TS AP Leave Rules in Telugu & Types of Leave

All teachers and employees should follow the leave rules in your entire service. Detailed AP Leave rules (TS Leave rules) are provided in Telugu pdf file i.e., “Leave Rules in Telugu”. Types of Leave, Earned Leave, Casual Leave, Leave Definition, Earned Leave (ELs), Re-cost Leave, SL(Surrendered Leave), Half Pay Leave (HPL), and

Commuted Leave, Leave Not Due, Special Half Pay Leave, Extraordinary Leave (EOL), Maternity Leave, Abortion Leave, Study Leave, Special Disability Leave, Hospital Leave, Casual Leave(CL), Special Casual Leave, CCL, Prefix Suffix Clarifications, Aided Teachers Leave, Child care leave and more details are provided here.

This information of AP Telangana Leave Rules in Telugu is useful to AP TS Teachers and AP TS Govt Employees. All Employees who are working in AP and Telangana State can download the Telugu Leave Rules PDF file from here and read the information which is given in Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules and follow the leave rules in your service – Teachers

Leave Rules in Telugu
TitleLeave Rules
SubjectTS AP Employees Leave Rules & Types of Leave
StateAP & Telangana
Type of LeavesCommuted LeaveSpecial,Half Pay Leave, Extraordinary Leave (EOL), Maternity Leave, Abortion Leave, Study Leave, Special Disability Leave, Hospital Leave, Casual Leave(CL), Special Casual Leave, CCL, Prefix Suffix Clarifications, Aided Teachers Leave, Child care leave etc.,
Types of Leave

Details are provided on the Following

  1. Leave Definition
  2. Earned Leave (E.L)
  3. Re-cost Leave
  4. Surrendered Leave
  5. Half Pay Leave (H.P.L)
  6. Commuted Leave
  7. Leave Not Due
  8. Special Half Pay Leave
  9. Extraordinary Leave (E.O.L)
  10. Maternity Leave
  11. Abortion Leave
  12. Study Leave
  13. Special Disability Leave
  14. Hospital Leave
  15. Casual Leave
  16. Special Casual Leave
  17. C.C.L
  18. Prefix – Suffix
  19. Aided Teachers Leave

Types of Leave (Kinds of Leave)

a] Earned Leave
b] Half pay leave
c] Commuted leave on full pay on Medical Grounds
d] Leave not due on M.C.
e] Surrender leave
f] Leave Preparatory to retirement
g] Extra Ordinary Leave [EOL]
h] Maternity leave
I] Hospital leave
j] Special disability leave
k] Study leave

Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules, 1933

AP Leave Rules came into existence w.e.f 4.10.1933. These Leave Rules are applicable to all employees working in the Govt. Offices/ Institutions/ Societies and Local Bodies including employees workings in the Vacation Department.

  • The Govt. Servant should specify his clear address in his leave application (FR – 74).
  • Leave cannot be claimed as a right.(Prior permission must be obtained.
  • The leave should be properly sanctioned, proper relief and proper handover of charge). Cannot be compelled to take leave against the wishes of Govt. Servant.(FR 67)
  • will full absence from duty may be treated as dies non.(FR-18)
  • Nature of leave sanctioned cannot be altered by the sanctioning authority.
  • Recall from leave and Preponement of leave. (FR – 70, Rule 76 of AP TA Rules and FR – 72).
  • No employment should be undertaken by the Govt. Servant during leave.(FR – 69)
  • Public Holidays are allowed to be suffixed and prefixed to the leave applied. (Govt.Memo.No 865/1210/FR-1, Dt.25.9.81)
  • Local holidays are not allowed to be suffixed or prefixed to the leave application.(FR–68)
  • No leave should be sanctioned to the Govt. Servant when disciplinary authority has decided to dismiss, remove or compulsory retire from service and leave also shall not sanctioned to a suspended employee. (FR 55 and 74) .

