AP Badi Pilustondi programme Day wise Activities & Schedule – Special drive School calling program

AP Badi Pilustondi programme Day wise Activities & Schedule, The Primary Objective of Right to Education Act, 2009 is to ensure enrolment of all children in the age group of 6-14 years into the school. In spite of the best efforts, it is unfortunately still some children remain out of school. Such children can be divided into two categories i.e., Never Enrolled, Enrolled but dropped out.

Some children are also involved in hazardous occupations and engaged as “child labour”. Seasonal out-migration and in-migration of families has added to the problem of dropouts and many such children are discontinuing Education. In effect, there is a dropout rate of 19.06% up to the elementary level in the present Andhra Pradesh State.

Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in its total commitment towards the implementation of “RTE”, has proposed for a special drive with the following objectives.
1. To ensure 100% enrolment of all eligible children in schools
2. To ensure that no child in the age group of 6-14 years is left out of school.
3. To bring back all drop out children to school.
4. To ensure that no child work as laborer i.e., to implement the “Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act, 1986” under earnest spirit.
5. To involve various stakeholders like local bodies, NGOs, SHGs, and officials in this endeavor.
6. To improve infrastructural facilities and provide good ambiance in the school.
7. To implement and monitor this programme, the District level committee and state level committee are formed.

“Badi Pilustondi” Prgramme would be conducted in all AP Schools from 15th June 2015 to 21st June 2015 in the State in connection with a special drive for enrolment of all out of school children.  The committees constituted (District Level and Mandal Level) for effective monitoring of this program and the day-wise schedule from 15th  to 21st June 2015 is as follows:

AP Badi Pilustondi Programme 2016 Day wise Activities, Schedule:
To start with a week starting from 15th June 2016 will be exclusively dedicated to this purpose. The Badi Pilustondi programme will be commenced with the Week starting from 15th June 2016 and this week is exclusively dedicated for this purpose.

The following activities are planned for implementation in this Week.  AP schools Badi Pilustondi programme-Day wise Activities/schedule-Action plan, AP School Education Department, Action Plan of BADI PILUSTONDI PROGRAMME to be conducted from 15.06.2016 to 21.06.2016

“Badi Pilustondi” campaign is launched with the following objectives.
1. All children in the age group of 6-14 years shall be enrolled in the schools. There shall be no dropouts/ never enrolled children in any village.
2. No child shall be employed as child labor.
3. Schools should have a high-quality infrastructure. The minimum requirement like., number of classrooms, toilets, drinking water, etc. as defined in the RTE Act shall be fulfilled in all schools.
4. Quality education shall be imparted in all schools.
5. The schools shall also impart the environmental issues like., Tree Plantation, Water Harvesting, etc., to the child.
6. Children shall be provided with excellent quality mid-day-meal. Mid-day-meal shall be provided in adequate quantity as per norms.
7. The mid-day-meals shall be prepared in a hygienic environment and the hot mid-day-meal shall be served to all children.
8. All children shall be provided with entitlement like., Text Books, Uniforms as per the time schedule.
9. All children shall be imparted with quality education, regular monitoring and continuous evaluation of the children learning outcomes and regulation of teachers will be ensured.
10. All Adults who are illiterates shall be made literates in the coming four years to achieve 100% literacy. While children below 14 years will be encouraged to enroll in schools, dropouts above 14 years can avail Open School system.
11. There shall be transparency in the implementation of all the programs and in incurring expenditure at schools.

The objectives of “Badi Pilustondi” shall be achieved through community participation, parents’ involvement, effective teacher participation and also regular monitoring by the education department. The knowledge of NGOs, CBOs and Corporates will also be utilized in improving the infrastructure as well as the quality of education. The resources under SSA and RMSA programs shall be utilized fully and effectively and in a transparent manner.

It is observed that though schools are provided grants under SSA and RMSA, many schools as on today do not have television facilities through a number of lessons is being telecasted through MANA TV. Timely utilization of funds will ensure better grants from Govt. of India.

Success lies in creating awareness among parents about the importance of education and highlighting the benefits being provided by the Govt. to take this education to their door step. Awareness shall also be created about the mid-day-meal program. It is established that many of the children are not utilizing the mid-day-meal as food is not tasty and not being served hot. The local community and School Management Committees should be made active in effective supervising of mid-day-meal benefit being availed by all the children.

The supervisory officers in the Education Department like., MEOs, Dy.EOs, DEOs need to visit schools on a regular basis to ensure that the academic calendar is followed and the syllabus is completed as per the timeline. Children enrolled should be retained and dropouts arrested fully. The performance of the children in various aspects should be reviewed and monitored.

It is revealed in many Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) and State Level Achievement Survey 2014 (SLAS) the learning levels of the children in Govt. Schools are far from satisfactory. There is a need for making concerted efforts for ensuring effective academic monitoring of schools in order to improve the learning level of students in all classes.

The involvement of all other departmental officers as a part of “Janmabhoomi-Maa vooru” is expected to motivate parents to send children to school, especially girl children.

