Agency to Plain area Teachers Transfers, check plain to agency area teachers transfers Rules

Telangana School Education Department issued Agency to Plain Area Teachers Transfers Rules or Plain to Agency Area Teachers Transfers Rules for completion of teachers transfers process.

Agency to Plain/Plain to Agency Area Teachers Transfers Rules – Consequences due to its Modifications in TS Teachers Transfers 2015. Complete Details on Agency to Plain, Plain to Agency Area Teachers Transfers Rules 2015.

SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS IN AGENCY AREAS: As per Article 244 for the administration of scheduled areas and scheduled tribes in accordance with the 5th Schedule to the Indian Constitution.

Elementary Education and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA): The population density in the scheduled area districts is around 75-125 per as against the national average of 324.

  1. The National Education Policy provides for opening of a primary school within a distance of 1 km. from the habitation for a population of 200 in tribal / hilly areas as against 400 elsewhere.
  2. Considering the low density of population in tribal areas, it is difficult to universalize elementary education due to inadequate infrastructure.
  3. The teacher’s absenteeism in tribal districts is very high due to lack of residential facilities,
    poor communication network and other infrastructure deficits.

5. The following suggestions may be considered to address the difficulties: (i) Provisions should be made for the construction of one or two additional rooms with kitchen/bathroom/toilet along with the school for teacher’s residence, under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan so that at least one teacher in every school situated in a tribal village, where rented accommodation is not available, finds a suitable accommodation.

(ii) Since the opening of schools within a distance of 1 kilometer from the village/ habitation will not be feasible because of the low density of population and scattered villages, residential schools/ ashram schools for boys and girls should be opened in larger numbers to meet the requirement of Right to Elementary Education.

(iii) The residential schools will provide a conducive atmosphere for the first generation of learners, which is lacking at home due to parental illiteracy.

(iv) As education is the first generation input for the tribal communities, the teacher-student ratio for schools in the scheduled areas should be revised from 1:40 to 1:20.


  1. Local ST candidates are eligible for Recruitment of School Teachers in Scheduled Areas.
  2. It is often seen that the vacancies of teachers are justified on the ground of non-availability of
    eligible tribal candidates against the reserved posts.
  3. This situation is the result of inadequate attention towards tribal education in the past.
  4. Female literacy rate among tribal communities in scheduled areas on the whole, is less than 25% and it is around 10% in a large number of districts.
  5. The minimum qualification prescribed for primary school teachers make the tribal candidates ineligible.
  6. It is necessary that the educational qualifications for primary schools in respect of tribal teachers are relaxed temporarily and provisions for educational training infrastructure is made in each scheduled area district.
  7. The appointment of less qualified tribal candidates in primary schools may be made subject to their acquiring the required qualifications within 10 years of their recruitment, wherever qualified tribal candidates for the district cadre teacher’s posts are not available.

TEACHER TRANSFERS OF SCHEDULED AREA SCHOOLS: Agency to Plain/Plain to Agency Area Teachers Transfers Rules

I) UP TO TEACHER TRANSFERS 2012: (i) There is no restriction to transfer the teachers Plane Area to Agency Area, Agency Area to Plain Area. (ii) Means, Plain area recruited teachers can transfer to agency area schools and vice versa.

(iii) As per Rationalisation of Schools in 2011 AP G.O.Ms.No.55 EDUCATION (SER.III) DEPARTMENT Dated: 23-04-2011. And Regulation of Teacher transfers-2011 AP G.O.Ms.No.65 EDUCATION (SE-SER.III) DEPARTMENT Dated:19-05-2011, Due to no restriction to choose Agency schools by plain area teachers transferred to Agency area schools in the rationalisation of teachers-2011.

NOTE: As per existing Rules, they should transfer to plain area schools.

II) IN TEACHER TRANSFERS 2013: (i) The Andhra Pradesh Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules- 2013, Government of Andhra Pradesh released a G.O.Ms.No. 33 EDUCATION (SE-SER.III) DEPARTMENT Dated: 02.05.2013.

(ii) In this G.O clearly mentioned that, All transfers shall be effected from within the Present Management, Agency Area to Agency Area, Plain Area to Plain Area only. (iii) Due to the above orders Agency transferred but plain recruited teachers have no chance to transfer plain area which is their appointed management.

III) TEACHER TRANSFERS- 2015 IN TELANGANA STATE: (i) The Telangana Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules- 2015, Government of Telangana State released a G.O.MS.No. 12 SCHOOL EDUCATION (Ser.II) DEPARTMENT Dated: 16.6.2015.

(ii) In the above G.O, it is clear that All transfers shall be effected within the present Management, Agency Area to Agency Area, Plain Area to Plain Area.(iii) As per the above G.O., now also Agency transferred but plain recruited teachers have no chance to transfer plain area which is their appointed management.


  1. Plain area recruited teachers occupied Agency area schools.
  2. It is the violence of Article 244 for administration of schedule areas and scheduled tribes in
    accordance with 5th Schedule to the Indian Constitution.
  3. According to Indian constitution 1/70 ACT Agency posts must fill up with agency candidates only.
  4. So , agency candidates(un employees waiting for teacher job ) losses with govt decision.
  5. Because , number of non agency teachers who r selected in plain area working in agency area.
  6. If plain area selected teachers transferred from agency area to plain area , A new teacher recruitment Notification will be released by Govt and agency candidates will be benefitted.
  7. Due to the present rules Plain area teachers facing Following problems.

(i) Uncomfortable speaking in the mother tongue of agency area students. It is a violence of RTE ACT-2009.
(ii) Spouses of employees are not able to transfer nearer places.
(iii) If one of the spouses transferred to the agency area whose appointment was in the plain area, Now he/she must transfer to the agency area only.

This is the major problem to Spouse teachers. And also against the preferential category of a spouse. Due to the present rules agency area teachers also facing the same problems.

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