A Govt. Servant shall be deemed to have resigned from service if he/her:

  1. If absent without authorization for a period exceeding ‘one year’.
  2. Remaining absent from duty for a continuous period exceeding (5) Years without or with leave.
  3. Continuous on foreign service beyond approved by the Govt.(FR-18(a) and 5(a) and(b) of leave rules)

The following are the duty periods:

  1. Casual Leave and Optional Holiday,
  2. Public Holidays,
  3. Prefix or suffix to the leave period,
  4. Vacation Period,
  5. Foreign Service,
  6. Joining Time,
  7. Sanctioned leave,
  8. Compulsory wait and
  9. Date of Death. (Rule-4(a) & AP Revised Pension Rules ,1980)

1. Casual Leave and Optional Holiday

  • Included in Annexure – VI of FR
  • Maximum availment in the calendar year (15 days, if not availed lapse.
  • Period availment should not exceed (10) days, including prefix and suffix.
  • For temporary employees sanction depends upon the discretion of the sanctioning authority.
  • Grant of half day casual leave either FN or AN allowed. (G.O.Ms.No.112 Fin. Dt.3.6.1966)
  • (5) days addl. Casual Leave for women teachers. (G.O.Ms.No.374 GAD, Dt.16.3.1996 and Govt. Memo.No.2334 GA (SWD) Dept, Dt.2.5.2011)
  • Similar facility extended to women Jr. Lectures. (G.O.Rt.No.3 Higher Edu. (E1) Dept, Dt.5.1.2011. )
  • (5) Optional Holidays can be utilized in a calendar year from the given list.

2. Compensatory Casual Leave (CCL)

  • CCL can be sanctioned in lieu of working Public Holidays.
  • Maximum accumulation 7 days (10) days can be availed in a calendar year.
  • CCL should be utilized within (6) months from the date of leave credit.(G.O.Ms.No.35, GAD Dt.16.11.1981)
  • Summons to give witness in a court In which his private interest is not Issue – As per attendance Certificate

3. Special Casual Leave

Occasion and No. of days

  1. Donation of Blood (G.O.No.137, Dt.23.2.84.) — (2)days. One day on the date of donation. Another Spl. CL to be utilised within six months.
  2. Summons to give witness in a court In which his private interest is not Issue attendance — As per attendance Certificate.

For Family Planning Operations

  1. Male – Vasectomy (G.O.Ms.No.607, Dt.12.11.91) — (6) working days
  2. Female-Tubectomy (1st & 2nd) (G.O.Ms.No.124 F&P, Dt.13.4.1982) — (14) working days
  3. Male for Tubectomy of the wife (1st & 2nd) — (7) days
  4. Insertion of contraceptives — 1 day
  5. Recanalisation (Both) — 21 days
  6. Hysterectomy Operation (G.O.Ms.No.52, Dt.1.4.2011) — 45 days
  7. Spl.casual Leave for Teachers (G.O. Ms.No.47, Dt.19.2.1965) — 7 days


  1. For participating in sporting events If (30) days exceeds treated as regular leave.– 30 days
  2. Principal Office bearers of recognized service Associations — 21 days
  3. To participate in Rallies, Camps etc., Organized by AP Bharat Scouts and Guides — 10 days
  4. Elected President and Secretary of National Sports Bodies — 15 days
  5. AP Secretariat Cultural Association Members For dramas . — 6 days
  6. Members of Institutions Engineers:
    a) For attending annual Meeting at Hyderabad — 7 days
    b) For attending annual convention to any part of the country. — 10 days

4. (EL) Earned Leave Rules 8, 10, 17 and 20

  1. All Temporary and Permanent Govt. Employees are eligible for Earned Leave.
  2. Earned leave is earned for duty and leave also except EOL.
  3. Advance credit for Permanent Govt. Employees (15) days on 1st Jan and 1st July, Total (30) days and for Temporary Govt. employees (8) days on 1st Jan and 1st July Total (16) days.
  4. Those who are retire in the in the middle of the spell 2 ½ days credits should be given for each Month. In respect of temporary (1) day per month for 1st (2) months, (2) days for 3rd month and so on should be given.
  5. The credit afforded should be reduced by 1/10 of the period of dies-non or EOL if any in the previous half year. (As per G.O.Ms.No.384 Fin Dept, Dt.5.11.77)

