AP Employees GIS 2023, Check Group Insurance Scheme details

As per the GO.Ms.No.293, Dt. 08-10-1984, AP Employees GIS 2023 or AP State Employees GIS 2023 is a scheme was introduced in the name of AP State Employees Group Insurance Scheme (APSEGIS) on 01-01-1984.

All Gazetted, Non-Gazetted and Class-IV employees who are in service as on 1st November 1984, and Who join service on or after 1st November 1984. Employees, who enter service in the Month other than November, shall be enrolled as member on the next anniversary.

Recovery shall be made from the salary every month by the DDO, for duty, leave, or suspension. Recovery shall be made including the month of retirement, death, resignation, removal etc.,

No interest is levied on arrears of subscription due to delay in payment of salary. Subscription with interest will be recovered for EOL period in not more than three instalments after resuming duty from leave.

If on deputation, the borrowing authority shall recover the subscription and remit to relevant head of account. No loans or advances shall be paid to any member or other beneficiary of the Scheme from or against his accumulation.

AP State Employees GIS

The AP State Employees Group Insurance Scheme (APSEGIS) is a welfare scheme designed to provide financial assistance to the employees and their families in the event of death, disability or retirement.

The scheme is open to all employees of the Andhra Pradesh government, including those working in state-owned corporations, boards, and universities. The scheme is managed by the Andhra Pradesh State Insurance Department and is funded by the state government.

Under the APEGIS, eligible employees can enroll in one of three insurance plans: the Basic Plan, the Special Plan, and the Retirement Benefit Plan. The Basic Plan provides coverage for death and disability, while the Special Plan offers additional coverage for accidental death and permanent disability. The Retirement Benefit Plan provides a lump sum payment to the employee upon retirement.

The premium for the APEGIS is paid by the employee, with the state government providing a subsidy for eligible employees. The premium amount is based on the employee’s salary and the plan they have chosen. Employees can also choose to enroll in the scheme for their spouse and children.

One of the major benefits of the APEGIS is that it provides a sense of security to the employees and their families. In the event of death or disability, the financial assistance provided by the scheme can help to alleviate the financial burden on the employee’s family. Additionally, the retirement benefit provided by the Retirement Benefit Plan can help to supplement the employee’s retirement income.

Overall, the AP State Employees Group Insurance Scheme is a valuable welfare scheme for the employees of Andhra Pradesh government and their families. It provides financial assistance in times of need and helps to ensure a secure future for the employees and their loved ones.

Recovery GIS Premium

Recovery Premium: An employee entering service in a month other than November shall be given the benefit of insurance cover applicable to the group from the date of joining to the date of becoming full member of the scheme.

Insurance cover is Rs.3/- per month per unit before 31-10-1994, and Insurance cover is Rs.4-50 per month per unit from 1-11-1994. Head of office shall obtain Nomination from the employee who becomes eligible for membership of the scheme within 2 months.

The Groups to which the Govt. Servant belongs shall be decided on the basis of actual scale of pay which they are drawing from time to time.

GIS Entries in Service Book

The DDO shall record in the SR of every employee the following particulars

  •  Balance of F.B.F. as on 31-10-1984.
  •  Group to which enrolled
  •  Rate of Subscription
  •  Month of commencement
  •  Nomination made
  •  Certificate of recovery

On Retirement: Saving fund: The total accumulation of saving fund together with the interest thereon will be payable to the Member on his retirement after attaining the age of superannuation or on cessation of his employment, as per Table of Govt. Order/Memo. of Fin. &Plg. Department, Govt of A.P.

On death while in service:  Insurance Fund: Lumpsum payment of 15,000/ per one unit subscription. Saving Fund: Total amount of Saving fund accumulation together with interest on par with retired employees.

Payment when where about not known: Savings Fund to be refunded after expiry of one year following the month of disappearance. Insurance fund to be refunded after expiry of 7 year following the month of disappearance.

The family must lodge complaint in the police station concern and obtain report stating that the employee has not been traced, after all efforts are made. An indemnity Bond should be obtained from the nominee /dependents of the employee stating that all payments shall be adjusted against the payment due to the employee in case he/she appears on the scene and makes any claim.

Recovery of subscription. (a) Full subscription for one year at the rate applicable on the date of dis-appearance + interest, to be recovered from the refundable Savings Fund. (b) Premium for Insurance cover + interest for further period of 6 years be recovered from the refundable insurance fund. (G.O.Ms.No.111, F&P Dt. 22-4-88)

Sanctioning Authority

  1. In the event of Retirement/Death – H.O.
  2. If H.O. is a non-Gazetted officer – His immediate superior officer.
  3. For the head of office himself – His immediate superior officer.
  4. For head of Dept.,-Secry. To Govt., Admin.
  5. For employees on deputation – Head of parent Dept.,

Basi for sanction

  1. Annual certificates recorded in the S.R.
  2. Nominations recorded in the S.R.
  3. The sanction order should indicate :
  • (a) Insurance Fund and Savings Fund separately.
  • (b) Relevant bio-data of the employee.
  • (c) In the case of death of employee, the names of Beneficiaries and the share of amounts payable to each.

Check list for Sanction Order:

  •  Name and Designation of the employee.
  •  Scale of Pay.
  •  Date of commencement of Insurance cover and the Group to which he/she is enrolled initially.
  •  Change to higher Group w.e.f.
  •  Date of retirement/resignation/death.
  •  Name of the nominee/legal-heirs in the event of Death of the employee.
  •  Calculation of savings fund and interest thereon as Order from time to time (A separate annexure copy of which should invariably be sent to Director of Insurance)
  •  Total Amount sanctioned under savings fund (Savings fund + Interest thereon)
  •  Total amount sanctioned under Insurance fund in the event of death of the employee.
  •  Head of Account for payment of savings fund/Insurance fund/Interest separately.

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