day Meals:

  • The HMs and in-charge teachers must see to the personal hygiene of the cooking area, cooking staff and the students. The quality and quantity of the provisions used should also be checked and recorded in the Quality Register.
  • In every school, the daily stock register of MDM should be recorded promptly. The entries should be made in the Register about the number of students taken meals on a day. One Teacher should take a meal every day. The Daily Menu should be recorded in the Daily Roaster Register without fail.
  • One Teacher – every day – should take a meal from MDM. The Daily Menu is to be followed and recorded in the Daily Roaster Register without fail.
  • All the HMs in the district are instructed to ensure safe drinking water is provided to all the students.

Maintenance of Toilets

  • The HM is instructed to take steps to ensure the functioning of the Toilet in the School. If any school does not have the water facility, the proposals/representation should be made to the Gram Panchayat concerned to provide the water facility. The fact of the same shall also be submitted to the Higher officials for taking steps to provide the same.
  • All the Headmasters are directed to pay personal attention to maintaining the neatness of the toilets and take care of the minor repairs that can be carried out at their level.
  • In this regard, the RMSA funds have also been allocated to each school towards the maintenance of Toilets. The HMs must utilize this amount for the purpose.


  • Besides conducting monthly review meetings with the staff, instructions are given that, all the Headmasters should conduct parents’ meetings regularly and inform about the standards of the students to the parents concerned. Special focus should be made on the performance of the Slow Learners during the parent’s meeting. Parents may be motivated to contribute voluntarily to providing snacks/refreshments for the students of Class 10 attending special classes.
  • The Headmasters are also directed to see that the students attend the school regularly. In this regard, if any student is found irregular, the parents should be given counseling to send their children regularly to the school. These issues must be discussed during the parent’s meet.
  • The HM’s are instructed to conduct SMC and SMDC meetings in the school regularly.
  • The minutes of all the meetings should be recorded in registers and be available for monitoring/inspecting personnel. 

Other General Issues:

  • The HMs and Teachers are warned against their involvement in matters other than their prescribed duties. They are strictly prohibited- from doing other private business Viz., Real Estate, Insurance etc. The MEOS, HMS are instructed to submit the details of the teachers who are in this business to DEOs office for taking necessary action against them.
  • The Headmasters are directed to see that all the teachers attend the school in time and do not leave the school during the school hours.
  • HM and Teachers are directed to attend the prayer daily and the prayer to be conducted as per norms. If any teacher fails to attend the prayer for a day, they shall be marked Yz day Casual Leave.
  • No teacher will be permitted to use mobile phones in the school. They should deposit their mobiles in the custody of the Headmaster immediately after arriving to school. If any Teacher is found using the mobiles during the school hours, necessary action will be initiated against him/her as per CCA rules.
  • Every school shall develop a School Development Plan as per RTE-2009 and implement as per the training given to Headmasters

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