EL Credit for Vacation Department

  1. Vacation department means a department where vacation exceeds (15) days such as School, Colleges and Judiciary Dept. (FR – 82)
  2. Advance credit for Permanent employees (3) days on 1st Jan and 1st July, Total (6) days and for Temporary Govt. Employees (2) days on 1st Jan and 1st July Total (4) days.
  3. If the vacation is not availed, Addl. EL will be credited to leave account. If the vacation is availed below (15) days total leave will be credited to his account. (FR-82(B).
    • 27 x Vacation availed leaves/Total leaves
  4. Either on the day of vacation starts or on the days of vacation close, the Govt. Servant should be on duty. If not the vacation period will be treated as regular leave.
  5. Vacation can be availed in combination of any kind of leave that should not exceed 180 days.
  6. The maximum accumulation of EL has been further enhanced from 240 to 300 days w.e.f. 16.9.2005 vide G.O.Ms.No.232 Fin.(FR.I)Dept.Dt.16.9.2005. For Temp. Employees maximum accumulation (30) days.
  7. The maximum E.L can be granted at a time only (120) 180 days as perG.O.Ms.No.153 Fin (FR.I) Dept Dt.4.5.2010 and Rule 10 and 17(2).For Probationers – 120 days (Rule – 22 )and Temp employees (30) days (Rule-24).
  8. Addl. Credit of EL(30) days in (2) installments 15 days each to the police personnel of the rank of Inspector and below as per G.O.Ms.No.187 F & P Dt.29.6.79, G.O.NMs.No.323 F & P Dt.11.11.80 and G.O.Ms.No.355F & P Dt.17.2.1980.

Recasting of Leave (Rule 20)

  1. Leave has to be recast from the date of regularization after declaration of probation period.
  2. The leave availed during the period remains the same , only leave balance will increase.
  3. The addl. credit consequent of recasting of leave shall be availed later date.

Surrender of Earned Leave

  • Introduced from 13.8.1969.
  • The Govt. Employee can surrender EL (30) days maximum and can received cash value in lieu of the leave so surrendered.
  • Leave sanctioning authority is the competent authority to sanction SL.
  • Validity for SL proceedings is (90) days from the date of sanction.(Govt.Memo.No.27/423/A2/FR-I/97-1, Dt18.8.97.)
  • There should an interval of 24 months gap between one surrender to another to surrender (30) days and 12 months for 15 days. For Temp. Employees 24 months for surrender (15) days EL.
  • Govt. permits employees who have balance more than 285 days of EL as on 30th June, can surrender EL without waiting for completion of (12) months. The above instruction continued from 2011-12 onwards. (Govt.Memo.No.14787-C/278/FR-1/2011, Dt. 22.6.2011.
  • In the cases where date of sanction of SL is on 1st Jan and 1st July, debit has to be made 1st and credit entry later.

5. Half Pay Leave (HPL)

  • Every Permanent Govt. Employee earns (20) days of HPL for ever completed year of service including EOL and there should be no limit for max. accumulation.(Rule – 13(a, 18(a) and 23(1)
  • Grant of HPL either on medical certificate or Private affair. No limit for sanction of HPL (Rule – 11)
  • During HPL a Govt. Employee is entitled to half-pay + Half DA only irrespective of scale of Pay. HRA/CCA full up to (180) days. (Govt. Memo.No.14568/-A/63/PC1/2010, Dt.31.1.2011).
  • Temp. Employees are not eligible.

HPL on full Pay

HPL on full pay can be granted to a Permanent Govt. Servant for (6) months who are suffering from Heart diseases, Cancer, Mental illness and Renal failure (Kidney). If HPL balance is not available in his account this facility should not be availed. (G.O.Ms.No.268 F & P (FW FR-1) Dept., Dt. 28.10.1991.)

Leave not due (Rule – 15 C and 18 – C)

  • Leave not due can be sanctioned and debited to HPL account to a Permanent Govt. Employee when there is no balance in EL/HPL account and should be adjusted by later accumulation of HPL.
  • To be granted on medical grounds only.
  • Max. limit for availment period is (180) days during entire service.
  • While sanctioning leave not due left over service should be taken into account.
  • Temp. Employees are not eligible.
  • If resigned or Voluntarily retired after availing leave, before adjustment of minus balance, salary paid should be recovered. If compulsory retirement due to medical illness and incapaciating from service, then dies no recovery.

6. Commuted Leave

  • To be granted on medical certificate.
  • Availment limited to (240) days during entire service.
  • Twice the no of HPLs debited to HPL account.
  • EL + Commutted Leave can be combined with shall not exceed (180) days. (Rule – 15B)
  • Commutted leave cannot be granted on private affair.