Expected Outcomes:

1. All Out of School Children in the village shall be enrolled.
2. RSTCs/ NRSTCs shall be opened wherever required to impart bridge courses to Out of School Children.
3. All toilets sanctioned by the District Collector under RWS, SSA, and RMSA shall be completed before 30.06.2016.

4. All kitchen sheds and ACRs sanctioned under various schemes shall be completed.
5. 100% grounding of works under Rashtriya Madhyamika Siksha Abhiyan and Sarva Siksha Abhiyan shall be ensured.
6. There shall be an improvement in the number of children taking
mid-day-meals. At least a 10% increase shall be achieved.

7. 100% AADHAAR seeding of children shall be ensured so that there will be transparency in enrolment, teacher deployment and proper utilization of funds for free textbooks and uniforms, etc.
8. Schools shall make effective utilization of school grants and maintenance grants released under SSA and RMSA. This will ensure clean premises, whitewashing of all schools, good ambiance and availability of Teaching Learning Equipment in every school.

9. The toilets shall be maintained in good condition. Govt. of A.P has sanctioned Rs.1,000/- per month to all Primary Schools where enrolment is more than 60, Rs.1,500/- per month to all Upper Primary where enrolment is more than 100 and Rs.2,500/- per month to all High Schools where enrolment is more than 150. These grants are being passed on to the schools and should be utilized effectively in maintaining toilets and drinking water sources in good hygienic conditions.

10. The district action plan should be prepared in every district to cover all the infrastructure gaps under SSA and RMSA as per the approved Annual Work Plan of the Financial year 2016-17. Balance infrastructure gaps may be included in the Annual Work Plan for 2017-18.

11. Certain issues, which cannot be covered under SSA and RMSA shall be submitted to the State Government for sanction of funds.
12. Teacher performance should be closely monitored by the MEOs. DEOs, RJDSEs and the District Collectors. Those teachers, whose performance is excellent should be rewarded through meritorious certificates.

13. All adults who are illiterate should be enrolled under the “Sakshara Bharath” program and District Collectors should motivate them to attend examinations under the National Open School system and also A.P Open School system and ensure that they are made literates within coming four years.

It is proposed to be conduct of “Badi Pilustondi” in the State in connection with special drive for enrolment of all out of school children.
The committees constituted (District Level and Mandal Level) for effective monitoring of this program and the day-wise schedule is as follows:

The Badi Pilustondi programme will be commenced and following activities are planned for implementation.

15.06.2016:- Commencement of Badi Pilustondi Programme by District Minister & all Stakeholders
On this day the entire information of Out of School children will be released. All the facilities available in the district like hostels, Residential Schools, KGBV Schools, NRSTC etc., will be published for the benefit of Parents and Community at large. Thereafter, the identified Out of School Children will be formally joined in the School.

16.06.2016:- Badi Ustavam
Conduct of Grama Sabha in all the villages of the district under the chairmanship of Gram Sarpanch. The aim of Gramasabha is to motivate the parents to admit children back to school.
Rallies of children & Teachers can be organized on this day.
Folkdances, Kalajathas are to be conducted in all villages to cause wide publicity of this program.
MEOs, Dy.E.Os., Headmasters, DEOs, MPDOs & MROs should make a night halt in most backward and problematic villages in the Mandal.

17.06.2016:- Balika Ustavam
KGBVs & Govt. Schools will be visited by the Mandal level team.
Girl children who are achieving, in spite of poverty, lack facilities, should be honored.

18.06.2016:- A day for Children with Special Needs
On this day awareness programs will be conducted to all parents at “Bhavitha Center” and explain about concepts of inclusive education since It is observed that Children drop out because of Special problems like low vision, deaf & dumb, dyslexia, etc.

19.06.2016:- Conduct of Vidya Sadassu
All SMCs will be invited to at Mandal level for this Vidya Sadassu. All parents will be explained about the facilities provided by the govt. for good Education like i.e. Highly qualified teachers, Free textbooks, Two pairs of uniforms, Mid-day meal, Good infrastructure in schools.

The Office bearers will be provided with the list of out of School Children and are to be requested to involve in the admission of out of school children in schools. The meeting will be presided by MPP & ZPTC will be the guest of honor. MEO will be convenor & conduct the workshop.

20.06.2016:- Student Day
Children are also to be motivated to continue studies at least up to 10th class. In every school teacher should explain about Right to Education (RTE) to children and take oath from children at least to complete 10th class without break. Elocution/Debate/Essay Writing competitions can be conducted to all children on the topic I will complete at least 10th class & achieve higher goals.

Certificates will be given to the best performer in the competition, School grants can be used of this purpose. The certificate should also be specially given to children who motivate dropouts to join back to school (Child to Child motivation).

21.06.2016:- A Day with Community
All parents, teachers, and children will eat Midday meals together in the schools and discuss improving the quality. At the end of the week, it should be ensured that all Out School Children are enrolled in schools. Similarly, the transition of children will be ensured from one class to the next higher class to prevent drop-outs.

The District Collector shall form a team of Senior District Officers to follow up on the program and send daily reports of enrolled children and other activities.

Download AP Badi Bata Prgramme Schedule from here

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