7. Extra Ordinary Leave

  • May be granted to a Permanent Govt. Employee in Spl. circumstances.
  • EOL can be granted when no other leave admissible to him but it can also be granted other leave being admissible . (Rule – 16(ii) and 19)
  • On request by the Govt. Servant in writing.
  • For Temp. Govt. Servants EOL shall be not exceed (3) months.
  • If completed 3 years of service (6) months on medical grounds.
  • For under going Leprosy treatment – 18 months.
  • For treatment of cancer and mental illness – (12) months. For prosecuting higher studies in Public interest after completion of (3)years of service –(24) months.(Rule 23(a).
  • EOL above (36) months is non-qualifying service for pension.
  • EOL on medical grounds counts for pension. (Rule 21 of AP Revised Pension Rules-1980)
  • As per G.O.Ms.No:155: Fin (FR – i) Dept.,Dt:4-5-2010 – Ex-Gratia Allowance to Government Employees on EOL for treatment for Leprosy/TB/Cancer mental Illness /Heart Deceases/Kidney failure
  • Non Gazetted Officers – Pay not exceeding Rs 11,860/- an ex-gratia allowance equal to half of his Pay subject to a Min of Rs 5770/- and Max of Rs 7490/- per month.Whose drawing pay in R.P.S.2010.
  • Class IV Employees – Ex-gratia allowance equal to half of his pay subject to a Min of Rs 4295/- and Max of Rs 6430/- per month. (whose drawing pay in revised pay scales 2010
  • HPL Encashment at the time of Retirement as per GO Ms No.154/Fin FR I Dept(Dt 4.05.2010)
  • FORMULA: (c ) Cash payment of Half pay leave component = HPL Pay admissible on date of Retirement +DA admissible on the dt. 30 X No of days of HPL at credit subject to the total of EL and HPL at credit not exceeding 300 days.

8. Special Disability Leave (Rule – 83)

  1. Govt. is competent to sanction leave.
  2. The leave in no case shall not exceed (24) months in the entire services
  3. For Gazetted Officers certificate by Medical Boards and in the case of NGOs Civil Surgeon is necessary.
  4. For 1st 180 days full pay is given and for the remaining period half pay.
  5. It may be granted more than once.
  6. It may be granted to sustain injuries and road accidents while proceeding on official duty from office to another office or Court or a work spot on the field. But not road accident while going to office from residence and vice versa.(G.O.Ms.No.133 F & P Dt.10.6.1981)
  7. Leave shall not debited against the leave account.

9. Hospital Leave (FR 101 (b)

  1. Temporary Govt. servants are not eligible.
  2. All employees specified in SR 2 under FR 101 (b) are eligible for hospital leave (Risk born duties).
  3. The employee will drawn half pay leave salary.
  4. Should not exceed (6) moths in every 3 years of service.

10. Study Leave (FR – 84)

  • Leave is granted by Govt. only.
  • Not to be granted to NGOs.
  • For the study of Scientific, Technical and similar programmes, it should serve public interest. (2) years in the entire service.
  • Leave shall not debited against the leave account.
  • The employee will drawn half pay leave salary.

11. Maternity Leave (FR – 101 (a)

  1. Admissible to married female Govt. Servants less than (2) living children for a period not exceeding 180 days for each confinement. (G.O.Ms.No.152 Fin (FR I)Dept Dt.4.5.2010.)
  2. In case of miscarriage – (6) weeks
  3. The leave application should be supported by medical certificate.
  4. This leave can be combined with any kind of leave with support of medial certificate.
  5. HOD is competent to grant leave.
  6. Of the leave falls during vacation, the leave and vacation put together should not exceed (180) days. (G.O.No.152 Fin (FR_I) Dt.4.5.2010)

Maternity Leave to Contract/Outsourcing Employees

  • (180) days paid maternity paid leave sanctioned to Contract/Outsourcing Women employees for the 1st two deliveries w.e.f. 1.4.2019. (G.O.Ms.No.17 Fin.(HR.I – Plg & Policy Dept, Dt.31.1.2019).
  • Leave shall not debited against the leave account.

12. Child Care leave (G.O.Ms.No.132 Fin HR-IV-FR Dept., Dt.6.7.2016)

2 months (3) spells below 18 Years (Disable children up to 22 Years) can be sanctioned.

13. Paternity Leave

  1. Married male Govt. Servants are eligible with less than two living children. (G.O.Ms.No.231, Fin (FR.I) Dept., Dt.16.9.2005)
  2. Can be availed (15) days at the time of delivery or after six months from the date of delivery.
  3. Leave sanctioning authority is the competent authority.

14. Leave for Employment in Abroad

  1. Permanent Govt. Servant who desires to work at abroad is eligible for (5) years EOL with prior permission of Govt. on employment proof.
  2. If not joined after completion of leave that can be treated as cease the employment. (G.O.Ms.No.756 Fin (FR I) Dept., Dt.7.8.20
  3. There should be no disciplinary proceedings and there should be no dues to Govt.
  4. Download Leave Rules in Telugu From Here

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      • Every Govt. servant is expected to attend punctually by 9.00 am. If there is late attendance beyond 10 min., late attendance should be marked and recorded in the late attendance register. For every three late attendance, one day CL should be forfeited.

    • The Child Care Leave may be sanctioned in continuation with maternity leave or any other leave other than Casual Leave and Special Casual Leave. As per the AP PRC GO.132. GO.Ms.No.132, Dated. 06.07.2016

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  3. Sir can you let me know if the attendance register(staff) should be removed at 8.50?
    2) is 3 lates equal to 1 CL or late means 1/2 day CL

    • If there is late attendance beyond 10 min., late attendance should be marked and recorded in late attendance register. For every three late attendance, one day CL should be forfeited

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  6. 1) a newly appointed teacher by DSC in the time scale of Rs.31460-84970 on 28-12-2019
    2) already availed one day casual leave in January-2020
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    How may days are eligible for casual leave with the service of two months
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  7. ఒక ఉద్యోగి ప్రమోషన్ పోస్ట్ పై జాయినింగ్ కు వెళ్తూ ఆక్సిడెంట్ అయి 395 రోజుల తర్వాత డ్యూటీ జాయిన్ అవ్వడానికి ఎ రూల్ ద్వారా జాయిన్ కావలి అతడు ఎ సర్టిఫికెట్స్ సబ్మిట్ చేయాలి.
    అతని కి ఎ రూల్ ద్వారా లీవ్ సంషణ్ చేయాలి తెలుపగలరు

    • ok
      All teachers and employees should follow the leave rules in your entire service. Detailed AP Leave rules (TS Leave rules) are provided

  8. Sir good morning I’m an state government employee working as a Leading fireman in AP Fire & Emergency Services. I’m injured in duty, immediately my colleagues are admitted local hospital they treated and no problem take some rest they said, and discharged. So what kind of leave I can apply please tell me with GO. Sir….

  9. మార్చి 1వ,2020 నుండి 30 మార్చి 2020 వరకు ఆకస్మికేతర సెలవులో ఉన్న ఉపాధ్యాయుడు సెలవుల అనంతరం కరోనా సెలవుల వలన మార్చి 31న,విధులలో చేరలేక పోయాడు.సెలవు ఎలా పరిష్కరిస్తారు

    • Department నుండి ఉత్తర్వులు వెలువడతాయి.

      లాక్డౌన్ ప్రకటించిన తేదీ నుండి వెకేషన్ గా పరిగణించినట్లైతే, మార్చి 1 నుండి వెకేషన్ ముందు తేదీ వరకు ఆకస్మికేతర సెలవులుగా పరిగణిస్తారు. వెకేషన్ కాలాన్ని డ్యూటీగా పరిగణిస్తారు.

      • మార్చ్ 10 నుండి మెడికల్ లీవ్ లో వున్నాను అనుకోకుండా మార్చ్ 21 నుండి కరోన లోక్డౌన్ అయింది అందుచేత నేను విధులలో జాయిన్ కాలేకపోయాను…..

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      ఈ సమస్యకు మీ సలహా ఇవ్వగలరు….

      • ముందుగానే మంజూరు చేసిన సెలవు ముగిసిన మరునాడు విధులలో చేరవలసిన రోజు పాఠశాలకు సెలవు దినమైన పక్షంలో సెలవు మంజూరు అధికారి కి జాయినింగ్ రిపోర్ట్ అందజేయవలెను.
        మీ విషయములో మీ సెలవు మంజూరు అధికారి కి జాయినింగ్ రిపోర్ట్ ఇచ్చి, పాఠశాల పున: ప్రారంభం రోజున విధులలో చేరండి. లాక్డౌన్ కాలం కూడా వేసవి సెలవులు గా పరిగణించి, ఆ కాలాన్ని సఫిక్స్ గా పరిగణిస్తారు.

  10. Sir, i am working as women police constable and my colleague has delivered died baby during delivery, is she will avail maternity leave

      • ప్రసూతి సమయంలో బిడ్డ మరణించినా, మరణించిన శిశువును ప్రసవించినా ప్రసూతి సెలవు వినియోగించుకోవచ్చు.
        ( Procgs of the DSE AP Hyd. L. Dis. No. 1941/G2/90 Dt. 11.6.1990. )

  11. Sir I m transfered on 1st Aug 2017. Who have to enter 20 HPL ‘ s in old school r in new school for the year 2017?

    • HPL may credit after completion of one year.
      So, after completing one year your current DDO makes entry of HPLs

  12. Sir, I am a Govt employee in Ag Dept. My AGI is January month. I have 90 days EL’s & availed 2¹/² months leave on my private affairs by using EL’s from 1st January to 15th March.What about the AGI position? Is it drawn from January or March? And also 1st January is Govt holiday & 15th March is sunday. Is suffix & prefix applicable for leave on private affairs? Pls reply.

    • AGI may sanction w.e.f. 1st January after settling Leave period. But, monetary benefit will be from 16th March.
      Prefix or Suffix applicable to the leave

  13. A teacher has joined as a probationer for 4 days then went absent for 4 years and 10 months then put an application to join in service but the procedure took 2years then was told to join asking the consend DEO to take necessary action. The teacher was asked to join and has completed 2years of probation and 5years service what action should have been taken or what to do next kindly suggest thanking you.

    • DEO is not authorised to permit joining service after more than one year.
      Government only can give permission to join in service.
      If the government permit to join in service, that will be also as per your recruitment rules and regulations.

  14. Sir, if an employee after completion of Maternity leave, in case if she fails to join duty on the next day of completion of Maternity leave, for how many days the salary of the Individual may be prepared, kindly clarify

    • ప్రసూతి సెలవు కు ముందు రోజు ఉన్న జీతాన్ని ప్రసూతి సెలవు ముగిసే వరకు చేయవచ్చును. ఆ తర్వాత అర్హత గల సెలవు మంజూరు చేసి, దాని ప్రకారం జీతాన్ని చేయాలి.

  15. Dear sir,
    i have undergone treatment for cordiac surgery so i would like to HPLs for 20 days on medical grounds how many HPLs should be deibeted from my leave account for full.
    and im sure that some special G.O is there for chronical diseases please let me know with details .

  16. When a Government servant is appointed temporarily in the first instance and placed on probation at a subsequent date with retrospective effect his leave account should be recast with effect from the date of regularization o his service- Ruling under FR rule 20. The leave availed between the date from which his services are regularized and the date of issue of orders shall not e altered as a result of the additional leave that becomes due after recasting the leave account.

  17. Sir, my Officer wants to take preparatory leave before retirement (i.e.30/11/2020) .can i please know what were the G.Os issued in this regard, im unable to find those G.Os sir.
    Please help me this

  18. Dear Sir,.
    Due to Covid period from March 21st, Are PH employs eligible to claim PH Allowance and Reader Allowance(VH Teachers) from 22nd March to 31st March. please clarify

  19. Sir what type of leave tobe availed by covid 19 positive teacher n samikyaandra earned leave eligible for this purpose plz respond

  20. Dear Sir
    Due to COVID pandemic, the govt restricted CLs. Some DDOs are not sanctioning other eligible leave such as Samaikyandhra ELs/ELs etc. If any employee is in need of leave, what type of leave can be availed?

  21. Sir am in police department I completed my probation and I delivered at Dec 8th Sir during maternity leave can I get annual increments.. My annual increment is Feb 15, I went maternity leave on Dec 8 th to 180days,,,

  22. సార్, 56 EOLs పెట్టాను నా ఇంక్రిమెంట్ నెల ఏమైనా మారుతుందా లేదంటే ముందు ఇంక్రిమెంట్ నెల continue అవుతుందా . ప్లీజ్ సమాధానం ఇవ్వండి.


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